CBD buds Super Lemon Haze

CBD buds Super Lemon Haze

2g at 3,50€/g
5g at 2,90€/g
10g at 2,50€/g
20g at 2,30€/g
50g at 1,95€/g
100g at 1,65€/g

CBD content <6%
THC content <0.2%

CBD flowers “Super Lemon Haze” are outdoor cultivated CBD cannabis flowers. This CBD flower has a pleasant slightly lemony aroma as you know it.

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Our Super Lemon Haze CBD flowers are produced under organic conditions in Austria. They are all of very high quality and distinctive. The aroma is a mixture of lemon, lime and has a slight touch of grapefruit. The typical Haze smell makes this flower unmistakable and should not be missing in any assortment. Generally speaking, Super Lemon Haze is a cross between Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze. Haze strains usually have a 16 week flowering period before they are harvested, which means that a lot of love and time has gone into it.

The history of the Haze strain

This goes back to the 1960s and 70s in Santa Cruz, California. At that time, two brothers who called themselves “R. Haze” and “J. Haze” lived in a small estate. After much experimentation and trial and error, according to breeder & creator “Sam the Skunkman”, they achieved a true masterpiece. By chance, the siblings hybridised different types of seeds and came up with the Haze result.

The photo shown here is only an example and can vary greatly from the original product. The CBD and THC content can also vary and differs depending on the batch. Our flowers are free of pesticides and herbicides. They are listed in the European Union’s catalogue of varieties and are therefore approved for legal hemp cultivation in the EU. The THC content is below 0.2%, so the goods may be shipped to other Austrian countries.
The products are not suitable for consumption, as they are exclusively aroma products. The correct use of our flowers / extracts can be found under the following link: HOW TO USE – CBDdiscounter

All products are sold exclusively as flavourings.