CBD Oil Side Effects – How Safe Is CBD Use?

Many people use CBD products to treat various ailments. But what is actually behind it? CBD is a natural cannabinoid that is extracted from hemp. It is free of psychoactive effects and therefore does not make you high. Early research suggests efficacy, with a very favorable side effect profile.

After a 2018 WHO report judged CBD to be a well-tolerated product, the way was cleared for its distribution. Today, CBD is available in numerous reputable online stores.

However, despite all the positive reports, side effects can occur. In most cases, they are mild in nature and can even be prevented by taking simple measures! To understand which side effects are possible, the effect of cannabidiol/CBD must be understood.

Are there any side effects of CBD at all?

We value fairness and transparency. Therefore, it must be stated quite clearly that CBD oil can have side effects. The hemp plant is a natural product, but even natural products are never completely free of unwanted effects. This is true not only for CBD, but also for other natural remedies such as lavender, valerian, and more. Even dietary supplements affect the body and can bring unwanted side effects.

CBD works in different ways and so it is logical that some effects are not desirable. For example, low blood pressure is often the result of its use and is one of the possible side effects of CBD. For hypertensives, this is exactly one of the desired CBD effects, but for people with low blood pressure, it is not.

In general, however, occurring side effects are rather mild in nature and can even be avoided with simple measures. The current results of research confirm this. Most drugs have significantly stronger side effects, as evidenced by the existing data.

Common side effects of CBD oil

First of all, we need to distinguish between common side effects and rarely occurring phenomena. Especially at the beginning of use, many people experience a reduction in blood pressure, loss of appetite, general drowsiness, gastrointestinal discomfort or even dry mouth.

When you use CBD products for the first time, your body must first get used to the supply of cannabinoids. In most cases, it manages to do so very quickly, as the human endocannabinoid system produces them itself. So it is not a completely foreign substance that your body comes into contact with.

The most common side effects occur immediately after using CBD and disappear as soon as the active level has worn off. Depending on the dosage, it takes between six and eight hours. Afterwards, you will feel like you did before you started using it.

What side effects occur in the short term after use?

Es sind die häufigsten Nebenwirkungen, die kurz nach dem Einsatz von CBD auftreten und meist schon innerhalb der ersten Stunden wieder verschwinden. Indem du das Mittel nicht zu hoch dosierst, lassen sich viele dieser Nebenwirkungen sogar ganz vermeiden. Rechnen bei den ersten Anwendungen unter anderem mit folgenden unerwünschten Erscheinungen:

  • Schnelles Absinken des Blutdrucks und dadurch Benommenheit oder Schwindel
  • Magenschmerzen und saures Aufstoßen
  • Übelkeit
  • Veränderungen der Verdauung mit Durchfall
  • Bei topischer Anwendung Ausschlag an der entsprechenden Stelle
  • Bei höherer Dosierung verstärkte Müdigkeit (gewünschter Effekt bei Schlafstörungen)

Are there long-term side effects that do not go away?

Are there long-term side effects that do not go away?
As with medications, there are long-term side effects with CBD that do not appear immediately after using CBD. The longer cannabidiol is used, the more likely such long-term CBD oil side effects are. Keep in mind that such adverse effects are very rare. For most users, the active ingredient does not trigger any side effects once they get used to using CBD. Described in very rare cases have included the following long-term CBD oil side effects:

  • Changes in body weight
  • Influence on liver values, detectable in the blood count
  • Permanent fatigue

What should I do if I experience side effects from CBD?

If you experience side effects after using CBD for the first time, you should not use the product again. First of all, try to find out where the unwanted effects come from. Did you choose too high a dose of CBD? Many mistakes can be made when using the product, which can lead to unwanted side effects.

If you feel unsure, ask your doctor or the pharmacy! This is especially true if you are taking other medications. It is possible that these are not classic CBD side effects, but instead interactions with a drug.

