H4CBD Buds

Fans of cannabinoids have certainly heard of H4CBD flowers, which are now conquering the market. They are supposed to be powerful, completely legal and have the aroma of classic CBD flowers. But where are the differences to pure CBD? Is it a phytocannabinoid or a synthetic derivative? We tell you what you need to know about H4-CBD.

H4CBD flowers: This is what is behind the trend

You’ve probably heard of CBD flowers before, cannabidiol has established itself strongly in recent years. Now, however, a completely new trend is emerging with H4CBD flowers. It belongs to the group of cannabinoids, but is only created through the hydrogenation of CBD. In fact, it is supposed to be less potent than classic cannabis, but at least bring a discreetly noticeable effect.

Many users describe H4CBD flowers as a middle ground between HHC and CBD. The latter is one of the two best-known cannabinoids (along with THC), while HHC is a semi-synthetic product that is often seen as the stronger alternative to CBD.

Is H4CBD identical to HHC or are there differences?

In terms of production, HHC and H4CBD flowers have a lot of similarities. The most serious difference is that HHC is produced from THC, while H4CBD flowers are produced from CBD. However, both cannabinoids are not naturally present in the hemp plant, but are created through the process of hydrogenation.

What effect does H4CBD have on the human body?

Not much is known about the effects of H4CBD yet, as it is a fairly recent discovery. Users describe the novel cannabinoid as a stronger form of CBD. It can be assumed that the central effect here is also caused by the endocannabinoid system. The special feature here is that H4CBD interacts not only with the CB1 receptor, but also with the CB2 receptor.

Thus, it brings interesting properties that can also be transferred to H4CBD flowers. CBD itself exerts its effects in the endocannabinoid system primarily through the CB2 receptor, while THC and also HHC interact with the CB1 receptor. H4CBD flowers, on the other hand, have effects on both types of receptors, which is special even among cannabinoids.

What are H4CBD flowers used against?

Scientific evidence about the effect of H4CBD flowers does not exist yet, the cannabinoid is much too new for that. However, since it is repeatedly used as a stronger variant of cannabidiol, users also use it for similar purposes. These include:

  • Improving sleep and recovery: In studies, CBD has been shown to alleviate a variety of agitation conditions, including sleep disorders. Lovers of CBD are also increasingly interested in H4CBD products, reporting that the increase in well-being and relaxation also has a positive effect on sleep. It seems that various cannabinoids from the cannabis plant and their variants may contribute to improved sleep quality.
  • Reduction of muscle tension and pain: According to reports, the body reacts to H4CBD flowers with a general relaxation of the muscles and consequently in many cases with a reduction of pain. Back and neck pain in particular are often triggered by tension. If H4CBD can help to relieve these tensions, the pain-relieving effect can be explained.
  • Neuroprotective protection: CBD is said to have neuroprotective properties and thus be able to influence diseases like epilepsy. Since the origin of H4CBD goes back to classic CBD, this effect could also be the case here.
  • Mental ailments: Many people rely on CBD flowers to reduce anxiety disorders, depression, and other mental ailments. According to information from users, this effect seems to be present in H4CBD flowers as well. Research will probably investigate all this in more detail in the next few years, so far there are almost exclusively personal experience reports.

Do H4CBD flowers have side effects?

Generally, hemp is a natural product and the cannabinoid CBD is said to have extremely low side effects. Most of them occur when CBD flowers are used in high doses or when the quality of CBD items is not high. Typical symptoms include dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and mild drowsiness. With cautious dosing, reports of CBD side effects almost never occur.

Since there are still few reports of experience regarding H4CBD flowers, it is not yet possible to go into detail about side effects. However, it can be assumed that these could be similar to those of HHC and CBD. Above all, overdoses should be avoided, since H4CBD flowers have a much stronger effect than classic CBD.

Do H4CBD flowers make you high?

Classic H4CBD flowers are said to be able to induce a lighter high than THC. However, such effects are not given when it comes to legal H4CBD flowers, whose THC content is less than 0.2%. In this case, the effect of the flowers can be classified as higher, but the psychoactive effect is absent.

However, due to the stronger effects to be expected, it is generally advisable to start the use of H4CBD flowers slowly. Since CB2 receptors are also addressed, some users may experience increased relaxation. This, in turn, may have disadvantages when driving or operating machinery.

Can I legally buy, possess and use H4CBD flowers?

Everything you can put in your shopping cart in our store is completely legal. It is not clear yet if H4-CBD will be banned one day, but we are in contact with different chemists and legal experts, who do not expect a ban in the near future. As long as we offer appropriate H4CBD products for shipment, there will be no ban. How it looks in other EU countries outside Austria and Germany, you should always research directly in the respective country before buying.