CBD oil expired – do I have to dispose of it now?

The subject of shelf life is of particular interest to those who buy in advance. Sometimes there are cool products on sale and then it’s worth buying a few more bottles. If only it weren’t for the CBD oil shelf life, because expired CBD oil is not always still edible. We’ll tell you how to recognize bad oil and how to deal with it. By the way: you can extend the shelf life of CBD oil by storing it correctly!

Can CBD oil expire and if so, when?

Every oil has an expiration date, regardless of whether it is edible oil or CBD oil. Manufacturers are obliged to clearly mark the best-before date on products. Now, reaching this date does not mean that the shelf life of your CBD oil is over overnight. You may be familiar with this from foods that are still edible even after the best-before date. The date merely indicates that the manufacturer can only guarantee the perfect quality of a product until the cut-off date.

What is the shelf life of CBD oil once you have opened it?

The best-before date on a product usually always refers to the unopened state. If your CBD oil is sealed in the bottle and has never been opened, the shelf life is between one and two years if stored correctly (depending on when it was produced). As soon as you open the bottle, the clocks start ticking differently. Your CBD drops can now be enjoyed for around six months, after which you should dispose of them.

Don’t worry, CBD oil does not immediately become toxic if users continue to use it after the time has elapsed. In most cases, some of the effectiveness of the popular CBD oils is lost.

The quality of CBD oil and its influence on shelf life

The expiry date is only a reference date, but it says nothing about the actual shelf life of a product. Manufacturers must indicate it on the packaging, as they cannot guarantee the quality after this period. Various factors play a role in the expiry of CBD oil, including production, but also quality. CO2 extraction is considered one of the best extraction methods, as it does not involve any toxins. The method also has other advantages for the environment, but also for shelf life.

The correct storage of CBD oil - cannabinoids do not like sunlight

CBD oil consists of a carrier oil and cannabinoids. At best, there are no other additives and the best-before date is clearly printed on the label. Whenever there are discounts, many CBD fans fill up their shopping carts. This makes it all the more annoying when you end up having to dispose of many bottles because they are no longer durable. We have summarized the best tips for you on how to optimally store even large quantities of CBD. In many cases, the CBD oil will still be edible after the expiry date:

  • Dark and dry: Warmth, heat and sun are three influences that negatively affect the smell, aroma and effects of your CBD oil. Oils spoil in high heat, they become rancid. The ideal storage place is a dark place in a cupboard, not too close to the heating.
  • No need for a refrigerator: The ingredients of CBD oil do not need to be refrigerated, a room temperature of 20 to 22 degrees is ideal for storage. Avoid freezing your CBD oil, as this will cause it to lose its natural properties. If you live in a very hot region, the side compartment of the fridge is a good alternative to an overheated home.
  • Closed: Always close an opened CBD oil carefully after use. Use the original lid and do not decant the oil.

Hygiene on contact - how to keep your CBD oil fresh

Some users come into direct contact with mucous membranes when dripping their CBD oil. This may be practical, but it is rather unsuitable in terms of hygiene. If the pipette comes into contact with your mucous membranes, bacteria will stick to it. As soon as you put it back into the bottle of CBD oil, the germs get into the oil and it can run off more quickly. Make sure that the pipette does not come into contact with your body. It is better to drip the CBD oil onto a spoon to be on the safe side.

Is my CBD oil bad? How to recognize spoiled cannabidiol

The use of hemp in the form of CBD oil has become a popular trend for various ailments. A bottle of CBD oil often doesn’t last for six months, so most people don’t have to worry about its shelf life. If you like to stock up or have found an old bottle in the depths of your cupboard, you will ask yourself the question of shelf life. The best-before date has already been reached, but the bottle has never been opened. Rely on your senses and how the cannabinoids have been stored. Were they stored away from light and heat in a cupboard? Then the chances are good that your CBD oil is still edible. Here are the four most important criteria by which you can recognize CBD oil that is no longer useful:

  • Effectiveness: Expired CBD oil gradually loses some of its effect. Can’t feel anything despite continued use? In this case, the shelf life limit of CBD may have been exceeded.
  • Bad aroma: The aroma is one of the most important factors when checking. CBD products are somewhat bitter by nature, but should never have a pungent or even foul taste. In this case, dispose of the CBD and no longer use it.
  • Odor has changed: There are so many brands of CBD that there are also differences in smell. If you notice a rancid aroma that reminds you of old grease from the chip shop, something is wrong. It’s best to stop using the CBD oil.
  • Cloudy color: As a rule, CBD oils are transparent and clear. At the end of the product’s shelf life, the color may change. Suddenly the oil becomes cloudy and streaks can be seen. You should dispose of such products, as their effectiveness is doubtful.

Using expired CBD oil - how dangerous is it?

If you haven’t looked at the packaging properly once, you’ve already used a few drops of expired CBD oil. If the storage was optimal and you didn’t notice any of the above signs, there’s no need to worry. If the CBD oil was actually bad, you will no longer feel any effect. As a rule, a single use of a spoiled oil will have no effect on you. However, if you use it permanently, too many free radicals will enter your body. As soon as you notice that your CBD oil has expired, dispose of it.