CBD dog cookies – the new trend for four-legged friends

Whether to improve quality of life, for relaxation or to reduce various ailments – CBD is also being used more and more frequently in dogs. The cannabis plant has been considered a natural healing plant for thousands of years, and in recent years the cannabinoid CBD in particular has made a name for itself. Even vets are now familiar with cannabidiol and often recommend it to restore a dog’s inner balance. If you want to give your dog cannabidiol in the form of cookies rather than drops, there are a few things to bear in mind when buying.

Buying dog cookies - what you should look out for

Snacks are part of a dog’s life and serve as a reward, but also to promote health. Sugar is an absolute no-go for your dog’s body, a tasty and healthy snack can do without it. We have the best tips for you on how to pack really high-quality CBD cookies in your shopping cart:

  • Look closely at analytical ingredients and omega-6 fatty acid contents.
  • Read reviews from other users who feed CBD cookies.
  • Buy your cookies without preservatives if possible.
  • Look for other ingredients that could be beneficial to your health (e.g. potato flakes, amaranth, oat flakes, etc.).
  • Make sure it is grain-free.
  • Pseudograins such as amaranth are much better tolerated by your dog and have positive properties.
  • Check whether the CBD content is specified.

Remember that cookies are always a supplementary feed and not a complete feed.

With and without meat - which CBD cookies are suitable for your dog

If you buy CBD dog cookies for your pet, they don’t necessarily have to contain meat. If you opt for a meat-heavy variety, look out for single-protein cookies. If they contain duck meat, for example, there is no need for other types of meat. Your dog’s gastrointestinal tract can process a single-protein diet more easily.

Another option is to avoid animal ingredients. There are special hemp cookies for dogs that consist of hemp flour and a mix of herbs. This recipe is vegetarian and can also be given to dogs on a meat-free diet.

Welcome additives - these ingredients have advantages

The addition of preservatives is undesirable in CBD dog cookies. Instead, many manufacturers rely on natural help for your friend. Potatoes are used as a carbohydrate-based support. They contain a lot of potassium, so you are doing something good for your dog in two ways.

Duck meat is a popular ingredient for CBD dog cookies. Many people are familiar with the slightly bitter taste of cannabidiol. While you can tell yourself that hemp tastes just like that and then suck on a sweet, animals react differently to bad tastes. They usually refuse to ingest the product in question – they simply don’t eat the cookie. Duck meat makes CBD dog cookies tasty, the CBD-heavy content is drowned out by the taste.

Wogegen CBD-Hundekekse zum Einsatz kommen

Dog owners have a love of animals in common and so everyone does everything they can to increase their dog’s well-being. CBD dog cookies are more than just a treat. They are often used when a dog’s nerves are on edge and its inner balance is out of kilter. Dogs have an endocannabinoid system and react similarly to humans in stressful situations. Industrial hemp, and in particular the CBD extracted from it, appears to be able to have a calming effect. When your dog calms down with CBD, his well-being increases significantly.

Another area of application is the treatment of chronic inflammation. Both in human medicine and in the veterinary field, it is now clear that CBD has an anti-inflammatory effect.

A study on osteoarthritis (a common disease in dogs) demonstrated the positive effects of CBD. In general, there seems to be much to suggest that the vitality of dogs can be promoted due to the individual properties of CBD. Enriched with other vital substances, cookies are a very popular choice.

The right amount of treats for dogs

Not only the quality of your CBD dog cookies plays a role, but also the handling. The contents must be clearly declared and you also need a feeding recommendation to guide you. Depending on the concentration of the dog cookies, there are differences that need to be taken into account. Here is an example of what a dosage scheme for dog cookies might look like:

Dogs between 5 and 9 kilograms receive one snack a day.

  • Dogs between 10 and 19 kilograms are rewarded with two snacks.
  • Dogs between 20 and 29 kilograms are allowed four snacks.
  • Dogs between 30 and 39 kilograms can enjoy up to six snacks.
  • Dogs between 40 and 49 kilograms are allowed eight snacks a day.

Make sure your dog always gets enough drinking water, as snacks often consist of plant-based ingredients and swell up in the stomach.

Bake your own CBD cookies for your dog - it's possible too

Too much aroma, opaque production and unanswered questions mean that some pet owners prefer not to buy ready-made dog cookies at all. If you want to be constantly informed about the contents of your treats and don’t want to take any risks, simply make your own dog cookies with CBD. This way you decide on the quality and can ensure that there are no colorings, preservatives, sugar or grains.

A simple recipe for CBD cookies consists of 250 grams of rolled oats, 250 grams of low-fat quark, a banana, 50 grams of honey and 10 drops of CBD oil.

Mix the ingredients into a dough, preheat the oven to 170 degrees and bake the cookies for around 20 minutes. Leave them to cool and give them to your dog as a snack. For even more good ingredients, you can add salmon oil or duck meat, which contains lots of important proteins.

Are CBD cookies even allowed for dogs?

Whether for relaxation, therapeutic support or as a treat, CBD dog cookies are permitted. The proportion of THC (a prohibited component of cannabis) is less than 0.2%. This means that CBD products can be officially sold, provided the raw plants have been grown from industrial hemp.

If you bake your own cookies, you can use CBD oil or flowers. These are also legal as long as the THC content is within the legally prescribed limits.

Feeding cookies as a reward - with the positive effects of the hemp plant

A dog’s life is largely dependent on its well-being. CBD appears to have an intensive effect on many animals without getting them “high”. According to numerous dog owners, the active ingredient of the hemp plant has anti-inflammatory, calming and pain-reducing effects.

However, dog cookies also serve as a training aid, as they are fed in the form of rewards for good performance. If your dog is learning social behavior or you are training the right behavior on a walk, dog cookies can be a valuable helper. The good thing is that you can either order the treats directly by mail order or make them yourself according to your dog’s personal taste.

Always make sure that the contents of your chosen product are of high quality and that only permitted hemp is used. When buying ready-made cookies, take a look at how other consumers rate them.

Conclusion: Dog cookies with CBD can promote well-being

Healing powers from nature are popular with humans and animals. CBD has proven to be a valuable and safe substance for dogs in recent years and is now even recommended by vets. Whether you buy your cookies ready-made as an herbal mix or make them yourself – the important thing is that the ingredients are of really high quality. Always buy ready-made cookies from reputable manufacturers such as Vitalstoff Füllhorn, Natura Vitalis or Waldkraft. This way you can be sure that the contents are plant-based and natural, without harmful additives.