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CBD Oil 5% Cats

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Buy CBD oil cat – the compatible product for your pet

CBD for cats? This sounds unusual at first, because most people generally assume that cats are not allowed to use CBD. Pets have been among the target groups for CBD for quite some time, and the active ingredient can calm dogs as well as humans. In fact, there are some important facts for pet owners to consider before using it on their pet. The most important fact is that a CBD oil suitable for cats must be terpene-free and THC-free!

What effect does CBD oil have on cats?

In humans and animals, the effect of CBD is based on the interaction with the body’s endocannabinoid system. CBD is one of over 100 cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. The three letters around which numerous studies revolve stand for cannabidiol. Its tolerance has already been proven in many studies in humans and dogs, and indeed cats can probably also benefit from it. But what effect can be expected?

  • CBD for cats is said to be able to relieve inflammation
  • CBD can reduce stress in animals
  • CBD is said to increase well-being
  • CBD is said to be able to provide a shiny coat
  • CBD is said to naturally protect against anxiety


As you can see, CBD is used in cats for various ailments by pet owners, the effect is always a little individual, just as it is for yourself. For some cats, CBD makes them vital, they feel more like playing again and are more sociable. Others are relaxed by the valuable cannabinoids and feel more balanced. The effect of CBD hemp oil for cats depends to a large extent on why the product is used.

Regulation of well-being through CBD – possible in humans and animals

Have you ever wondered why your CBD makes you vital in the morning and tired in the evening? You haven’t changed the dosage and it is still the same cannabinoid? The explanation is simple and obvious. CBD doesn’t just work like that, the drops release the active ingredient into your body or your cat’s body. There, the cannabidiol encounters the CBD receptors that are found in the human and animal body. It is often said that CBD oils are able to positively influence the neurotransmitter balance. For example, if your cat produces too much cortisol and is therefore under stress, CBD is said to be able to help balance it out. By normalising the release of the neurotransmitters, it can lead to an increase in well-being, depending on individual needs.

This would then be the logical explanation for why CBD also makes you vital and fit in the morning, but tired in the evening (production of serotonin in the morning, production of melatonin in the evening). Studies are currently being carried out to fully elucidate the mode of action of CBD. The rough formula is already known to most scientists, but which cannabinoids may have a supporting effect and how exactly a CBD hemp oil for cats interacts with the body is still the subject of research.

CBD oil for cats – the choice is important

Whether a CBD oil is suitable for cats depends on various factors. Normally, there are numerous terpenes in CBD. However, CBD with terpenes is incompatible for cats, as they cannot process these components in the products. Resourceful manufacturers have now developed CBD oil for cats, which is not only suitable for all cat breeds, but is also free of terpenes and therefore well tolerated. A hemp oil for cats must fulfil various quality criteria:

  • purely vegetable and without pesticides
  • free from THC
  • guaranteed terpene-free
  • in practical drop form

Is CBD oil really not harmful for cats?

You’ve probably read that your pet can’t tolerate CBD and therefore shouldn’t be allowed to snack on your products. This is true, as the classic CBD oils contain terpenes and, to a lesser extent, traces of THC. Terpenes are very important for humans and dogs because they enhance the effect and can lead to the so-called entourage effect. Cats, however, cannot metabolise terpenes, as has already been proven in several studies. In order to increase the well-being of your cat, you can get special cat hemp oil, which contains all the valuable ingredients of cannabidiol, but is free of terpenes, so that your cat can process it.

Typical complaints and the use of CBD for cats

Above, we have already discussed how CBD is said to work for house cats. Even though every cat has an individual life and the claims can vary, scientific studies are mainly concerned with the mode of action in certain areas. There is still no generally valid formula that can be applied to all CBD products and areas of application. However, the broad experience with the effect of THC on humans makes it possible to name the health benefits of hemp more precisely.

CBD against anxiety – often a blessing for cats

House cats lead a fairly relaxed existence, as long as the human doesn’t suddenly throw everything into disarray by making changes. There are situations in which the four-legged friend is plagued by stress and other ailments and the cat owner simply doesn’t know what to do. Many experienced users are convinced that anxiety is a good indicator for CBD oil for cats. Especially the typical situations can make the animals suffer:

            • a new person moves into the household
            • the cat has to cope with a change of ownership
            • there is a move to a new environment
            • the cat has been freed from bad keeping
            • pain and other discomforts unsettle the cat

Fear is a condition from which we humans can suffer greatly, but for animals it is even more difficult to understand why they suddenly feel afraid. If they feel threatened, cats withdraw, become restless and in the worst case even react with uncleanliness. Many pet owners report that CBD oil for cats has been their salvation in distress. The gentle effectiveness of the products is said to help animals feel less fear and remain more relaxed, for example, when visiting the vet.

