Cannabis ointment for pain – does it really work?

Most people know CBD mainly as oil, but there are far more possible applications of cannabidiol. Very appreciated is the CBD cream, which is topically applied to help with numerous pain disorders. We tell you everything you need to know about the effect of CBD gel and how you can even make it yourself!

What does a CBD cream consist of?

The exact ingredients depend on the type of cream. There are purely cosmetic products that often contain a small amount of CBD. If, on the other hand, it is a CBD cream for the treatment of pain, the percentage of cannabidiol is greater. If you buy a CBD cream in stores, you will encounter the following ingredients:

  • CBD in the form of full-spectrum CBD or isolate
  • A simple base cream, such as olive oil, coconut oil, beeswax, and jojoba oil
  • Pain-relieving ingredients such as analgesics
  • Herbal extracts such as ginger, to increase circulation
  • Emulsifiers and preservatives
  • Ingredients such as essential oils (for a pleasant scent)

The most important component is the cannabinoid CBD, as it is the main active ingredient in a CBD cream. Many users have switched to simply making their own creams. This method is cheaper and you know exactly what ingredients have been used. Below you will find instructions on how to make your own CBD ointment.

Which is better, CBD cream or ointment?

If you apply CBD against pain topically (via the skin), the decision between ointment and cream plays only a minor role. What matters is the ingredient CBD, which is supposed to contribute to increased well-being. The most important difference is consistency. Creams are usually lighter and are absorbed very quickly into the skin. There is no greasy film on the skin, but in return the ingredients are absorbed more quickly. The relief of discomfort may occur more quickly, but may not last as long.

Ointments are based on oil and are free of water. It will not improve the skin’s appearance, as no additional moisture is provided. Due to the thicker consistency, the effect sets in later on average, but lasts longer.

Pain relieving CBD cream - what is it used for?

One of the biggest advantages of the topical application of CBD is that the effect is targeted to a specific area. We know it from classical orthodox medicine. In the case of muscle tension or pain therapy, analgesics are also used in ointment form. The active ingredient penetrates directly into the skin, and systemic side effects are extremely rare.

The areas of application of a pain-relieving CBD cream are diverse, but primarily nerve and muscle pain are in the foreground.

CBD for nerve pain - how does the product work?

The type of effect is related to the type of pain. In the context of neuropathy, many sufferers experience severe pain in the extremities. Since CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system, it seems to be able to erase and reprogram pain memory. This has an analgesic effect.

Since nerve pain is often also triggered by inflammation, CBD may have a dual effect. The various receptors of the endocannabinoid system are responsible for strengthening the immune system, among other things. Because CBD interacts with these receptors, it can help the body program its own defenses.

For example, this study found that CBD can have an impact on nerve pain by interacting with serotonin receptors. These are not only considered messengers of happiness, but also play a large part in the perception of pain. Nerve damage is irreversible in many cases, and sufferers must deal with the pain for the rest of their lives. The hope is that the cannabinoid CBD will provide effective relief as a method with few side effects.

CBD against osteoarthritis - how can CBD cream help?

The pain in the context of osteoarthritis arises due to joint wear and inflammation. There is no cure yet, and CBD is not the desired miracle cure. However, the active ingredient is supposed to be able to provide relaxation and, with continuous use, also relieve the pain. Osteoarthritis patients report having felt an improvement shortly after using CBD creams.

CBD ointments can be used in a variety of ways. On the one hand, a cooling gel helps against swollen joints, but on the other hand, a high-percentage CBD ointment can also effectively help against pain and inflammation. This study proves that the cannabinoid was able to mildly help people with osteoarthritis of the thumb joint, with no significant side effects. There are sure to be more studies in the coming years as research is intensely focused on the topic.

Since arthritis with its joint pain progresses over time and is one of the chronic diseases, the desire for natural remedies is understandable. Many sufferers not only use CBD ointment, but also rely on CBD oils to reduce pain from the inside.

Massages with cannabidiol - CBD promotes blood circulation

If muscles are tense, this not infrequently triggers severe pain. Improved blood circulation allows the muscle to relax and tiny fiber tears (caused by exercise, for example) heal more quickly. Such pain is not considered an illness, but it can be a major challenge in everyday life.

For many sufferers of continuous muscle pain and tension, CBD ointment is already part of daily body care. It is not a cure-all, but can be used as a support in addition to massage, physical therapy and progressive relaxation.

How to properly use CBD ointment for pain?

To relieve pain with the help of CBD cream, the corresponding area is creamed with the product. The skin gradually absorbs the cannabidiol and can thus develop the effect. A CBD gel also has a cooling effect and is especially popular for inflammatory pain in the joints. If a joint is swollen, the pressure causes unpleasant feelings. As soon as a reduction in swelling has been achieved, the nerves are less strained and the pain can be reduced.

If, on the other hand, muscles are tense, cold is the wrong approach. In this case, soothing heat is a better solution. Many users use CBD cream and then cover it with a heat pad.

Does CBD gel relieve inflammation of the joints?

Many studies have already indicated that CBD may have anti-inflammatory properties. The cannabis plant is currently an important part of research and cannabidiol in particular seems to be a new ray of hope for pain patients. A cure for osteoarthritis will not be possible even through this. However, if the joints are no longer so severely inflamed, those affected find it a great relief.

Can CBD ointments and CBD oil be used together?

The focus when using CBD cream is on the topical effect. In case of severe symptoms, it may be necessary to treat externally and internally. Since the natural active ingredients of the hemp plant hardly bring any side effects, a combination of CBD oil and CBD cream is harmless. Unlike THC, CBD does not trigger a psychoactive effect, there is no high feeling. For many pain patients, CBD is already one of the most valuable alternatives to strong painkillers. Even if the intake amount can only be reduced, this often has positive influences on the well-being.

Make your own CBD ointment for pain - use your own natural products

You want to relieve pain effectively and don’t feel like paying a high price at the manufacturer of a CBD cream? Then simply make your own ointment. Of course, you need cannabidiol/CBD as a basis. Ideally, you use a CBD oil, because it can be dissolved directly in the cream. Here is a recipe that you can easily implement at home:

Ingredients for your CBD ointment:

Coconut oil (about 60 ml)
Beeswax (about 5 grams)
Cocoa butter (about 80 grams)
12 to 20 drops of CBD oil in the desired dosage

Here's how it works:

Coconut oil serves as a carrier, alternatively you can also use a MCT oil or olive oil. The amount can be varied, of course. Since some of the ingredients are easily perishable without preservatives, it is better to always make your ointment fresh. If you buy products in the drugstore, they contain additional emulsifiers.

For the preparation, melt the wax together with the cocoa butter and the coconut oil. Now add the CBD oil and mix everything together well. Let the mixture boil again briefly and then fill it into well-sealable jars.

Tip: You can add other additives that change the content. By adding menthol, for example, you can achieve a cooling effect. Vitamin E drops have the ability to extend the shelf life of your ointment. If you want to enjoy certain scents, add essential oils of your choice.

Is CBD ointment legal?

Unlike cannabis, CBD, without psychoactive effect, is legal in most EU countries. You can buy CBD items like CBD oil in many reputable online stores. Further processing into cosmetic products is allowed, even CBD flowers may be used for this purpose. Many people today use CBD for pain or use ointments and creams to increase well-being. Since you can legally buy the ingredients in the drugstore or pharmacy and online, you do not have to worry about the legality.