Hemp oil for sleep – How does CBD affect sleep quality?

Sleep disorders are among the most widespread diseases and can have a significant impact on well-being. Statistically, every second person is affected by sleep problems at least once in their life. From a medical point of view, resorting to sleeping pills is often fatal, as there is a strong potential for addiction, depending on the drug. There are indications that hemp oil for sleeping could be a good alternative.

The underestimated danger: Why sleep disorders are not harmless

Sleep quality has a significant impact on human health. Permanent sleep problems can lead to secondary symptoms such as high blood pressure, chronic fatigue and even systemic diseases. If the body can no longer regenerate, it lacks the power for everyday life. In practice, this often leads to those affected withdrawing, losing the ability to concentrate and suffering a loss of quality of life.

Sleep problems and medication - why it is not always the first choice.

The pharmaceutical industry has put a large amount of sleep medications on the market that are highly effective and extend the duration of sleep from the very first use. The problem with this is that sleep disorders are a widespread disease and prescription drugs significantly interfere with the quality of life of individuals. On the one hand, the sleep rhythm improves, on the other hand, there are strong side effects, up to dependence to fear.

Many doctors therefore advise natural remedies when sleep disorders first occur. A well-known active ingredient is valerian, for example, which is said to have a sleep-promoting effect. Lavender is also often used, as it is said to have a calming effect. In a similar way, CBD drops also seem to have an influence on sleep behavior, and the effect is very strongly emphasized by many users.

Better sleep hygiene thanks to CBD - how does cannabidiol work?

To recognize the effect of CBD on sleep, it is important to identify the causes of insomnia. If you suddenly can’t fall asleep or keep waking up at night, you have a problem that hasn’t always been there. Sometimes the causes can be identified at first glance: a new bed, noise in the neighborhood or a snoring partner are classic reasons.

However, the problems of the nights can be much deeper and this is where the intake of CBD comes in. Cannabidiol cannot make your partner snore more quietly. But neither can any sleep aid. CBD interacts with the human endocannabinoid system and is said to ensure a balanced neurotransmitter balance. To enable restful sleep, it is essential for the body and mind to regenerate after a busy day. The sympathetic nervous system goes to rest, the parasympathetic nervous system takes over. We feel calmer, calmer and more relaxed.

If the natural regulatory system does not function, sleep is not even a thought. Anxiety, bad moods, worries, excessive energy – night quickly turns into day. If we now assume that cannabinoids lead to the regulation of neurotransmitters in the brain, the effect on sleep can be explained by this. The body is again encouraged to release the appropriate neurotransmitters at the right time.

CBD and the causes of sleep deprivation - the indirect effect.

We know that a lack of melatonin can cause problems falling asleep. For example, a person can prevent themselves from falling asleep if they stay up late in bed surfing on their bright cell phone screen. However, melatonin is the problem in very few cases, usually other factors prevent us from sleeping through the night. Here are the most common reasons that can lead to sleep disorders in other people:

  • Stress of the day is taken into the night
  • Inner restlessness prevents falling asleep
  • The sleep-wake rhythm is altered (e.g. due to shift work)
  • Pain triggers insomnia
  • Inflammation in the body prevents rest.

There are a variety of studies that reveal more about the properties of CBD. For example, it is considered proven that CBD can help with inflammatory processes in the body. CBD is also said to be effective against chronic stress and anxiety, so the effect for restful sleep can also be explained in an indirect way.

Use hemp oil for sleep properly - what are the experiences?

Both cannabis and CBD are said to be able to have a sleep-inducing effect. According to experiences, the decisive factor seems to be the correct application. If hemp drops are used regularly and in the appropriate dosage, many users report a positive effect.

However, those who already use a sleeping pill prescribed by a doctor should not simply discontinue it under any circumstances. A discussion with the doctor is useful to possibly replace the drug taken so far with natural sleeping drops from CBD. Since many drugs for better sleep have a high potential for dependence, they may only be used for a certain period of time. For example, an organic hemp seed oil is suitable for permanent use.

The correct dosage of hemp oil for sleeping - how many hemp drops do I need?

Although the healing properties of the hemp plant have been described by many peoples centuries ago, the studies here have not yet been completed. Consequently, there are no clear instructions yet on how CBD should ideally be taken. In the treatment of sleep problems, it depends largely on one’s own sensations. In general, the principle of slow habituation always applies to hemp oil. The body needs time to get used to CBD. In the beginning, the dose should therefore be low and increased bit by bit.

Can CBD oil have side effects?

If it works ideally, CBD can reduce the time it takes to fall asleep and improve the quality of sleep at the same time. At least that’s what many testimonials say. Although there is still no conclusive study in this regard, the WHO has already classified CBD as well tolerated. This has also aroused the interest of sleep medicine, because classic drugs can have significant side effects.

With CBD, the likelihood of adverse effects is low, but not excluded. If the drug is overdosed, there is a risk of nausea, dizziness, headaches and severe fatigue. The latter may even help people with difficulty sleeping through the night, but side effects should still be avoided if possible. The gradual dosage helps to use only the positive effects of hemp.

Which CBD is optimal for sleep disorders?

CBD oils are the most common type of use, as they are easy to dose. An important feature is the quality of the items. If you use CBD oil, make sure that it is made from organic hemp and that it is a certified product. CBD-based sleeping drops are only legal if the THC content is below 0.2%. A reputable supplier will be able to prove this fact with a certificate.

It seems to make a difference whether the hemp oil is used as a monopreparation or full spectrum product. Full-spectrum oils have the advantage that they contain other cannabinoids and terpenes in addition to cannabidiol. This, in turn, triggers the entourage effect, which can enhance the effects of natural sleeping drops. In general, CBD should primarily be used as a full-spectrum product, as only in this way can the full range of natural power unfold.

How quickly does CBD promote sleep - when does the effect occur?

When you can’t sleep, you long for quick help with your problems. You often turn to sleeping pills out of desperation, because you simply can’t find any other way to rest. CBD does not work as fast as barbiturates and especially not as strong. It is considered more of a sleep-inducing aid, not a strong sleeping pill that you can’t fight off.

It can take days or even weeks to find the right dosage of your CBD sleep drops. Here is one of the main differences with classic sleeping pills, which show their strong effectiveness within 30 minutes. The advantage of CBD for healthy sleep is that you can wake up at any time and do not have to fear an overlapping effect the next morning.

Conclusion: Sleep better with CBD - it really seems possible

It is more than just a single testimonial that reports the effect of CBD on sleep. Although it will still take some time until reliable studies are available, even alternative doctors are already advising people to take CBD for sleep problems. Since CBD has hardly any side effects and the experiences are so positive, there is hope for all those who cannot sleep properly.