Strawberry CBD Buds 1
Strawberry CBD Buds

Strawberry CBD Buds

2g at 3,50€/g
5g at 2,90€/g
10g at 2,50€/g
20g at 2,30€/g
50g at 1,95€/g
100g at 1,65€/g
250g at 1,50€/g

icon-cbdCBD-Content <6%
icon-thcTHC-Content <0,2%

 CBD flowers “Strawberry” are outdoor cultivated CBD hemp flowers.

The CBD flower Strawberry, has a strong strawberry-scented natural aroma.

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Strawberry – fruity cannabis flowers with intense aroma

CBD flowers Strawberry belong to the fruity varieties that can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors. With us you get outdoor-cultivated Strawberry CBD, whose aroma reminds you of the full freshness of juicy strawberries. Like freshly harvested from the field – discover the difference.

Strawberry CBD flowers – the special features

As the name suggests, CBD Strawberry is a strain that brings the full aroma of strawberry to your home. The hemp flowers are grown in our outdoor area and bring you a fruity aroma with a very special touch.

This extraordinary berry combination is the result of an interaction of several varieties. An unknown Indica parent, a Strawberry variety and a Sour Diesel give this strain its unique aroma. The creator of the impressive flower with intense strawberry aroma is considered to be Kyle Kushman, who received a plant from a friend and was thrilled by the unique strawberry smell experience. He decided this plant deserved a name and the Strawberry variety was born.

A must for all strawberry lovers, this hybrid variety impresses with a strawberry aroma that is usually only found in a wide field of fruit in May.

Appearance and properties of the intense aroma flowers

The growers did a good job, Strawberry Fields forever! The lush flowers have an outstanding terpene profile, and the smell of ripe strawberries hits you as soon as you open the package. So delicious, you’ll immediately think of fresh fruit with whipped cream. The diverse customer reviews also confirm this effect. CBD flowers Strawberry are aromatic and pleasant in their smell, they do not bother you, but clearly dominate by the strawberry note.

On the flower you can see numerous trichomes, which provide a perfect terpene profile. You can use your Strawberry CBD for further processing or for enjoyment as a flavor.

With us, you will receive the highest quality, which you will feel anew with every order.

What makes our Strawberry CBD so special?

You can order your Strawberry flowers directly online and have them delivered to your home at a uniquely low price. You simply pay directly by cash on delivery, but optionally we also offer you numerous other payment methods, just click through.

The high weight of the CBD strawberry flowers ensures that you get a gem with an extraordinary smell in top quality. Hand-cut, we offer you here a premium product that is completely legal in the EU.

Our Strawberry CBD flowers are produced from commercial hemp, which is listed in the EU’s legal catalog of varieties. If you are unsure and you have any questions, the support team will be happy to help you with a little advice. We will provide you with all the information you need about your Strawberry CBD flowers.

Do CBD flowers strawberry make high?

Producers of CBD flowers must comply with numerous legal regulations, starting with the cultivation and ending with the THC content of the product. You can get high on the smell of delicious strawberries, but you won’t experience a classic high. THC is responsible for the high in marijuana. CBD, which is the main ingredient of our Strawberry CBD strain, does not cause a high and is therefore legal in the EU. We may send your Strawberry flowers to your home via delivery and you don’t have to worry about the contents of your package.

With us you can always rely on the following factors:

  • Premium quality for each variety
  • cultivation in compliance with EU regulations
  • legal content in all your packages
  • certified commercial hemp as the basis for your product
  • hand-harvested CBD flowers
  • pesticide free, from legal seeds
  • maximum 0.2 THC content
  • no artificial cannabidiol increase
  • best effect thanks to top quality

What effect brings aroma flowers Strawberry?

The variety itself has no effect on the effect. When you open the package, you will feel the intense aroma that lives up to its name. The aroma flowers are obtained from legal commercial hemp plants, our CBD flowers Strawberry contain a maximum of 0.2 CBD and are based on CBD in terms of effect.

CBD itself is one of the most important cannabinoids found in hemp plants. Science is actively involved in researching CBD, but the information is not yet sufficient to predict an exact mode of action. However, it seems clear that the CBD content plays a role in how intense the effect turns out to be.

Based on customer reviews, different effects of CBD flowers can be summarized. Always keep in mind that our Erdbeerli CBD flowers are as individual as you are. What effect CBD has on you always depends on your body:

  • CBD is said to be able to help with anxiety and stress
  • Against acute and chronic pain CBD helps according to users
  • Premium CBD flowers are said to possibly be able to improve depression
  • Many users use CBD flowers to better manage everyday life
  • CBD is commonly used against sleep disorders

Can I still work after using Strawberry CBD?

We are often asked whether CBD flowers have a negative effect on the work ethic. Here we can clearly answer with no, because CBD is neither a narcotic nor does it change your perception.

CBD flowers work in a gentle and natural way, your body and mind get used to it very quickly and then you can work without problems.

Can I legally possess my CBD flowers at home?

We are often asked if the CBD flowers that can be ordered from us can really be kept at home. CBD flowers are legal in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as long as they come from certified suppliers like us. Legal hemp is used for cultivation, and the amount of THC does not exceed the limit of 0.2% for any variety. This means that you can not only legally order your CBD flowers from us, but also keep them at home.

Hemp itself is not an illegal plant, only psychogenic components like THC are considered intoxicants. Since we do not exceed the legally allowed content of 0.2% THC, you can legally buy, purchase and use any CBD strain from our store.

How much do CBD Strawberry flowers cost?

You might be surprised because you can store for premium products at a great price with us. There is a reason for that! For one thing, we pack your ordered content by weight. If you order 2g of strawberry blossoms, you will get 2g. If we would arrange our delivery to you according to the number of blossoms, you would be worse off.

In addition, we produce our products in large quantities and do not have to run expensive indoor greenhouses. Of course, we pass on the favorable prices that this makes possible to you. And this is what they look like:

  • To try them out, 2 g of Erdbeerli are available at 3,50 €/g each.
  • For the small pleasure 5 g Erdbeerli are available at 2,90 €/g each
  • For a bigger pleasure, 10 g of Erdbeerli are available at 2,50 €/g each
  • With friends you can share 20 g of Erdbeerli at 2,30€/g each
  • For even more content you get 50 g of Erdbeerli at 1,95 €/g each
  • XL taste you get with 100 g at 1,65€/g each at home

Full flavor in premium quality – order Strawberry CBD from us

You really got a craving for premium content with full strawberry aroma? You want your retailer to comply with all EU directives and consider the THC-CBD ratio? Then you’ve come to the right place, because here you can get high-quality CBD flowers that are absolutely legal and full of enjoyment. Your order will be packed for you right after we receive your payment, and in no time you can unpack your EU-legal package at home and enjoy the wonderful aromatic flowers.

The photo shown here is only an example and can vary greatly from the original product. The CBD and THC content can also vary and differs depending on the batch. Our flowers are free of pesticides and herbicides. They are listed in the European Union’s catalogue of varieties and are therefore approved for legal hemp cultivation in the EU. The THC content is below 0.2%, so the goods may be shipped to other Austrian countries.
The products are not suitable for consumption, as they are exclusively aroma products. The correct use of our flowers / extracts can be found under the following link: HOW TO USE – CBDdiscounter

All products are sold exclusively as flavourings.