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Correct use of the aroma flowers:

Attention: This is an intensive method with strong smoke development. The room must be ventilated during smoking to avoid respiratory irritation and headaches.

Required accessories:

  • CBD aroma buds
  • incense charcoal
  • tongs
  • sand
  • incense burner and fan

At the very beginning, fill the incense burner halfway with sand. Then grab the incense charcoal with the tongs and heat it with the window open or on the balcony. The charcoal may produce a lot of smoke due to the igniter in the charcoal. After the charcoal has been lit, blow on it with the fan until it begins to glow. This process can take a few minutes. When it starts to sizzle nicely, it is finally ready to be placed on the sand. The CBD aroma buds can now be finely crushed with a herb grinder until you reach the same size consistently. Once the charcoal is nicely glowing and appears pure white, the flowers can be positioned directly on it.

Incense workshop

Atmospheric incense courses are offered by on request. The courses take place in Graz and the minimum number of participants is 10. In the workshops you will receive valuable tips on how to use crises positively and how to unfold with fine fragrances in harmony with the rhythm of life. A special focus is on the well-known mystical Rauhnächte. Enquiries under

Price per person € 100,- incl. 20% VAT.

Course duration 4h from 17h – 21h

Home visits

Our home visits are suitable for all those who no longer feel well at home, feel a bad energy and in addition have a restless sleep. Negative energies can often be a constant companion in your own four walls. The only thing that can help here is professional fumigation by a professional. Enquiries are accepted at

Price per house visit incl.

journey € 1000,- incl. 20% VAT.

Due to organisational reasons, house visits can only be offered in the following provinces: Vienna, Styria and Carinthia. We are constantly working on expanding our team and hope to cover the remaining provinces in the near future.