Does CBD act similar to the classic cannabis plant and get high?

There are many different cannabinoids, CBD is only one of them. The best known is and remains THC. It is mostly known for its psychoactive effects and this is where there is a lot of potential for confusion. CBD and THC both come from the hemp plant, but have completely different effects. While THC brings increased risks and triggers an intoxication, the effect is absent with CBD. The THC content is a maximum of 0.2%, which excludes psychoactive reactions.

Can I continue to drive after using CBD?

For your own safety, you should not drive a car after using CBD for the first time. Although there is no psychoactive reaction, you cannot yet assess the effect on your body. You may experience short-term fatigue, and gastrointestinal problems may also occur. These effects may interfere with driving and may limit your ability to react.


Once your body gets used to the use of CBD, you can drive without concern even after several daily applications. CBD has no negative effect on your reaction time and cognition.

Why do side effects occur when using CBD?

The fan community of CBD continues to grow. CBD is a topic in science, in medicine it also plays a role. The reports of experience with the natural product are also impressive and predominantly positive. Increased well-being, reduction of pain, relief of psychological symptoms – all this is attributed to CBD. Due to its good safety profile, CBD is completely legal in Germany. Nevertheless, side effects can occur when using CBD products, and now you’re naturally asking why? Well, the method of application may play a role! Let’s take a look at what effects dosage, application method and quality of the CBD product can have.

Treat the individual side effects - this is what you can do

You want to know the effect of CBD oil and suddenly interactions or side effects occur? Are you being treated with medication, then please talk to your doctor first before any CBD use. He can better assess the effect and know if you need to take precautions for the use of CBD oil. Most side effects are only mild and will disappear on their own. You can support this process with various measures:

Occurring dizziness after CBD oil use: If you get dizzy, don’t worry at first. It is a normal effect and shows the effect of CBD on your body. Lie down and position your legs a little higher. Dizziness is usually triggered by a drop in blood pressure. By elevating your legs, blood flows back toward your heart and head.

Diarrhea and abdominal pain from CBD oil: Diarrhea is an unpleasant side effect of cannabidiol, but often disappears after a few hours. Combine the CBD product with some food at the beginning of the application. This will delay the effect somewhat, but also reduce the risk of side effects. If you have severe diarrhea, drink an electrolyte solution to avoid shifting the electrolyte balance.

If your mouth becomes dry: Many users of CBD produce less saliva at the beginning of use. The mouth feels uncomfortably dry. You can prevent this with various measures. Suck a so-called saliva lollipop (sour candies) or chew a piece of gum. Alternatively, you can also use a mouth spray from the pharmacy that moistens your mouth.

Increased fatigue: For many users of cannabidiol, the fatigue effect is a blessing. They treat sleep disorders with CBD and are grateful when this effect occurs. If the effect is not desired by you, use CBD rather in the evening before going to bed. If you want to benefit from the effect mainly during the day, combine cannabidiol with caffeinated drinks. These cancel out the sleep-inducing effect of CBD.

Cannabidiol as e-liquid and possible side effects

One of the best-known delivery forms of CBD is the liquid. It is heated in a vaporizer and inhaled through the lungs. This form of application can lead to increased side effects that are not directly attributable to the active ingredient cannabidiol. Liquids are made with propylene glycol and glycerin. Both substances are also used in the production of cosmetics.


It is conceivable that these two substances trigger hypersensitivity in the user. Especially non-smokers report that there were side effects such as cough, scratchy throat, hoarseness and nausea after taking CBD.


Important warning: Classic CBD oils are not suitable for vaporizing in an e-cigarette or vaporizer! Oil must generally not be vaporized and can result in the most serious side effects. Here is the lipid pneumonia to mention, which can be caused by oils in the lungs.

Fewer side effects when vaporizing CBD - how is that possible?

