Make your own hash: Here’s how!

One of the most popular forms of cannabis is hashish. This refers to pressed plates that contain a wide range of terpenes and naturally occurring cannabinoids. The process of making hashish is often overestimated, but it’s not as difficult as you might think. We’ll show you how to easily make your own hashish at home!

Introduction: What is hash and what is it used for?

Hashish? What is it actually? Simply put, it’s what’s left over when you secrete trichomes from cannabis flowers. Take a closer look at a flower. See those little hairy structures on the surface? They are especially important in cannabis cultivation because they are responsible for the potency of the hash. Resin is secreted from these trichomes, which is responsible for the sticky texture of the hash.

You will encounter trichomes not only in the flower area, but you can also find them on the leaves. However, the number is significantly lower here, which is why cannabis extract aka hashish is primarily produced from flowers.
Important: It is not enough to scrape the resin glands off the plant. What then remains is so-called kief! This is another form of production, but it has nothing in common with the classic hash.

This is only produced when the trichomes break open and the resin of the cannabis plants is secreted as a result. The sticky mass then dries and is then popularly known as “Piece”.

Hash and CBD hash - two differences

The cannabis plant became known primarily for its intoxicating effect. Meanwhile, there are many varieties that contain mainly cannabinoids such as CBD. They have the advantage that they are legal in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and many other European countries. The way of production is identical. The extract from the resin glands is pressed into a kind of plate and then used.

Classic non-legal hash is popularly smoked as a joint or in a pipe. It contains THC and is largely banned in Europe. To smoke hash, it is usually mixed with tobacco and then rolled into a cigarette. This can distort the taste from the hash, as the tobacco note dominates.

Classic hash contains high THC concentrations after extraction and has a psychoactive effect. It makes you “high” and the most you can do is buy it on the street from a dealer. The legal and very popular alternative is CBD hash. Here the THC content is reduced to a maximum of 0.2%, but you get the full range of cannabidiol.

Studies suggest that CBD can provide relief for many mental and physical problems. There’s a reason why almost every third person has tried CBD at some point today. Many users swear by the remedy and use hashish for aromatherapy, for example. The intense smells spread throughout the room, which can have a positive impact on your well-being!

What do you need to make hash yourself?

The tools you need to make hash depend on the method you choose. Not all production methods are suitable for home use, but many are! We will first introduce you to the most popular ways and finally give you a step-by-step guide to making hash with simple tools! In the end, you will have a piece of self-produced CBD hash in your hands, which can convince with its aroma and quality. A very good option is also our CBD pollen, which you can use for the production.

The shoe method - fast and efficient way

For the shoe method you need a shoe! Other tools are some tape, a bit of parchment paper, a needle and already finished kief!

In the first step, wrap your plant material tightly in the parchment paper (alternatively, you can use cellophane). Tape your wrapping tightly and then poke a hole in it. Now put the package in your shoe, put it on and walk around the house for 60 minutes. The pressure and body heat will literally squeeze out the trichomes.

At the end, all you have to do is open the packet and you can extract the hashish in its sticky form.

Making hash with your fingers - you don't need any tools for that

Making hash does not require a laboratory, but only the plant material needed. In the production of marijuana, farmers always make sure that no component of the plants is accidentally wasted. So-called finger hash is created almost automatically, while you use flowers and plant material.

All parts of your plants are suitable, but flowers have the most trichomes. You take a flower of the cannabis plant between your hands and roll it back and forth. Friction is known to generate heat, causing the resin glands to empty. Your fingers will get sticky and once you have enough substance stuck to them, roll them into a piece of hash.

It’s best to store the finished product in jars, because there it gets little air and stays fresh longer.

The water-ice method - bubble hash in the best quality

An extremely popular method for making hash is the water method using ice. For this you will need a bucket of ice cold water (ice cubes) and lots of plant material. In addition, you will need bubble bags to make your hash. These are very fine bags that collect the finest trichomes and resin from the hash.

You don’t need any solvents to make hash and end up with a top quality product. The bags work like a sieve. The finer the mesh, the higher the quality of the hashish. This method is only worthwhile if you want to produce larger quantities. For small home use, there are simpler methods for which you do not need bubble bags.

Make hash with a bottle - it's so easy!

You don’t want to get your hands dirty and still want to make “Fingerhasch”? Then you can play a little trick and use a bottle instead. A bulbous bottle, e.g. from the last wine evening with your friends, is well suited. You will also need some parchment paper to completely remove the fine trichomes from the herb.

In the first step you put the parts of the cannabis plants and the remains of your harvest directly on the parchment. Now fold it once and boil about a liter of water in the kettle. Wait a few minutes and then fill it into the bottle. Please do not use a plastic bottle, it could melt!

Now place the filled bottle with the bottom on the cannabis cut and press it lightly. Move it a little so that the heat is well distributed. With this method you need more heat than with your fingers, because there is no direct friction.

After a minute, turn the paper and place the bottle on the other side. Alternate three to four times before scraping your hash or melted resin off the parchment. Now you can form it into a lump of hash.

The straightening iron method - simple but efficient

You have parchment paper, flowers and a straightening iron at home? Then you can make high quality CBD cannabis at home. Place the parts of the cannabis plant on a parchment paper and fold it in the middle. Now place the contents on the straightener and fold it carefully. Turn it on and let the heat work for about a minute. The trichomes will be loosened and the resin will come out.

Now open the straightener, remove the parchment and unfold it. Use a fine knife to scrape the substance from the paper and roll it between your fingers to the desired shape.

Tips for a better result

To keep the quality high and produce a truly enjoyable hashish, you need to dry it. Damp cannabis will quickly lead to problems as mold will form and your precious resin will be lost.

To dry it, use a cardboard box lined with parchment paper. Spread your marijuana on it and put it in a cool and dry place. Make sure that the sun is not shining through the window and that there is no humidity in the room. It can take several days for your cannabis to dry completely.

Find the method that suits you

As you can see, there are a lot of different methods for making hash. Which one is right for you depends on your needs. If you process and use plants on a regular basis, you will have a lot of leftovers. The plant material is much too good to throw away. Instead, you can make hashish and reuse the valuable cannabinoids.

Feel free to experiment with the different methods until you find the option that suits you.

Conclusion: Making hash yourself is not witchcraft!

Making hash is not as complicated as you might think. For the simplest method with your fingers, you don’t even need any tools. The crucial thing with all types is that you store your hash carefully and dry later. You have extracted valuable ingredients from the resin glands of the plant. To maintain the effect, you need a dry place. A jar lined with parchment paper is perfect for storing your hash. By the way, this also applies to leaves that you want to process again later. Always keep them dry to preserve their potency!