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Order legal CBD Buds to Germany, Austria and within EU!

All our CBD products have a THC content of less than 0.2%.

Buy CBD flowers at unbeatable prices. No. 1 CBD flowers in Germany. Order CBD strains like High CBD – Rocks – Kush – CBD Grass.

Our premium CBD oils are not only available as full spectrum but also as broad spectrum. CBD oil for horse, dogs and cats. 

Our CBD Hash has a high quality and is like all our products from organic farming

100% LEGAL

We only offer legal cannabis products in our shop.


Our products are high-grade and of the best organic quality.


Wholesale prices for all customers, regardless of whether they are small or bulk buyers.


Deliveries are effected within 3 days to our customers.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, CBD for short, is one of many beneficial constituents of the female cannabis plant, which are called Phyto cannabinoids. Phyto cannabinoids are pharmacologically active substances that are naturally present in the cannabis plant.

The CBD level in CBD flowers is always dependent on the given growing conditions. Before CBD became known, the goal was to keep the CBD content in cannabis plants low and focus on high psychoactive THC content. In the meantime, the market made a real change.

There is more and more focus on cannabinoids like cannabidiolic acid – CBDa -, cannabigerol – CBGa -, cannabinol – CBN – and of course our popular CBD. This goes back to the fact that more and more studies prove how indispensable these substances are for today’s medicine and human well-being.

Where do your products come from?

CBD flowers, CBG flowers and CBD oils all come from Austria. The hemp plants for the finished product were cultivated 100% under organic conditions. Harvesting and bottling is done exclusively under pharmaceutical guidelines according to the GMP standard.

Premium CBD flowers in test winning quality

CBDdiscounter is your legal CBD online store that guarantees you the lowest prices for the best quality. Our CBD flowers & CBD oils are known for their purity and unbeatable price/performance.


EU certified

Our CBD products are all exclusively sourced from the European catalog of cultivars of commercial hemp and have been produced under strict organic specifications.

Guaranteed quality

CBD flowers, CBD oils and CBD extracts are not only sent for testing on our behalf but are also regularly tested by regulatory bodies for purity and quality.

What sets us apart from the market as a CBD discounter?

The focus is of course the low price with high organic premium quality. This is possible because we have CBD flowers produced in relatively large quantities for our needs and there are no middlemen. Our employees are daily on site at our partner company and help to determine new selections and genetics for our online store.

Due to our close cooperation, we are able to supervise the entire cultivation of the cuttings up to the harvest ourselves. To guarantee the highest quality to our customers, we have all our products tested for purity by our in-house partner laboratory and by independent laboratories in Austria.

What does our CBD SHOP have to offer?

CBD flowers: A wide variety of the most diverse flavors that the market has to offer and as you can only imagine in your dreams. From lemon, blueberry, vanilla to cookies, there is nothing missing here. CBD flowers are our specialty and natural organic production is our foundation.

CBG flowers: Here we cover an increasingly popular area. CBG is the well-known precursor of THC and CBD.

CBD Oil: Our oils from CBD Alive can be found as full spectrum CBD oil and as broad spectrum with 5%, 10%, 15%, 20% or 25% CBD content. At CBDdiscounter, we also offer our own line exclusively for animals only.

CBD Extracts: From Hash with up to 50% CBD concentration to our Moon & ICE Rocks with up to 85%, you will find a top quality and diverse selection.

Who are we?

Our mission started in 2019, from the beginning the goal has been to make the expensive CBD market affordable for all health-conscious people and to make the industry rethink. The most important part of our work has always been to donate a percentage to people & animals in need. This has worked out well for us over the years and we have been able to donate several tons of food for animals & part of a playground for needy children thanks to the support of our loyal community.