CBD oil – Dog & New Year’s Eve finally enjoy together again?

You are actually looking forward to the grandiose fireworks at the turn of the year, but for your dogs it is the horror? Welcome to the circle of pet owners, for whom all days before New Year’s Eve mean pure stress. Many dogs are very afraid as soon as the first firecrackers are heard outside. If it goes to the turn of the year at midnight, they sit trembling and fearful in a corner. As a loving pet owner, you naturally want to help your dog and we understand that all too well. Experiences report that CBD for four-legged friends could be an all-natural remedy for New Year’s Eve anxiety. Let’s take a look at the way cannabidiol is supposed to work.

Why dogs are so afraid of New Year's Eve

Many owners report that they no longer recognize their dogs on New Year’s Eve. Otherwise a self-confident and dominant animal, but then the banging triggers the most intense fears. One of the reasons could be that dogs (but also cats) have a much better sensory system than we humans. Your darling perceives the noise much stronger than you and even for you the banging is already loud, right?

In addition, the body of dogs is more susceptible to shock. As soon as a firecracker explodes, the animal goes on alert. Adrenaline and cortisol are released, two stress hormones that send dogs into action. Your beloved four-legged friend tenses up and permanently expects that something will happen again. Now you might think that New Year’s Eve actually only lasts for a few minutes, with the banging at the turn of the year. In practice, however, it looks like that often days before fireworks are shot and challenge the mind of the dog sensitive.

Happy New Year for the four-legged friend - Can CBD reduce anxiety?

There are more and more pet owners who swear by the active ingredient CBD in stressful situations of dogs. Whether panic attacks because of the vet visit or just the typical New Year’s Eve anxiety, the tip with hemp oil persists. Is there any truth in it?

The topic of CBD is not only better known than ever in veterinary medicine, people are now also using cannabidiol in various situations. There is much evidence to suggest that CBD, in the right dosage, can bring benefits to dogs. Foremost among these is the reduction of anxiety, as even CBD is powerless against the sound of firecrackers.

The dog belongs to the mammals and has, just like you, an endogenous endocannabinoid system. This is partly responsible for which messenger substances the body releases. So we now know that in cases of great anxiety, adrenaline and cortisol play the main role, while serotonin and dopamine (happiness hormones) are in the minority. If we now assume that CBD docks to the receptors CB1 and CB2 and provides a balance of the existing neurotransmitters, the anxiety-relieving effect could be explained.

What is the opinion of veterinarians about CBD in dogs?

Your darling hides anxiously under the sofa, the loud music of the neighbors weighs on the mind. Outside, the lights flicker with every rocket shot into the sky well before midnight. It’s no wonder that you’ve already asked your vet in advance about measures you can take to ensure your pet’s well-being. In recent months and years, the attitude of many veterinarians has changed on the subject of CBD. While it was initially viewed with skepticism, it is now one of the often-recommended methods of calming.

With growing experience, its popularity is also increasing and since CBD usually has no side effects, it is often mentioned in the same breath as remedies such as Bach flowers. Just ask your veterinarian what he knows about the calming effect of CBD in dogs and whether he has already had experience with patients.

The right dosage for animals - how much CBD is given to dogs?

Dein Hund ist so individuell wie Du, daher gibt es keine klare Dosierungsempfehlung für CBD bei Tieren. Entscheidend ist, dass sich der Stress der Tiere lindern lässt und hierfür gilt es, die Wohlfühldosis zu finden. Der perfekte Ansprechpartner ist Dein Tierarzt, denn er kennt Deinen Hund und kann Dir Tipps geben. Viele Menschen nutzen allerdings die geringe Wahrscheinlichkeit von Nebenwirkungen und die starke Silvesterangst, um die Dosierung von CBD kurzfristig zu erhöhen. Nimmt der Hund ohnehin bereits Cannabidiol, kann das bei verstärktem Stress hilfreich sein.

Side effects with CBD - what to watch out for

You want to take the fear out of your dog and make sure he gets through New Year’s Eve without fear. CBD seems to be a good approach, but cannabidiol is not suitable for every animal. If your dog suffers from liver disease, you urgently need to talk to the vet in advance. Cannabidiol is metabolized through the liver and it is not yet known what the consequences are in this case.

In general, adverse effects are very rare when using CBD oil on animals. Most users report significantly less anxiety and a calm New Year’s Eve.

Tip: Since animals and humans are sensitive to overdoses, you should not start using it on New Year’s Eve. Consult your veterinarian earlier and accustom your dog to CBD gradually.

Cats on New Year's Eve - is CBD also suitable here?

Not only dogs, but also cats are extremely jumpy on New Year’s Eve and can use calming help. CBD is generally well tolerated, but only mono products are suitable for cats. The otherwise popular full-spectrum oils cannot be metabolized by your cat. If you have not only a dog, but also a cat, make sure to use the right CBD oil for each.

Preparations for the festivities - how you can still help your dog

For your dog, New Year’s Eve is a state of emergency and there are many tips on how you can make his daily routine a little safer. For example, make sure you walk your dog early on New Year’s Eve, when the fireworks are not yet so loud. Also, make sure your dog has a place at home where he feels safe. Some animals crawl under the sofa on New Year’s Eve, others appreciate the safe place next to you.

If your pet is afraid of the many colors outside, close the door and the windows so that it is darker. If panic arises, stay with your four-legged friend and speak to him in a calming manner. Being close to your human can often help reduce fear.

If it is not your first New Year’s Eve together, you should already think in January about training for the next year. It is often possible to reduce the terrible fear of noise in small steps. Dog schools will give you advice on how best to proceed. Finally, please never forget that you are not alone with your problem. Numerous dogs panic before New Year’s Eve and your darling depends on you to get through the time together with him.