CBD oil against listlessness – does cannabidiol really work?

Tired, listless and unable to cope with everyday life? According to estimates, one in three people feels this way at least once in their lives. The cause is listlessness, which can occur due to various illnesses or circumstances. Sometimes sleep disturbances come along, which rob your body of additional energy. At first glance, the thought of CBD seems absurd, how should a product from nature help against your complaints? We will explain that to you, because not only the mood should improve thanks to CBD according to users!

What is listlessness and how does it develop?

Listlessness is primarily a symptom that can be triggered by another illness. Increased listlessness is particularly common in the context of depression. You feel constant self-doubt, you have the feeling that you can’t get anything right in life and you suffer from a pronounced sadness? All these can be signs of depression, which you should definitely discuss with your doctor.

The causes of depression are again manifold. Some patients can name a direct trigger (separation from partner, fears, loss of job, constant stress), others do not know why depression has occurred. In any case, listlessness is a classic symptom of depression and is usually due to a lack of serotonin.

Can listlessness occur without depression?

Many people think that depression is the only trigger for listlessness. This is not true; many other causes also come into question:

  • Underlying diseases: Whether thyroid dysfunction, diabetes or other chronic illnesses, listlessness is a common symptom.
  • Circulatory problems: If you suffer from low blood pressure, this can lead to listlessness and a variety of other complaints.
  • Mental illnesses: Not only depression, but also anxiety plays an important role in the development of listlessness. If you are not yet in treatment, the likelihood of the discomfort is high.
  • Deficiency symptoms: Especially in winter, listlessness can often be traced back to a vitamin D deficiency. If you find no other reason, have your vitamin D levels checked by a doctor.

As you can see, depression is an important reason and trigger for listlessness, but it does not necessarily have to be present.

How does CBD work against depression?

If you suffer from depression, which occurs together with a lack of drive, the most important step is to go to the doctor. Sometimes it is necessary to treat depression with medication to avoid risks to your well-being. You can also discuss with him whether the use of CBD oil is a good idea for you. Many people report positive effects of CBD on depression, as the natural remedy has an influence on the endocannabinoid system.

What influence does CBD have on the serotonin level?

In depression, the serotonin level is often reduced. Antidepressants are used for treatment to counteract the reduction of serotonin. As a result, the sense of well-being increases and the desire for activity returns in many cases. Now more and more users report that they can also regain more energy in everyday life by taking CBD and rate the product as a real help.

This effect can be explained by the influence of CBD on the endocannabinoid system. The substance interacts with the body’s own CB1 and CB2 receptors, which are responsible for the production of serotonin, among other things. If the body’s serotonin production is reduced, the use of CBD could provide relief. The active ingredient docks on and stimulates these to produce increased messenger substances.

In research, CBD products have played an important role in the treatment of depression for some time. Even though there are no definitive results yet, the application of cannabidiol seems to have a positive influence.

Which CBD oil is recommended for listlessness?

Before looking for a CBD oil for depression and listlessness, you should always talk to a doctor. Your health is important, and large portions of the population suffer from corresponding symptoms at some point in their lives. Depression can turn your everyday life upside down, complaints such as insomnia, fatigue, serotonin deficiency with resulting gastrointestinal complaints and general disinclination to live are among them.

If you have spoken to your doctor and you have come to the decision that you would like to try a CBD oil, the full spectrum oil is the best choice. It is very well tolerated by most people and contains cannabidiol as well as other important terpenes and cannabinoids that trigger the entourage effect. Studies have shown that this effect can enhance the effect.


Can CBD be taken together with antidepressants?

Medications and other substances can interact, including antidepressants and CBD. Discuss with your doctor if CBD drops are an option for you and if they are compatible with your medications. Most antidepressants (SSRIs) work on the same area of your brain to relieve the condition. Your doctor may advise against CBD in this case, or give you tips on when to use the cannabidiol.

Does CBD for listlessness have side effects?

CBD is not a recognized remedy, but has been classified by the WHO as well tolerated and safe. Side effects almost always occur when high doses are used right from the start. It is recommended to use CBD always gradually and to observe when an effect occurs. If you use CBD against depression, it can take several weeks until the symptoms improve. A similar phenomenon can be observed with antidepressants, whose active ingredient often achieves a significant improvement only after six weeks.

Typical side effects, which can occur especially with an overdose, are:

  • Increased fatigue up to drowsiness
  • Gastrointestinal complaints
  • Mild dizziness and nausea

Can CBD cure listlessness?

Lack of drive always happens for a reason. You are tormented by anxiety, have problems with depression or do not see the meaning in life. Maybe you also suffer from an underlying disease and have to take medications that have listlessness as a side effect.

An important step is to find out why you feel this way and if there is a condition that is affecting your mood. Neither medication nor CBD are cures that can take away your discomfort overnight. There are many comments from people who have had their mood greatly improved by CBD. One of the advantages is certainly that CBD brings significantly fewer side effects compared to medications. However, to get rid of listlessness permanently, it takes more than a natural remedy.

Take care of the causes and find out what brought you into this situation. You yourself have many options on how to get out of your slump, CBD can be one of them. In addition, it helps many people affected by depression to exercise or participate in therapy.

Where can I get CBD oil for my depression?

If you want to try the effect of CBD oil against depression, you can find high-quality products on the Internet. Choose a CBD oil that is made from hemp seeds. Only these CBD products are legal and meet the legal requirements of the EU. Then you don’t have to worry that your order could lead to legal trouble.

Just choose the product of your choice, find out about its application and have it delivered to your home. If you suffer from depression, please talk to your doctor first. There are many treatment approaches that could be considered for you. Do not be afraid to seek medical help in case of an emergency. CBD can be a companion for your depression, but it is not a miracle pill against listlessness.