CBD Oil 20% Full spectrum, 10ml

CBD Oil 20% Full spectrum, 10ml

10 pcs at 20,80€ each
5 pcs at 23,00€ each
1 pc at 26,00€ each

CBD-Content 20%
THC-Content <0,2%

Tested quality  

Made in Austria

Bottle content: 10 ml

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CBD oil 20% – suitable for experienced users

A CBD oil is a mixture of CBD extract and a carrier oil. The designation ‘20%’ only stands for the percentage of CBD in your product. Like all our CBD oils, the 20% hemp oil is made from organic hemp using CO2 extraction. It is particularly suitable for experienced users who have already gained experience with CBD oils in lower dosages.

What does CBD oil with 20% active ingredient do?

Not only in the DACH region, but globally, researchers are dealing with the effect of CBD. The cannabinoid has already been researched the most next to THC. Nevertheless, recommendations and tips are so far based on user knowledge, not on validated medical studies. The value of the knowledge already available is nevertheless high. All indications are that CBD can be similarly effective as classical cannabis. Hemp plants have been used for centuries for medicinal reasons, but today more research is being done on how to explain its effectiveness.

How is 20 CBD oil made?

Our 20% CBD oil is produced in a proven way. First, the CBD is extracted using a CO2 extraction process. Then, the crude extract is combined with a bio-based MCT oil. We chose MCT oil because it is a neutral-tasting and odorless carrier oil in which the cannabidiol can develop its effect. Our products are full spectrum CBD.

This means that the CBD content is not the only determining factor. There is a synergistic effect due to terpenes, which can enhance the effect.

Omega 6 fatty acids are also present in our premium CBD oil. Omega fatty acids are considered valuable for health in many ways. Among other things, they serve to strengthen the cardiovascular system. All the active ingredients together can trigger the entourage effect.

This has already been extensively researched. The entourage effect means that various terpenes and other cannabinoids ensure that the CBD can develop a better effect. The valuable substances of the hemp plant work in interaction with each other, therefore it is also spoken of the synergy effect.

How fast does CBD Oil 20% work?

The effect of CBD oil 20% usually appears between 30 and 60 minutes after application. If a CBD oil contains 20 percent active ingredient, it is higher dosed and more effective. Therefore, it is especially suitable for you if you already have experience with CBD.

The duration of effectiveness is between 4 and 6 hours, depending on the dosage. Since CBD oil very rarely has side effects, many users use it several times a day.

What is the difference between full spectrum and broad spectrum?

When you’re looking for CBD drops, you’ll come across different declarations. Especially full spectrum and broad spectrum are interesting here. If a CBD oil is declared as full-spectrum, the drops contain other substances besides CBD. Thus, terpenes, flavonoids and omega fatty acids are included. The THC content in a full-spectrum CBD oil is reduced to a maximum of 0.2%, as this is the limit applicable in Europe.

A broad spectrum CBD oil also contains terpenes and flavonoids. The only difference here is that the THC content is almost zero. However, the quality is crucial, because even with 0.2% THC you won’t feel any psychogenic effect. More may not be contained in a 10 ml bottle, here the EU regulations are very strict.

How much does CBD oil with 20% CBD cost?

If you compare the price of our CBD oil 20% with a CBD oil 5%, you will see a difference. It depends on the CBD content, which is naturally higher at 20%. Our hemp seed oil is made in premium quality and still we offer you a very fair market price. If you order several bottles at once, you can also make a bargain.

  • one bottle of 10 ml CBD oil with 20% costs you 38,50 Euro
  • five bottles of 10 ml CBD oil with 20 % will cost you 154,00 Euro
  • ten bottles of 10 ml CBD oil with 20 % will cost you 270,00 Euro

As you can see, you can make a real bargain if you buy several CBD oils from us. In a bundle with 10 bottles you pay only 27,00 Euro for the single bottle with 10 ml content.

Is 20 mg a high CBD dose?

The CBD content of 20 mg is high. Common average oils have a CBD content of 5% to 10%. The drops are especially good for you if you have been using CBD oil for a long time and need a higher dose. Since our CBD oil 20 full spectrum contains valuable terpenes and other organic ingredients, it triggers the entourage effect when used.

