Cannabis resin: what is it and how is it used? Tips & Tricks

Products made from hemp enjoy great popularity. The origin is the cannabis plant, whose various parts are used for the production of useful products. You probably know cannabis resin under the term hashish. Visually, it resembles a pressed lump, whereas with weed you can still see the flowers of the cannabis plant. The resin that comes out of the trichomes plays an important role in the production of hash. Resins contain the most THC, or in the case of CBD cannabis, the most CBD!

Hashish production - how the cannabis resin comes into shape

The original cannabis resin is sticky and full of trichomes. It contains large amounts of cannabidiol, which is why it is so important for the production of CBD hashish. If you look at cannabis plants, you’ll discover a wide variety of components. The plants consist of stems, flowers and finally the buds. In order to produce hemp products, different parts of the plant are used. Weed you get quite unprocessed as a flower, hashish on the other hand in blocks. But how is it made?

There are different methods, three of which we would like to introduce to you here:

The finger hash - the casual production

When harvesting hemp plants, finger hash is created virtually by the way. When handling the leaves and the cannabis bud, the resin glands are squeezed. Consequently, the sticky mass comes out of the buds and sticks to your fingers. If you now rub your fingers together, a passable hash can be created in this way. The reason for this is that friction generates heat. This heat, in turn, causes the resins to detach from the fingers and “clump” together. The result is hashish that contains valuable cannabinoids.


In the production of hashish with tetrahydrocannabinol, the technique is used primarily to avoid wasting valuable resins.

Hash with the hair straightener - simple home remedy for the manufacture

To make hashish at home, you need nothing more than parchment paper and a hair straightener. You’ll also need at least one bud, which you can get in our online store, for example. Remember that only CBD flowers are legal and you can use them to make your own homegrown shit.

Place the flower directly on the parchment paper and press it between the halves of your hair straightener. As an alternative, you can use baking paper, it has the same properties and is heat resistant. The heat generated will cause the trichomes to release the resin and it will flow into the paper. After pressing for about a minute, open the hair straightener and spread out the parchment paper. The bud has now secreted a sticky, resinous substance that you can scrape off with the knife. This method is especially popular because you don’t need any solvents. The hash produced contains only natural substances, the use of which is considered particularly “relaxing”.

Scissors hash - the practical charas from the scissors

Depending on the region, there are different names for homemade hash. In Colombia, one speaks of charas. Hash often accrues by accident and is left over when flowers are used. Scissor hash is made when you cut your hemp flowers and leaves into small pieces with scissors. The trichomes secrete the resin, which is squeezed out by the pressure of the scissors.

If you process many parts of the cannabis plant at home, some of the resin production will stick to scissors or cutters. Depending on the strain, it is worth scraping the surface of the cutter several times a week. In the end, you get a piece of hashish that is full of CBD resin and terpenes.

Cannabis resin from CBD - what the diverse varieties are used for

Classic marijuana is considered a drug in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and drugs are of course prohibited. The situation is different with CBD Pot, because the cannabinoid is legal. The prerequisite is that the content of THC is below 0.2%. Everything you can buy from us on the site complies with the EU specifications.

But if CBD cannabis resin doesn’t have any psychoactive effect, what’s the point of using it at all? The status of CBD is still unclear so far. The WHO announced in 2018 that CBD-based cannabis oil is a harmless substance. As long as commercial hemp is produced from EU-certified seeds, the substances can be used legally.

Meanwhile, you can buy the legal part of the hemp plant not only as CBD oil, but also get flowers, pollen and hashish. The latter is especially popular, as the resin of the cannabis plant is considered highly potent. You can make it yourself, but you can also conveniently buy it online.

While cannabis oil containing THC can only be prescribed by a doctor, a CBD product can be bought freely. There are already interesting studies on the effect, but many articles so far refer rather to veterinary studies. To tell you what CBD products are used for, we therefore resort to testimonials.

Cannabis resin against anxiety, depression and burnout

The high CBD potency in cannabis resin makes it a popular aid for mental ailments. Do some research and you’ll quickly find that cannabidiol cannabis is especially popular for reducing anxiety and depression. Not only the application of oil, but also the use of cannabis resin is widely known. The latter is used in the form of hashish, and is even popular as aromatherapy.

Cannabis resin for the reduction of pain and inflammation

It has long been proven that classic cannabis and marijuana help against pain. It is clearly emerging that all this also applies to cannabidiol, regardless of THC content. Accordingly, CBD cannabis resin is in high demand for the treatment of pain. Due to the extremely low side effects and high effectiveness, legal cannabis is popularly used to relieve chronic (but also acute) pain.

Cannabis resin for the production of CBD cosmetics

Due to the viscous consistency of cannabis resin, it is well suited for producing CBD-based cosmetic products. Once the cannabis resin is heated, it regains its liquid and processable form. Normal fat creams serve as carrier bases, where the substances are dissolved. It is proven that cannabidiol can help to treat various skin problems. The appearance of psoriasis (scale disease), but also the symptoms of acne can be significantly relieved.

Cannabis resin and its benefits - contains all substances

Hemp is a highly complex plant, whose components are used in various ways. For example, fibers and fabrics are made from the stalks of industrial hemp. On the other hand, the buds are either used as flowers or processed into hashish. The advantage of hashish is that the product is highly concentrated and has a long shelf life. The high content of terpenes and cannabinoids also plays a role. However, the most important reason for making hashish is that no part of the plant should go to waste. When the flowers are processed, resin quickly emerges, which is extremely potent. It is the most important part of the plant, as it contains all of the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

Conclusion: Buy or make it yourself - cannabis resin is a pleasure

Cannabishartsi is a highly popular substance which does not contain THC. If you want to make it easily, you can buy the desired varieties online. Purchasing is completely legal if the THC content is below 0.2%, and you can create your own cosmetics or aromatherapy products. The processing is done similar to traditional marijuana by grinding it and using heat.