5 tips to distinguish real CBD from fakes

Counterfeit CBD? What sounds curious at first glance is increasingly becoming a problem. Fake flowers are not only a qualitative problem, but can also have a significant impact on legality. The requirements for CBD flowers are clearly declared in Europe. For example, they must come from a legal cannabis plant and contain a maximum of 0.2% THC. But how can you recognize legal and real CBD? We give you five valuable tips on how to avoid falling for fake CBD flowers and products!

I. Check the label

When you buy food, you check the label for ingredients. You need to do the same with CBD to be on the safe side. CBD is a natural product, but there are significant differences between suppliers.

Decisive factors include the CBD content, the plants used, and of course the THC content. The latter must not exceed 0.2%, which must be clearly verified. The active ingredient content of CBD tells you how strong the product really is. For CBD oils, look for indications such as 5%, 10%, or 25%.

Also, find out if it is a mono-CBD oil or a full-spectrum oil. The latter contains terpenes and flavonoids as well as other cannabinoids (CBG, CBN, CBC) and can thus trigger the entourage effect.

Last, but not least, the carrier oil used also plays a role. The packaging should be able to tell whether it is a traditional hemp oil, a tasteless MCT oil or another type of oil.

II. questions about a certificate of analysis

The Certificate of Analysis, must always be present in the store for all CBD products. It is issued by an independent third party and contains information about the product. These certificates contain various information about the CBD product at hand. This is the cannabinoid profile and also the legality can be determined.

The certificate of analysis is a legal documentation that you can ensure the quality of CBD. Since the CBD market keeps growing, more and more product is coming to the market. This leads to a lack of regulation and consequently, often gradations in the products. Impurities during production, pesticides during cultivation – cannabidiol can only unfold its positive efficacy if every manufacturing step is tested.


It already matters that high-quality CBD flowers are used for the production of CBD. With inaccurate labels, consumers are misled and often have difficulty telling the difference between high and low quality. A certificate of analysis, can help you play it safe when buying!

Ask the retailer you trust for it. Often you can find certificates on the website, or you can get them on request, which says a lot about the seriousness of the supplier. Through the respective customer service you should have no difficulty in obtaining a certificate of analysis for the selected CBD product.

III. buy only from trustworthy sources

When buying CBD, you should find out about the retailer. There are many questions to answer:

  • Is it indoor or outdoor flower?
  • Are good CBD flowers used?
  • What extraction process is used to make CBD oils?
  • When buying flowers: What is the CBD content?
  • Are all substances declared in processed products?
  • When buying buds: Do the buds have a natural coloring?
  • Does the appearance of the flowers after ordering correspond to the picture (small deviations are always possible. However, reputable suppliers already point this out on the website).
  • Is there an example of use on the homepage?
  • Are there no chemical substances used in the production?

A serious CBD supplier will provide you with information about his products. You should be able to effortlessly research where the plants come from and how they were grown on the website.

The hemp plant as such must be grown from seeds of the EU catalog of varieties. The cannabinoid CBD is legal in Germany, but only if it was grown from the right hemp. Unlike classic marijuana, the THC content here has been reduced during breeding, so that it is CBD cannabis.

IV: Requirements for good CBD - what you need to know

Three basic requirements are crucial for good CBD products. When you buy online, you can’t check the smell or aroma. You have to rely on the seller’s claims. Distrust is always appropriate if the store promises you an outstanding effect and gives healing promises. This is forbidden! No one can guarantee you that you will lose 25 kilos in one week with CBD (as an example).

Distrust is also appropriate if you can buy a supposedly high-quality CBD product or CBD flowers at a dumping price. For one thing, prices (for buds) vary depending on the CBD strains. On the other hand, a too low price can often be the result of inferior old goods from abroad, which have a poor quality and should have landed in the garbage can long ago. However, this can be quickly recognized by the professional through color, consistency and aroma. In the following, you will now find three characteristics by which you can recognize a serious CBD product:

  • The cultivation: Indoor or outdoor does not play a big role. It is more important that good CBD flowers are always grown under organic conditions. The use of chemical substances in cultivation must be excluded. In addition, a hemp plant must be chosen in which the THC/CBD ratio is shifted. It must have a high CBD content, while the THC content must be close to zero.
  • Origin of CBD: High quality CBD has been grown in Europe. Standardized extraction methods are used here, so you can trust the quality of CBD flowers and CBD product. The percentages of CBD and THC must be stated on the product.
  • Ingredients: CBD flowers do not naturally contain just one cannabinoid. It is on the variety of cannabinoids that the effect is measured. A good CBD oil is sold as a full-spectrum oil. It contains active ingredients such as terpenes, flavonoids and other cannabinoids.

V. Try it out

Theoretically, it is of course possible to forge all certificates. Therefore, it is worth taking a closer look not only at the CBD flowers themselves, but also at the respective stores. Is there an imprint? What is the appearance of the website like? Is anything explained about the CBD flowers and oils in general? And how convenient is the purchase? Do the owners stand by what they do and are they not afraid to showcase photos of their lab, their manufacturing, or themselves?

Many people use CBD for their health. Therefore, the effect is often noticeable only after you have already tried the product. Try it and pay attention to different factors such as color, consistency, aroma and effect. Tip: The bitter aroma of some CBD oils is not a sign of inferior quality.

With a new CBD item, you should be careful at the beginning, especially with the amount. Dose it as little as possible and first try how the active ingredient affects your body. Overdosing can cause problems with digestion or even fatigue. Therefore, always test the different effects with a small dose first.

You do not feel any effect after the first few days? This is not uncommon, as CBD oil, for example, is much less potent than CBD flower. The effect of cannabinoids often doesn’t happen immediately, especially with low beginner doses. You can increase the amount of CBD step by step if it is otherwise well tolerated. Observe your body’s reaction and watch for the effect.


Impurities, low-quality CBD flowers, and too high a THC content? There are a few reasons why a lot of attention is needed when buying CBD. Stores are now a dime a dozen, but not all of them sell high-quality cannabidiol. A personal test is only possible after the order is placed. However, if you know some criteria, you can already recognize good CBD flowers from a distance.

It is understandable that you want to save as much money as possible when shopping, so there is no better place to buy high quality CBD flowers than from us. With certificates and basic information, you have the ability to distinguish good CBD from bad.