We recommend that you only use a CBD oil 20% if you are truly experienced. If you have never used a hemp oil before, rather buy cannabidiol first as 5% or 10% CBD oil. You can also find both in our store.

What is CBD 20 mg used for?

CBD oil 20 is used by users for various reasons. It is mostly used when the amount of 10% CBD oil has become too high. In this hemp oil, the cannabidiol is more concentrated and you consequently need fewer drops, for a strong effect. CBD drops are used for the following purposes, among others:

  • CBD is used in animals (restlessness, nervousness).
  • As an ingredient in cosmetics, CBD is a valuable organic product
  • Cannabis is considered to support sleep disorders
  • Cannabidiol drops are used for better balance

All of these uses are also being studied in research. However, even though there are no explicit results so far, 20 CBD oil is said to be a valuable aid, especially by users. Some doctors have also already looked more closely at hemp seed oil / hemp extract. 

Tip: We recommend all our customers to talk to their doctor if they are already taking medication. CBD drops have few side effects. However, a 20 CBD oil cannot replace an already existing medication. Consultation with the doctor is therefore advisable.

Is CBD oil with 20% addictive?

Often we receive the question whether our 20 CBD oil can be addictive. The drops are not infrequently used daily and the fear of addiction is great. CBD has been classified by the WHO as a harmless substance. It does not carry any addiction potential, as it does not trigger any change in perception. Unlike cannabis, no psychedelic effect is to be expected. CBD drops work naturally via the body’s own endocannabinoid system. You do not have to fear dependence when using them.

By the way, the amount does not matter. Even if you use a whole bottle of 20 CBD oil a day, there is no risk of addiction. However, it is still not advisable, because hemp oil is already effective in much smaller quantities.

How is 20 CBD oil dosed correctly?

Once again, organic quality is important here, because the CBD oil 20 should be as well tolerated as possible. There is no clear guidance for the dosage, because the amount of CBD oil 20% always depends on the personal constitution. Nevertheless, there is a known dosage scheme, which is spread again and again:

  • CBD drops with a maximum content of 5% are used at the beginning of the application.
  • The start is made with one drop.
  • After one week, the dosage can be increased to two drops.
  • In weekly steps, more drops are added until the desired effect is achieved.
  • Those who use 5 drops of CBD oil 5% can switch to a 20 CBD oil and reduce the daily amount of drops.

Does CBD oil 20 percent make you high?

Due to the high CBD content, users repeatedly express the fear that CBD oil 20 could make them high. Here we can reassure you. The drops made from organic hemp do not have a psychedelic effect, regardless of the dosage. All our organic oils contain a maximum of 0.2% THC, the amount is too low to make you high.

The body needs to get used to CBD slowly at first. If you use a CBD oil 20% as an inexperienced user, you may experience slight dizziness and an unfamiliar feeling

Also, it is not advisable to use a CBD oil 20 percent as a beginner. Take a look around our store, we also have low-dose organic hemp drops that are optimal for beginners.

Is CBD oil legal?

CBD is legal in the DACH region and in Europe. The prerequisite is that the CBD drops comply with the regulations of the EU. These stipulate that a maximum THC content of 0.2% may be present in a hemp oil. In addition, the CBD oil must have been produced from EU-certified commercial hemp.

We at CBD-Discounter meet all these legal requirements. Not only for our CBD oil 20, but for all products you can buy in our store. We offer you the best organic quality at a fair price and with full legality. You can easily order our CBD oil 20 percent to your home. If a product was forbidden, you would not find it in our store.

Buy CBD oil 20 percent with us

You can buy CBD oil 20 full spectrum from our store and have it delivered directly to your home. We as a store have made it our mission to provide you with fair prices and the best organic quality. Our CBD oil 20% is GMP certified and contains besides CBD valuable omega 6 fatty acids, which can contribute to your well-being.

To buy your CBD oil 20% from us, simply add the desired amount to your shopping cart and we will deliver your products directly to your home. Our CBD oils are always sold in a 10 ml bottle. Every single product contains only the best of the hemp plant, grown in Austria under biological aspects. Free of pesticides and herbicides, for maximum safety.

The oils are free of pesticides and herbicides. The plants used for this purpose are found in the European Union catalog of varieties and are therefore approved for legal hemp cultivation in the EU. The products are not recommended for ingestion.

These are exclusively flavoring substances.