Yes, it is legal to buy from us.

You can purchase our products from the age of 18.

No, our CBD products do not give you a “high”.

You can find the exact usage of our products here

No, this is not possible. It is pointed out several times on our products that they are exclusively aroma products, which are intended for smoking.

We guarantee that our products comply with the legal framework, and in case of doubt, laboratory results of the composition can be presented. In addition, the police are trained to distinguish CBD products from illegal marijuana.

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Due to serious differences in quality on the market, we have decided to source our products mainly from Austria and to some extent from Switzerland. We do this from farmers who produce under organic conditions and still value very high-quality standards.

We understand our prices as discount prices, which are adjusted to the wholesale prices. Since we work here in a gigantic volume for the normal consumer, it is possible for us to offer the products far below the regular market prices. In addition, we see ourselves as a pioneer, a modern company, to reinvent the market and give something back to the society.

Status 2019

No! Regarding the quality, it must be said that we should be in the upper price segment. We have personally looked at many producers throughout Europe and, after almost 12 months of preparation, concluded that the quality from Switzerland is not highly regarded worldwide for nothing. Therefore, it was clear to us that we would source our entire product range from this market, even at higher purchase prices.

Status 2020

After countless inquiries, requests, and applications from Austria, we came to the conclusion after several visits that a lot has happened in Austria recently. We have managed to find some producers who are in no way inferior to their Swiss competitors. We ourselves are very surprised at the qualities we have been able to experience in the outdoor sector alone. Therefore, there is no question for us that we are obliged to offer our customers by far the best of both worlds.

At the end of the year, a photo of the delivery of the donated products or voucher will be posted on our homepage.

We came up with the idea early on with some fellow students in medical school. We are of the opinion that society in its current form shows far too little humanity and love for its neighbours. And this even though we all live in an affluent society.