CBD oil against wrinkles – experience reports and studies in check

Anti-ageing is an important topic for many people, as a youthful and well-groomed appearance is a symbol of beauty. Numerous products promise optimal effects, but fail in terms of effectiveness. Natural skin ageing is a process that cannot be stopped, but it is possible to take optimum care of the skin.

Many processes are involved in the formation of wrinkles

With the reduction of collagen and the diminished production of elastin, the skin loses its elasticity with age. The demand for products that prevent or reduce the formation of wrinkles begins at the latest from the age of 30. Scientists have been trying for years to find the perfect cosmetic product as part of their research. The truth is – miracles are impossible, because ageing skin always loses elasticity and volume.

The formation of wrinkles usually begins gradually. First there are tiny lines around the corners of the mouth, later the so-called crow’s feet appear. Many types of wrinkles are a sign of strong facial expressions; they are caused by smiling, smoking and frowning.

There is no way to completely prevent wrinkles, the face will eventually be marked by age. Even the body shows changes over the years, although wrinkles appear much later.

You yourself partly influence how quickly wrinkles appear on your face. Frequent exposure to UV rays, alcohol consumption and an unhealthy diet accelerate skin ageing. Dermatologists advise you not only to optimize your skin care, but also to improve your lifestyle habits in order to be successful with anti-aging care.

Cannabinoids in cosmetics - a closer look at the effects of CBD

Experience reports show that the effectiveness of CBD in anti-ageing care is highly valued. Cannabidiol is a component of the hemp plant and is a cannabinoid with no psychoactive effect. The effect of CBD can be explained by the special properties of the cannabinoid. It has already been proven that CBD has an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and stress-reducing effect. Three properties that are important for modern skin care.

We all age, but the rate varies from person to person. The main reason behind this is that the skin can no longer regenerate its cells as quickly as it ages. It seems that CBD oil or cosmetics not only have a calming effect on skin blemishes, but can also boost cell metabolism in the skin. As a result, its use could help skin cells regenerate faster and slow down the ageing process.

In an exciting study, scientists found that cannabidiol can reduce age-related oxidative stress, inflammation and changes in the lungs and liver of rats. Although it is not yet clear whether this effect can also be transferred to humans, coupled with the existing experience reports, there is a lot to be said for CBD.

CBD and its influence on the skin - direct and indirect benefits of the cannabinoid

Anti-ageing is much more complex than assumed. You won’t be able to stop skin ageing with any product. Nevertheless, it is important that you provide your skin with the best products to promote its health. Over the years, the skin not only ages, it is also prone to various diseases. Free radicals cause damage to the skin barrier, which in turn increases the risk of skin diseases such as acne, psoriasis and the like.

Although CBD has no proven anti-ageing effect to date (scientifically), the active ingredient has indirect and direct benefits for users. Here is a brief overview of the importance of cannabinoids in skin care:

  • CBD and the production of sebum: If the body’s own skin oils are lost, there is a lack of moisture. The body tries to compensate for this by increasing sebum production. This results in clogged pores, which in turn can lead to pimples. There are studies that show that a good hemp seed oil can promote and support the skin’s moisture. Appropriate creams can therefore help to keep your skin moisturized and oily, which in turn works against pimples.
  • CBD supports sleep: Getting enough sleep every night is important to support the immune system. A strong immune system helps ward off damage and disease with antioxidants and white blood cells. If we assume that cannabinoids promote the immune system, CBD indirectly helps against skin blemishes and signs of ageing due to a lack of resistance.
  • Antioxidants against oxidative stress: Free radicals are the “killer” of skin elasticity and there is only one antagonist. Extracts from hemp plants are regarded as a source of antioxidants and these are needed by the skin. Free radicals drive skin ageing, and the antioxidant effect makes it possible to stop this process.

The cannabis plant as a miracle cure for skin diseases in old age?

There are many reasons for the appearance of acne and the like in old age. A lack of moisture damages the skin barrier, giving bacteria and fungi an easier time. Dry skin quickly leads to conditions such as psoriasis, which have psychological and physical consequences. Studies have shown that CBD has an effect on skin diseases. The decisive factor here appears to be the quality of the cannabidiol.

Reddening of the skin, itching, rashes and even swelling can apparently be alleviated by CBD, which is of interesting significance in the field of anti-ageing!

Anti-ageing with CBD - the different types of application

Cannabidiol is available in various dosage forms. Which product you use depends on your preferences. We present the three typical variants:

CBD cream for topical anti-ageing use

A CBD cream is available to tackle wrinkles directly. It is applied to the skin as part of daily skin care and the active ingredient is absorbed through the skin’s surface. In contrast to many other cosmetic products, CBD cream has the advantage that it is usually free from chemical additives.

CBD serum - for an intensive supply of moisture

Serums are made from oils and the extract of cannabis (CBD). This type of hemp oil is applied directly to the skin. An important ingredient is hyaluronic acid, which gives the skin a plumping effect. Many users report that they have noticed the effectiveness of the product within a very short time.

CBD oil and its application

An extremely popular CBD product is oil, which is also said to help against wrinkles when used internally. Anti-ageing is a complex process and is not just about caring for the face externally. Using CBD oil can help to promote healthy sleep, reduce stress and strengthen the immune system. All of this benefits the skin and strengthens the natural protective barrier.

What do users say about CBD against wrinkles?

The personal assessment of experienced users plays an important role for many people. More and more women and men with an affinity for cosmetics have long since integrated CBD for wrinkles into their daily routine. Whether applied directly to the skin as CBD oil, in the form of CBD creams or CBD serums – more than 95% of all testimonials are positive. It is important to note that CBD oil is not a miracle cure. If you have damaged your skin for years (poor diet, sun, alcohol, nicotine), CBD oil will not give you wrinkle-free and smooth skin within a few days. However, it looks like CBD can become an important part of your skincare routine and play a role in the world of anti-ageing and wrinkle reduction.