Promoting skin health with CBD in cats

When we humans plan our shopping, we buy all sorts of cosmetics and grooming products to take care of our skin. Cats and dogs can’t do that. They either rely on help from humans or clean their fur with their tongues. Various circumstances can cause skin irritation, dry skin or even parasite infestation in cats. CBD drops have already provided valuable help in this area according to users.

From general cosmetics, hemp is well known as an active ingredient and there is much to suggest that the skin of cats can also benefit from it. Since the tolerance of CBD without terpenes in animals is considered proven, a promotion of skin health in cats through CBD would be conceivable.

CBD oil for cats – does it help against pain?

It is assumed that CBD docks to the CB1 receptors in the human body and can thus exert its effect on inflammatory pain. Cats also suffer from arthritic complaints, especially in advanced age, they are less mobile and suffer silently. CBD hemp oil for cats has been in focus for quite some time when it comes to stimulating the immune system and thus stimulating the body’s own treatment of pain and inflammation.

While chronic medication is an alternative for animals, these products often come with severe side effects. The approach that CBD hemp oil for cats can reduce the severe side effects and even make it possible to reduce the need for medicine is currently being pursued in studies. However, it is important that CBD oil for cats is never simply administered without consulting the vet if medication is already being taken.

Although CBD products do not have any harmful side effects for cats (if they are terpene-free), it is not advisable to discontinue a classic medication without medical advice.

How can the cat take hemp oil and in what dosage?

A cat would presumably eat the pure hemp plant with great relish, but it will not encounter corresponding offerings when outdoors. CBD oil for cats must therefore be administered manually. Many cat owners, however, rely on supporting their animals directly by taking the appropriate products.

Hemp oil can basically be mixed with other food. For example, it can be added to the food together with salmon oil. An offer that most cats would not refuse. Salmon oil smells pleasantly fishy and most animals go for this smell. Dogs usually find CBD oil easier to administer. Cats, on the other hand, are willful creatures, but spreading CBD oil on irritated skin, for example, is a safe method of application.

How is CBD hemp oil for cats dosed correctly?

The dosage depends on the type and extent of application. The body weight of the individual cat breeds also plays a role. Heavier cats or also tomcats can tolerate more CBD than slender velvet paws that do well with light products.

Our CBD oil for cats contains 5% CBD and no THC. This is important because THC is the cannabinoid of the hemp plant that is responsible for the high effect. So your cat will not get high from our CBD oil for cats products, but will only experience optimal natural quality.

When the CBD for cats is applied to the skin surface, transdermal absorption occurs. The drops are slowly absorbed through the skin cells and the active ingredient is passed on to the bloodstream. To find the right dose, you need to observe your pet closely. Always start with a low dosage and increase as needed. There is no need to worry about dangerous side effects or drowsiness in your cat, as there is no THC in our product.

How much do CBD drops for cats cost?

It doesn’t matter whether the CBD oil is to support cats or dogs, the price is always favourable with us. This is because we want to give all our customers (and cats) the opportunity to purchase a product of maximum quality at a fair and reasonable price. As with all our products, you can rely on our quality promise with CBD oil for cats:

  • free from herbicides and pesticides
  • good effect on a purely natural basis
  • valuable organic ingredients
  • cheaper for larger orders

You want to save money and still do something good for your pet? You can do that with your purchase from us. We always offer you the opportunity to buy larger quantities of our products at a lower price. In practice this means for you

  • You can buy one bottle with 10 ml content for 15.00 euros.
  • five 10 ml bottles for 12,00 Euro per bottle
  • ten bottles with 10 ml content each are available for 10.50 euros per bottle.

So you see:

With us, more is less! And what about the quality? It is and always will be the same, at premium level. It is important to us that you are not only happy when you buy, but that our quality also satisfies you when you receive your order.

Buy CBD oil for cats without THC in test winner quality. 100% terpene free & suitable for all breeds of cats of all ages. Our pet care CBD oils 5% for cats contain high quality organic MCT oil as a carrier, are GMP certified and should not be confused with cannabis oil as this is a pure 100% THC free CBD oil for cats.

CBD-containing oil
CBD content 5%
THC content ND

The oils are free of pesticides and herbicides. The plants used for this purpose are found in the European Union catalog of varieties and are therefore approved for legal hemp cultivation in the EU. The products are not recommended for ingestion, application instructions can be found here: HOW TO USE – CBDdiscounter.

These are exclusively aromatic substances.

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