CBD and alcohol: Can you use both together? Tips & Tricks

For many CBD users, the daily dose is part of everyday life. As a rule, there are only a few side effects, as long as interactions with medications are excluded. But how do CBD and alcohol get along with each other? A beer here, a wine at the family party – do you have to give up your dose of CBD because of that? What are the risks of the combination and what do you have to watch out for?

Use alcohol and CBD together? What are the possible effects?

Whether beer, a glass of wine or a cocktail – alcohol can have numerous side effects. There are repeated warnings about the effects of cannabis and alcohol. Both have a psychoactive effect, mixed consumption can lead to increased symptoms. But is this also true for CBD and alcohol? We know that the use of CBD has no psychoactive effect.

However, the question of whether CBD and alcohol affect each other is still completely natural. Studies so far primarily refer to animal models; how the interaction of CBD with alcohol works in humans has not yet been conclusively proven.

Let’s take a closer look at the possible consequences and what the studies have shown so far:

Increased symptoms and effects with mixed consumption of alcohol and CBD:

Increased alcohol levels in the blood lead to a general disinhibition and increased cheerfulness. The effects of CBD are more sedative in nature, with many users appreciating the feelings of relaxation CBD provides. Although there is no human study in this regard yet, some experts suggest that CBD and alcohol can enhance each other’s effects. Both substances have a relaxing, releasing and loosening effect (depending on the individual effect).

It is therefore conceivable, especially in sensitive people, that CBD and alcohol in combination lead to increased drowsiness, loosened mood and relaxation.

Avoid hangover with alcohol and CBD oil:

One of the known side effects of alcohol is the destruction of liver cells. Initial research results from animal research give reason to believe that CBD products could protect the liver from alcoholic consequences. In this case, cannabidiol would not be a risk factor, but a help.

Note: These initial research results should not be an incentive for you to mix cocktails and CBD. It is not yet clear what health effects alcohol consumption in combination with CBD may have.

Lower blood alcohol levels and less damage from alcohol with CBD?

Depending on how much you drink, your blood alcohol level changes. At the beginning there is the loss of inhibitions, later there are headaches and the inability to judge situations correctly. Drinking alcohol is an automatic part of the modern lifestyle almost everywhere in the world. The after-work beer or the glass of wine at festivities is almost standard.

Even though research is just beginning, there has already been an interesting study. Here it was found out that CBD has an influence on the alcohol level and lowers it significantly. However, the study also found that the use of CBD and alcohol was associated with a greater loss of coordination and self-assessment. These results only occurred in the cannabidiol and alcohol association. CBD alone had no effect on mental sanity.

Can CBD show effects in the presence of alcoholism?

The per capita consumption in Germany is around 10 liters of pure alcohol. The long-term effects of alcohol are often underestimated. Even those who drink only one glass a day are in danger of slipping into dependence. If you regularly consume larger amounts of alcohol, the effects gradually wear off. The demand increases and the vortex of potential addiction begins to turn.

Initial research suggests that CBD may have a positive impact on the effects of chronic alcohol use. CBD acts on the endocannabinoid system, which in turn is responsible for targeting CB1 and CB2 receptors.

If we assume that alcohol is consumed due to psychological complaints, CBD could be helpful. Numerous studies are currently investigating the exact influence CBD can have on the production of dopamine, serotonin and noradrenaline. All three are messenger substances that are responsible for mental mood.

The thesis: If CBD is able to alleviate mental discomfort, alcohol addiction triggered or triggered by these symptoms can be positively influenced.

Alleviating withdrawal symptoms - cannabidiol could be the key

The biggest problem with alcohol withdrawal is the symptoms. Most sufferers know that alcohol has negative effects on health. When the body stops getting the substance it consumes daily, it reacts with symptoms. Frighteningly, this is even possible when there was actually only a glass of wine on the table every day with dinner. Alcohol addiction often develops insidiously!

An exciting study suggests that CBD products may reduce the need for alcohol in general. This has not yet been proven in human trials, but there is nothing to be said against a field trial.

And what does that mean now? CBD and alcohol no longer enjoy together?

The popularity of CBD has increased. By now, you’ll find a small bottle of CBD oil on many people’s nightstands. Whether it’s to reduce pain, help you sleep better, or increase your overall well-being, CBD is popular. Questions about its use arise especially when other medications are taken at the same time. Interactions cannot be ruled out.

But what about CBD and alcohol? Can both substances not be used together at all? Does the permanent use of CBD exclude the consumption of alcohol?

There are no clear answers to the questions about this combination yet. It seems clear that CBD can influence the effect of alcohol. So far, however, this knowledge only applies when both substances are ingested almost simultaneously. However, if you now applied your CBD oil in the morning and drink alcohol in the evening, there should most likely be no increased effect.

5 tips on how you can safely solve the combination of alcohol and CBD

You are one of the CBD people and you don’t want to give up using it? To prevent potentially unwanted effects when consuming alcohol, we give you five important tips below:

  1. Allow four to six hours between using cannabidiol and drinking alcohol. CBD works for about six hours, after which the effects wear off.
  2. Do not combine classic cannabis with alcohol, the effects are much more severe.
  3. Go slowly. If you use CBD, try a small amount of alcohol first to see how you react to the mixture.
  4. Do not combine your CBD directly with alcohol, you increase the risk of adverse effects.
  5. Take advantage of CBD. If you can’t get up the morning after a binge because of a hangover, CBD might help.

Conclusion: No generally valid advice possible - CBD as an ingredient but not psychoactive

As with almost everything, the combination of alcohol and CBD probably depends on the quantities. We’ll have to wait and see what future studies find out in this regard. And until there are robust articles, caution is the known mother of china. Refrain from a direct mixture of high CBD and alcohol doses, so you are on the safe side Every body reacts differently to CBD, as studies have already shown in the past.