Everything you need to know about the 420 – meaning!

In the stoner scene, 420 is known as the stoner code, but why actually? What does Four-Twenty have to do with whether or not someone uses cannabis? To explain, we need to take a look at history, because it is rich in the development of cannabis culture!

San Rafael High School as the origin of 420

Stoner code 420 is traced back to students at San Rafael High School. A group of five young people met daily at 4:20 a.m. to search together for an abandoned cannabis plantation. While they were unsuccessful, it became a habit among the young men to simply whisper a “Four-Twenty,” or 4:20, to each other to organize a new meeting to continue the search.

Even though the numerical code was initially only meant to be a meeting place and time, it quickly evolved as a code word for the consumption of cannabis. “The Waldos,” as the group called itself, is still considered the originator of the number 420.

The Day of Cannabis Consumption or simply Stoner's Day

The so-called 420-Day is also known as Stoner’s Day in the American area. It is a day when cannabis consumers consume hemp with friends or even alone, listen to typical music like Bob Marley and reminisce about the cannabis plantation not found by the Waldos. It takes place on April 20 every year and this date is not chosen by chance. In the stoner scene, the number 420 has become very widespread because of the Waldos. Now if we look at the date 4/20 in the American spelling, it is written 4/20. And thus this date is again related to the topic around the Waldos and the codes developed at that time.

When was 420 invented?

April 20 itself has nothing to do with the invention of 420. The numerical code was first established in 1971, and the later holiday of stoners or World Stoner Day is based on it. The Waldos group set out to find a forgotten cannabis plantation in California in 1971. But the young men also indulged in cannabis consumption on the side. Soon “420” was no longer just the code word for the search, but also for a joint together.

The meeting place for cannabis consumption was a statue of Louis Pasteur, which stood on the grounds of the San Rafael School. Here, students could meet without parental supervision and no one would suspect anything. Only attentive observers could draw a connection between 16:20 and the meetings that took place again and again.

What does the saying "Happy 420" mean?

There are various statements about the meaning of the saying “Happy 420” when smoking pot. According to the story, the five young people, also known as “the Waldos”, had a close connection to a rock band. There, they often met backstage to consume marijuana. If the joint was passed between the participants, they said “Happy 420” to it.

Whether this origin is just a legend or the truth can no longer be traced. But the fact is that everywhere in the world the code 420 is associated with the consumption of cannabis. Even in Hollywood productions, 4:20 p.m. or 420 has long been taken up. A good example is “The 420 Movie”: Mary & Jane. Here, a double meaning can be found right away. The code 420 clearly shows what the movie is about. At first glance, Mary & Jane are only two names, but they can also be seen as a synonym for marijuana.

What does the term 420 lover stand for?

Anyone who calls themselves or someone else a 420 lover expresses that the person is a fan of smoking pot. Especially in the USA, 420 is the umbrella term for everything to do with marijuana and cannabis. In California, 420 is even used as a police code to notify colleagues of the prohibited substance cannabis or to indicate a corresponding operation. Whether this is also practiced in other countries and states is not entirely clear. But the fact is that 420 is also a clear term in the police world for smoking marijuana or corresponding offenses.

420 merchandise - a worldwide phenomenon has developed

Friends of cannabis consumption often make no secret of their preference. In most countries, cultivation and consumption are still prohibited, but not the wearing of corresponding T-shirts. So there is a lot of merchandise around the Code 420, which is sold legally in stores. Even big rock bands like Guns and Roses have already played with the number combination. In one of their songs (Paradise City), the band members sing a passage of lyrics that is played exactly at minute 4:20. The passage reads, “Where the Grass is Green.”

As you can see, the myths surrounding 420 have spread all over the globe. The Waldos probably wouldn’t have expected this when they had the plan to search locally for a hemp plantation. Today, they are considered the forefathers of a phenomenon and the legendary creators of Four-Twenty. By the way: In the meantime also CBD hash is called 420, the code is not necessarily dependent on THC!