CBD for cats – how even house pets benefit from cannabidiol

CBD for cats - this is how indoor cats can also benefit from cannabidiol.

Cats would supposedly buy a specific type of food according to advertisements. But that’s all nonsense, as we have found out. In reality, cats would primarily buy hemp oil! Since our beloved feline friends struggle with online shopping, numerous cat owners are our customers.

But is CBD oil advisable for cats? Wasn’t there something about terpenes not being tolerated by cats? In our CBD guide, you will learn everything you need to know about CBD for cats.

CBD oil for cats - the uniqueness of terpenes.

Experienced cat owners already know that terpenes are not compatible with cats. Their metabolism has a problem that other four-legged animals do not have! The cat cannot metabolize terpenes and there is a risk of accumulation in the liver.

But does that mean that the cat cannot use CBD oil at all? No!

CBD itself is even popular for cats to enhance well-being and for other applications. You just have to make sure that the product description explicitly mentions the use for cats. Cat-friendly oils must not contain terpenes and THC.

Wogegen kommt Hanfsamenöl bei Tieren und insbesondere Katzen zum Einsatz?

The body of a cat looks completely different from yours, of course. However, there are some similarities, such as the endocannabinoid system. Dogs, cats, and many other animals have it and therefore benefit from the possibilities that CBD offers.

CBD is used for cats in case of many ailments, and the products are increasingly being recommended by veterinarians.

Cannabinoids such as CBD are well tolerated and therefore serve in some cases as a supplement or even as an alternative to classical medications.

A CBD oil for cats can have an effect on the following symptoms:

  • For shiny coat: A CBD oil enriched with salmon oil can provide a shiny coat. Especially cat breeds with long hair benefit from it, as it is also reported to be easier to comb (due to enough moisture in the coat).
  • To reduce pain: if an animal is in pain, humans almost always suffer along with it. However, cats in particular tend to perfectly hide their discomfort from humans. A hemp oil can serve to strengthen the well-being of the cat, even if the intensity of pain and discomfort is not definable. Since CBD has hardly any side effects, they are (under consultation with the veterinarian) often a good supplement or alternative to medicines.
  • Against stress and anxiety: New Year’s Eve, a move to a new apartment, quarrel with a new cat – there are many reasons why pets feel stress. We can’t talk to them, we can only try to help them. Initial studies have indicated that the ingredients of a CBD oil can also trigger the cat’s endocannabinoid system. Thus, it is possible to offer support to animals in a natural way.
  • For seizures: There is evidence that a CBD product can provide a reduction in seizures in cats and dogs. These usually occur as part of epilepsy and are difficult to treat. Users in particular report positively on the use of CBD oil.
  • Stomach disorders: Animals often have a more sensitive stomach than humans. Not only dogs are affected, but also cats. It has been shown in the past that hemp oil can have a positive effect on corresponding complaints.

The right dosage - what is the best way to give CBD for cats?

Every individual has a so-called comfort dose when consuming CBD, and this also applies to cats. Factors such as body weight, physical condition, and individual tolerance determine the required amount.

As a guideline, you can base the dosage on 4 to 6 drops of CBD oil per day, which corresponds to a CBD content of 3.3 percent.

Which CBD oil is the best for the cat?

Of course, you want the best for your cat, because for most of us, cats are like our children. Therefore, when buying, make sure that you choose a high-quality product. It is crucial that the THC content is 0% and that CBD oils for cats are always terpene-free.

This will not affect the effectiveness, but you prevent liver damage to your four-legged friend.

Legal CBD oil for cats is obtained from hemp plants whose seeds are listed in the EU catalog of varieties. Organic hemp is the best option, because there you can be sure that herbicides and pesticides have not been used.

How fast does CBD work on my cat?

Animals are as individual as humans and this also applies to the effect of CBD oil on the organism. Crucial for the effect is the endocannabinoid system, which is more sensitive in cats than in humans.

Dogs also have it and they also often benefit from even small amounts of CBD.

We distinguish in CBD oil for cats between the acute and the long-term effect. Cannabinoids such as CBD can have initial influences directly after 10 to 20 minutes for acute symptoms, but they also have a lasting effect.

Many pets with chronic diseases such as arthritis, for example, benefit from hemp oil in the long term.

Gibt es Nebenwirkungen bei meiner Katze, wenn sie CBD-Öl bekommt?

CBD is usually well tolerated by cats, but side effects can not be excluded in the animal. Mostly, such unwanted effects occur when the CBD dosage is too high. If your cat has never had CBD drops before, always start with a small dose.

This means that you take only one drop of CBD oil from the bottle on the first days.

Can CBD be dangerous for my cat?

Of course, you care about the health of your furball and you don’t want to give him anything he can’t tolerate. Many articles on the web have warned in the past about CBD oil for cats, however, they are talking about using CBD for humans!

The problem is the terpenes and the THC which cannot be processed by cats.

In a good assortment you will of course find the right hemp seed oil without terpenes and without THC! You must pay attention to this, because if you accidentally give terpenes in CBD oil, your cat needs medical help!

A reputable supplier declares not only the quality of his product, but also the ingredients. Use this as a guide and check whether the CBD oil contains terpenes or THC before use.

When should my cat not be given CBD oil?

CBD oil is becoming increasingly popular for use in humans and animals. Especially CBD products obtained under organic conditions are selling like hot cakes. Whether cats can be given CBD always depends on the health conditions.

It is not recommended if animals are pregnant.

It is also advisable to talk to the veterinarian if CBD is to be used on cats with pre-existing conditions. Especially animals with liver damage can metabolize CBD even worse and must be monitored closely.

Order CBD oil for your cat in top quality

You want to get CBD in best quality directly by delivery to your home? Then order directly on the net, because here you have a large selection of suitable products. Always take a look at the rating of your preferred variety to avoid placing a wrong order!

If you are unsure whether CBD can be used in your cat to promote health, talk to your vet. In Germany and many other EU countries, more and more veterinarians know about the effects of cannabinoids! You are also welcome to contact our support if you need general advice about CBD in cats.