CBD coffee – a new hype from the world of cannabidiol

There’s good news for all the caffeine junkies among us! CBD coffee is a new trend that combines CBD and coffee. The combination is said to enhance each other’s effects and provide even more power and vigor. What’s behind the new hype? Is CBD coffee becoming a trend drink and how does it really work?

Relaxation and activation - do CBD and coffee go together?

The effects of coffee are clear to every coffee drinker: it perks you up, provides (short-term) energy and for many it is simply a pleasure. Those who can’t get fit in the morning without coffee can confidently be described as “junkies”. With or without sugar, espresso or French press – for many people, a cup of coffee is part of the power boost.

When we think of CBD and its properties, the synergy between the two substances seems illogical at first glance. CBD is said to be effective against anxiety, have calming properties in combination with stress and relieve pain.

Doesn’t fit, does it? It does, because coffee is not only a delicious drink, a cup of coffee or the caffeine it contains can also lead to side effects. Anxiety is increased (the pulse increases due to the caffeine), sweating is typical at high doses and inner restlessness is also one of the undesirable effects. According to numerous users, these are precisely the areas where cannabidiol can show its strengths. Let’s take a look at what real coffee lovers put up with just to cover their caffeine needs.

Caffeine consumption and its consequences - the side effects

The coffee cup is on the desk from early in the morning until late at night, the beguiling aroma wafts through the room early in the morning. Whether Arabica or another selection, the hot drink with the extra portion of caffeine is very popular. What many people completely underestimate is that caffeine is a strong stimulant and can lead to interactions (e.g. when taking medication at the same time) and side effects. This happens above all when the body is exposed to too much caffeine. Typical signs of this are

  • Anxiety
  • sweating
  • Nervousness and increased
  • restlessness
  • Gastrointestinal complaints
  • sleep disorders
  • Frequent urination

Important to know: Not everyone reacts as strongly to caffeine. As with all substances, habit plays a role here too.

The role of CBD coffee in alleviating symptoms

Although CBD and caffeine seem to have little in common at first glance, CBD coffee is becoming a trendy drink. According to numerous testimonials, the combination of CBD and coffee is said to make the pick-me-up caffeine better tolerated. CBD could therefore be able to mitigate some of the effects of caffeine. Here is a brief overview of what people report about the combination and effects of CBD and coffee:

  • CBD coffee is said to reduce sleep disturbances, falling asleep early is apparently still possible despite taking caffeine later.
  • CBD is said to be able to increase alertness through caffeine.
  • The positive effects of caffeine are said to be enhanced by combining it with CBD.
  • Users report that the negative effects of coffee beans are reduced by CBD.

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CBD acts on the endocannabinoid system and helps to regulate neurotransmitter metabolism. Messenger substances such as serotonin, dopamine and cortisol have a significant influence on our well-being. A cup of coffee has a stimulating effect, but if you drink more, you risk sweaty palms, nervousness and the feeling of constantly being on the run. This is because the cortisol level rises and the body is in a permanent “beware position”. This is precisely where CBD appears to counteract and help to mitigate the negative effects of caffeine.

It is known that CBD is able to enhance the positive properties of certain substances. For example, cannabidiol in the form of CBD coffee can promote the wakefulness effect while reducing the negative properties of caffeine. The mixture challenges the body, as it now has to break down not only the components of the coffee, but also CBD. In this way, the effects of coffee and caffeine are retained for longer, while the combination with CBD simultaneously inhibits nervousness and other undesirable side effects.

Enjoying CBD coffee - what options are there?

Basically, any coffee is suitable for the combination of CBD and caffeine, it all depends on your personal preferences. Filter coffee can be enriched in the same way as a latte macchiato or a classic espresso. Hemp has the property of tasting bitter when consumed directly. If you add CBD oil directly to your coffee, you can expect a change in taste. For this reason, there are special coffee blends on the market that are designed to mask the unpleasant taste of hemp. The advantages are obvious – you brew your coffee as usual and don’t have to do anything else. However, the combination with a CBD oil has more advantages, as the bioavailability of hemp is very low in ready-made coffee blends.

A carrier oil is required for the CBD to be soluble in the coffee. If you prepare your coffee with CBD flowers, use fatty milk or a mild coconut oil. The better option is to use CBD oil, as users say you can expect a stronger effect here.

Who benefits from CBD and caffeine in combination?

CBD has become very popular, with many people using the natural extract of hemp to improve their everyday well-being. The mixture with coffee is new, but is becoming increasingly popular. You benefit from CBD coffee especially if you consume a lot of caffeine every day.

People who are somewhat sensitive to the ingredients in coffee can use CBD to help improve their condition. Since it is very easy to use, the natural substance CBD seems to be a real enrichment for coffee fans.

Important to know: CBD drops have sedative properties and there is a possibility that consumption can make you tired. The cannabinoid receptors trigger “calming” messenger substances that contribute to relaxation. If you drink coffee in the morning to increase your concentration, you don’t usually need CBD for this. The combination is ideal, especially if you want to drink coffee in the afternoon. In this case, the beans can ensure that your sleep is disturbed in the evening.

However, as getting enough sleep is important for your health, CBD coffee seems to be the perfect solution. The calming effect helps to maintain the stimulating effect of coffee, but does not block natural sleep.

Conclusion: CBD coffee is more than just hype

This article shows that the growing popularity of CBD coffee is not just about flavor hype, but about a health-conscious trend. CBD is said to help promote the positive effects of coffee and reduce its negative properties. In the future, science is also likely to look into whether the combination of pick-me-up and sedative is a new star in the sky for all coffee junkies.