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Candy Kush – the sweet CBD strain.

Do you love sweets and do you like flavours that fully convince you? Then Candy Kush by CBDdiscounter is the right choice for you. The genetics of this unique strain consist of sativa, indica and ruderalis elements, and its parents are Kush and Auto-Pounder. A hybrid that brings numerous special effects and a unique candy aroma.

Background – The special features of the Candy Kush plant.

It belongs to the amateur varieties, as the cuttings and seeds are particularly easy to grow. The harvest is ready after seven weeks indoors thanks to Fast Flowering. The harvest time outdoors starts in September, you will recognise it when the plants, which grow to a height of around 1.70 metres, flower.

The classic flowers are perfect for casual recreational growers. As you know, the cultivation of real THC seeds is not allowed in Germany, neither indoors nor outdoors, so we will focus on our CBD Candy Kush in this article. The flowering time and harvest is no different from typical cannabis, but the type of effect is different.

You will enjoy an invigorating sensation, the full flavour of candy caramel and you can embrace the unique sativa element of this Kush strain.

Candy Kush – the name says it all

Before we talk about the effects, we would like to talk about the aroma and smell, because already here the flowers are unique. The sativa aspects are just as special, because the differences to many classic Kush varieties are clear. The genetics are divided into 60 percent Indica, 30 percent Sativa and 10 percent Ruderalis, a special composition that makes both the seeds and the yield so desirable.

Indica-sativa hybrids like this cannabis strain are rare. The classic illegal strain has a high THC content and gives users a so-called couch-lock effect, a high that literally ties you to the couch. Of course, we are allowed to offer you high-quality Candy Kush, but only with a THC content of less than 0.2%.

Fortunately, we have succeeded in doing so, because a yield can be achieved from the seeds of the cannabis plant even if the THC is specifically bred out. Of course, we also have the most important information you need to know about the Candy Kush strain. Especially the sativa effects are interesting for users of CBD Candy Kush who have not yet gained experience with this variety and have otherwise rather relied on indica.


Does Candy Kush get you high?

It’s a Sweet Special we offer you here, high quality Candy Kush with a CBD content of around 6% and a THC content of less than 0.2%. Completely legal, made from high quality cannabis seeds and with the full flavour of Candy.

Reviews from satisfied users indicate that, as with all indica-sativa species with a dominant sativa note, the main effect is a calming sensation. You might already know it from other Kush strains, the special chill-out effect.

With Candy Kush, the indica background comes across more gently, the effects are clearly less invigorating and much more relaxing and loosening. From the users’ reviews, it appears that they use Candy Kush mainly for the following purposes:

  • delicious aroma due to intensive caramel note
  • popular for stress and tension
  • Candy Kush is often used for relaxing moments after work.
  • exam stress is said to be reduced by Candy Kush CBD

Aroma with indulgence – Candy Kush with the sweet offer.

No matter if Candy Kush was cultivated indoors or outdoors, after the flowering period it’s time for the harvest. Already the smell of the plants reveals what to expect from the Candy Kush variety in general. An aromatic sweetness, a gentle note of floral aromas and a hint of lemon. A combination that comes from the seeds of the Indica-Sativa plants and causes enthusiasm among experienced Kush users.

The flower itself can also be used for further processing. You can make cosmetic products or extract oils from it.

Is Candy Kush legal and how does it come home?

When you place an order with our shop, you can be sure that you will only receive legal products. Our Candy Kush rolls directly to your door via CBD Express and delivers the amount you want to your desired address. We don’t sell seeds, we sell the fully cultivated flower that we have grown outdoors.And yes, Candy Kush from our shop is completely legal. It is bred from EU-certified cannabis seeds and can be legally bought and possessed thanks to the THC content of maximum 0.2 percent.

Which is better, Kush or Haze?

There is no clear answer here, the Haze high differs significantly from the Kush high. With our strains, however, the high does not play a role, so the aroma is the most important thing. Haze fans are nevertheless convinced that their favourite strain cannot be outdone by any other Kush in the world. We are convinced that we prove the complete opposite with Candy Kush, because the sweet and delicious strain convinces fans all over the world.

Ultimately, however, it is a matter of taste whether Kush or Haze is better received. Candy Kush, for example, is a cannabis strain that is popular not only for its effect. Fast flowering also makes Candy Kush particularly easy to grow, making it a popular strain with beginners and professionals alike.

What are the prices for Candy Kush?

The cross between Sativa and Indica is sought after by Kush lovers all over the world. Growers have the advantage here that they can produce a good yield even in cooler regions. We are not surprised when a new order of Candy Kush keeps coming in, because we not only offer top quality, but also reasonable prices. With us, you can get Candy Kush very cheap, especially in larger quantities, so it’s worth checking out the offer carefully:

  • 2 g will cost you 3,50 €/g
  • 5 g will cost you 2,90 €/g
  • 10 g will cost you 2,50 €/g
  • 20 g will cost you 2,30 €/g
  • 50 g will cost you 1,95 €/g
  • 100 g will cost you 1,65 €/g
  • 250 g will cost you 1,50€/g

You can always rely on us to grow our Candy Kush from high-quality cuttings. We convince you not only with high quality, but also with our fair prices.

For whom is Candy Kush the right strain?

If you are not yet familiar with the market of different cannabidiol flower types, you can order a small amount of two grams to start your trial package. Candy Kush is the strain for you if you like mellow and sweet flavours that are rather mildly pervasive and not strongly dominant. A Sweet Special, which is the right variant for foodies of all kinds.

For you, there’s nothing better than letting a caramel melt in your mouth? Then you already know the positive aromatic qualities of Candy Kush and whether this strain is suitable for you. The touch of sweet caramel is always described as a highlight.

Is Candy Kush a strong strain?

The CBD content of our Candy Kush is around 6%. This gives you a solid strain, but not overly strong. Ideal for beginners and those looking for a mild effect, without overkill. Since you don’t have to expect a classic cannabis high, Candy Kush’s effect is pleasantly mild and based on both physical and mental relaxation.

However, don’t forget that everyone’s body reacts differently to cannabis products. How your Candy Kush affects you personally, whether more sativa effects or indica characteristics come through, will be completely individual. By the way: If you’ve been using Candy Kush for a while, you can save money by ordering the XL portion. Of course, it’s completely legal and of the usual quality.

The photo shown here is only an example and can vary greatly from the original product. The CBD and THC content can also vary and differs depending on the batch. Our flowers are free of pesticides and herbicides. They are listed in the European Union’s catalogue of varieties and are therefore approved for legal hemp cultivation in the EU. The THC content is below 0.2%, so the goods may be shipped to other Austrian countries.
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