Hash varieties – the differences under the magnifying glass

Hash is an umbrella term for pressed cannabis, but there are many different types of hash. The biggest differences are in the method of production, because not all hash varieties are simply pressed and marketed directly. We tell you which different types there are! Hand-rolled and ancient – finger hash from cannabis flowers Finger hash […]

Is CBD addictive – cannabidiol addiction even possible?

With everything we consume on a daily basis, the focus is on safety. No one likes to be addicted to a substance, because this creates a dependency. Those who are addicted change their behavior and are in a permanent state of need. This triggers stress and in this form can lead to a serious addictive […]

CBD for anxiety – Can the cannabinoid help with anxiety disorders?

Fear is first of all a completely natural feeling that even has a purpose! Only when fear and panic occur without a recognizable reason, they have disease value. It is completely normal for the psyche to produce a feeling of fear in some situations. This is what helped our ancestors to survive. But what about […]

Is CBD a drug and is there even addiction potential?

Is CBD a drug and is there even addiction potential? The cannabis plant is almost as old as man himself. Many of us have grown up knowing that cannabis is a serious drug. Consequently, products other than typical “hash” are often automatically associated with drugs, even though they have nothing in common with tetrahydrocannabinol. Medicine […]

CBD for cats – how even house pets benefit from cannabidiol

CBD for cats – this is how indoor cats can also benefit from cannabidiol. Cats would supposedly buy a specific type of food according to advertisements. But that’s all nonsense, as we have found out. In reality, cats would primarily buy hemp oil! Since our beloved feline friends struggle with online shopping, numerous cat owners […]

CBD for dogs – how cannabidiol can also help four-legged friends

CBD for dogs – how cannabidiol can also help our four-legged friends. CBD oil is already very popular among bipeds and is used to treat numerous ailments. But what about animals? Can CBD oil also support dogs and cats? Science is already researching this and experience reports are quite clear. Many dog owners use CBD […]

CBD for colds: how can it help? Tips & Tricks

A slight scratchy throat in the evening, the next morning you already have a cold, sore throat and cough. On average, people get colds three times a year, and the immune system plays an important role in this. Due to the growing popularity of natural remedies, many users ask themselves whether CBD can also help […]

Cannabis resin: what is it and how is it used? Tips & Tricks

Products made from hemp enjoy great popularity. The origin is the cannabis plant, whose various parts are used for the production of useful products. You probably know cannabis resin under the term hashish. Visually, it resembles a pressed lump, whereas with weed you can still see the flowers of the cannabis plant. The resin that […]

Sativa vs Indica: Understand the differences and find the right strain for you

If you’re dealing with hemp for the first time, a variety of terms can be overwhelming. Cannabis Indica, Sativa, Ruderal-Hemp – how can such names be distinguished from one another? We not only explain the difference between Sativa and Indica, but also help you find the right strain for your needs! Cannabis Sativa – The […]

Cannabis legalization – how does it look in Germany?

Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach is campaigning for the legalization of cannabis in Germany. The traffic light coalition had declared early on in its term of office that it wanted to allow the dispensing of cannabis to adults in the future. For this purpose, a key points paper was compiled, which sets out the most […]