15% High CBD Cali Weed

15% High CBD Cali Weed

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CBD Content ~ 15%
THC Content <0,2%

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Cali Weed – the premium buds from California with the high CBD content

They seem bigger than the competition, are available with a CBD content of up to 15% and their origin is right in California. Cali Weed has made it to fame in this country, so it’s no wonder that various Cali Weed strains are grown and sold here as well. The flowers date back to the hippie movement, but it is only recently that the Californian quality has spread to this country. Let’s take a look at Cali Weed!

Cali Weed and its fame – where does the strain really come from?

The hypeculture around Cali Weed has taken on structures. At the latest since its legalization in California, the variety with the aroma of fruit has shot through the roof. Cali, however, has a completely different origin, if we look closer. Thus, experienced growers claim that Cali actually originated in Vietnam. It is said that it was a traveler who finally brought the cannabis genetics to the USA, where Cali Weed became a successful carrier on a farm.

Of course, the first serious cultivation site was in the Emerald Triangle, a region that was almost predestined for growing Cali Weed. Thus, while Cali Weed may not have originated on the West Coast, it was the cultivation there that created the hype around the world. Until today, Emerald Triangle is the most famous cultivation region in California.

The peculiarities of Cali Weed – cannabis strains with high potency

In a region without police control and with extremely fertile soil, new Cali Weed varieties could be created in peace and quiet. Today, the results convince the entire cannabis world. Each new crossing created new strains that we can enjoy today as Cali Weed. The former Cali Weed strains also triggered the hype because the THC content was exceptionally high at around 30%. In this country, Weed CBD is sold, legally and with the full power of Cali Weed.

Today, we know Cali Weed as a flavor-intensive and above all unique flower that is extremely potent with up to 15% CBD.

Cheatdays out of the bag – the sweet flavors of Cali Weed are convincing

The authentic Cali Weed is not classically sold as buds, but in bags! On the packaging you will find valuable information about the content, such as the CBD content, the aroma and the production. As a fan, you have some opportunities to taste and get to know what is on offer. Cali Weed is usually priced higher than classic flower, which is completely justified. So much love and time has been invested in the breeding of these strains alone, that we believe a fair price is appropriate.

Cali Weed strains – these are especially popular

Cali Weed needs a lot of sun, an experienced grower and a real home to grow into the best quality. Growers know that enjoyment is largely dependent on their skills. If the quality is not right, the specificity of the genetics will not be shown to its best advantage. We would like to introduce you to a few strain names that are particularly popular and well-known under the heading of Cali Weed.

● Blue Gelato: Blueberry ice cream straight from California delivers this strain, which enjoys great popularity. A hint of lemon, paired with fruity summer notes and lots of sweetness await the user here.

● Gorilla Zkittlez: Everyone knows and loves Skittles, the small fruit lozenges from the USA. Gorilla Zkittlez brings the delightful taste of this candy together in one bud.

● Girl Scout Cookies: A mixture of gasoline, voluminous bouquets of flowers, delicious bits from the bakery and earth? That can only be Girl Scout Cookies!

● Gorilla Glue: Dark, earthy, intense – that’s how users describe the aroma of Gorilla Glue.

● Blue Dream: A hint of blueberry and blackberry, combined in a subtle note, makes the Cali Weed variety so popular.

● Cali Orange Bud: The full Sicilian orange plantation high, coupled with a vacation feeling.

Is Cali Weed legal in this country?

Cali Weed from California impresses with its high THC content and would be completely prohibited here. However, resourceful growers have set out to bring the strains to CBD level as well. The result is Cali Weed of the highest quality, made from commercial hemp seeds from the EU. This makes CBD Cali Weed not only legal, but also brings the unmistakable aroma of the Californian original at the same time.

Which variety of Cali Weed suits me?

Which Cali Weed suits you depends on your personal taste. As with classic cannabis, CBD Cali Weed comes in different varieties. If you prefer it earthy, a strain like Blue Dream is suitable. If you’re into sweets, look out for the corresponding buds. Cali Weed is a unique specialty on the market that can satisfy the taste of any user. In our store, you can currently get Cali Weed with the typical orange note.

Why Cali Weed? Why is the effect described so positively?

But why Cali Weed in particular? It is mainly the high CBD potency that makes Cali Weed CBD so unique. CBD stands for cannabidiol and has been accepted as legal cannabis for several years. The cannabinoid is naturally found in flowers of the hemp plant and is said to be able to have some positive effects on human well-being. Specially cultivated flowers contain CBD, but the amount of THC is reduced to a maximum of 0.2%. Thus, Cali Weed CBD does not make you high like classic cannabis, but it is said to have other effects.

Cali Weed based on CBD for pain relief

CBD has been considered a valuable aid for chronic and acute pain for several years. It is used in naturopathy by more and more therapists and numerous customers also simply supply themselves with the legal cannabis. Initial studies suggest that a gamechanger in pain therapy may indeed have been found here. Cali Weed is particularly interesting because the proportion of CBD is up to 15%.

Cali Weed as a Helper for Mental Illnesses

Research is also being conducted into the effects of cannabis or CBD in other ways. There are findings to the effect that CBD could be an effective aid for depression and anxiety disorders in particular. Users also report positively on CBD items such as oil, Cali Weed or classic buds in this regard.

CBD and its effect on inflammatory diseases

Cali Weed based on CBD could have an effect on inflammatory diseases according to some testimonials. For example, in one study, cannabidiol was shown to have positive effects on inflammatory acne. CBD is able to interact with the human endocannabinoid system. In particular, the CB1 and CB2 receptors are in focus here. Among other things, they are responsible for the control of the immune system. If CBD is able to strengthen the immune system, the body could defend itself better against inflammation in this way.

Cali Weed as a basis for the production of cosmetic products

Our Cali Weed products are used for the production of aromatherapy and further processing. With the buds you are able to make your own cosmetic products like creams and gels. There is clear evidence and testimonials that CBD cosmetics can have soothing effects on skin blemishes, redness and even psoriasis.

Buy CBD Cannabis Cali Weed only in the best quality

Even with Cali Weed flowers, the effect is significantly dependent on the quality. With us you get your Cali Weed in the quality we know. All flowers are grown under ecological aspects and according to our high standards. This means that pesticides and herbicides are not used during cultivation. We also make sure that the THC content is always below 0.2%. This allows us to guarantee that all of our CBD cannabis strains, including Cali Weed, are legal products. With a delivery time of 1 to 4 business days, we are also one of the fastest suppliers in the business. All prices on our homepage are inclusive of VAT, so you can look forward to fair costs here.

The photo shown here is only an example and can vary greatly from the original product. The CBD and THC content can also vary and differs depending on the batch. Our flowers are free of pesticides and herbicides. They are listed in the European Union’s catalogue of varieties and are therefore approved for legal hemp cultivation in the EU. The THC content is below 0.2%, so the goods may be shipped to other Austrian countries.
The products are not suitable for consumption, as they are exclusively aroma products. The correct use of our flowers / extracts can be found under the following link: HOW TO USE – CBDdiscounter

All products are sold exclusively as flavourings.