Since the active ingredient CBD is not the trigger of side effects when vaporizing, it is difficult to reduce them. The best solution is to switch to a product that is not vaporized instead. When it comes to the smell or taste of CBD, smoking is also an option. Aromatherapy is more digestible, but can still deliver an intense effect!

Too high a dose - side effects when using CBD oil

Depending on the amount of the dose, the effect of CBD also increases. This is desirable in many cases. To be fair, we must say that at high doses, of course, side effects of CBD are also more common. With all substances that you add to your body for the first time, a habituation effect occurs over time. This reduces the likelihood of side effects, even with CBD.

Avoid side effects due to high dosage

If side effects occur only because of the dosage amount, you can quickly remedy the situation. Although there is no primary dosage guide for all people, there are tips and schemes for initial applications. This will increase your own safety and alleviate your body’s reaction.

Start using step wise and use a low concentration CBD oil to begin with. In the beginning, two to three drops of CBD oil are sufficient to test your body’s reactions. If you experience severe fatigue, diarrhea or other negative reactions, reduce the dose by one drop. If you tolerate the amount of CBD well for a week, you can increase the dose. If you are generally known to have low blood pressure, it may help to lie down for the first half hour after using CBD. This way, your blood circulation gets used to the change due to the use and you can prevent dizziness.

Another tip and mitigate the side effect with blood pressure is to spread out the dosage. Instead of using a full dose in the morning, spread the dose over two application times. This way the drug will have a gentler effect on your body and it can get used to it better.

Bad quality - how to recognize good CBD

Bad quality – how to recognize good CBD
There are different forms of CBD and most importantly, there are very different levels of quality. In the EU, CBD can only be sold if the products are made from EU-grown hemp. Maximum safety is offered by CBD especially if it has been grown in the EU. Make sure that no pesticides, herbicides or pesticides are used in the cultivation process. These penetrate inside the plant and contaminate the CBD products later on. Here are some valuable tips on how to recognize a reputable CBD dealer and good CBD products:

  • CBD oils provide proof of origin.
  • Flowers were grown in the European Union
  • A certificate of the product is available in the store
  • Certified THC content of less than 0.2%.
  • Clear declaration of all ingredients, easy to understand label

Is it possible to have an allergic reaction to CBD?

Allergies are very common in today’s society. But is it also possible to be allergic to cannabidiol? On the one hand, yes, but on the other hand, the actual triggers of intolerances are rather to be found elsewhere. Allergens are usually pollen of the hemp plant. In the case of a full-spectrum oil, tiny components can be contained, which then trigger an allergic reaction. However, the probability of this is very rare, as the amount of potential allergens is too small.

Reputable CBD suppliers produce their CBD exclusively from female hemp plants. These do not have any pollen. Only if there is unnoticed pollination, pollen can thus get into the finished product. You can avoid this by buying from a reputable dealer. They will make sure that the female cannabis plants are cultivated and processed without pollination. The risk of allergy to cannabidiol is then practically zero.

Caution: Do you suffer from allergies to chestnut, nuts, apples or tomatoes? In this case, a very rare cross-allergy cannot be ruled out. If you are unsure, have an allergy test done by your doctor beforehand. Studies have already shown that the risk of a cannabidiol allergy or a general cannabis allergy is very low.

Are there any interactions between medications and CBD?

Most medications can be taken together with CBD without hesitation. However, there is a risk of interactions, so it is always advisable to talk to your doctor if you are already on medication. The human body metabolizes most medications, including CBD, through various enzymes in the liver. If these enzymes correlate with each other during metabolism, this can have an influence on the effectiveness.

But what are these interactions? They can occur in several ways. On the one hand, CBD can reduce the effect of medications, but it can also enhance them. On the other hand, your medication can also have an influence on the effect of CBD. Valid studies do not yet exist, but there is growing evidence that the following medications in particular may be affected:

  • Anticoagulants, statins and beta blockers.
  • Antibiotics and NSAIDs (painkillers to reduce inflammation)
  • Tranquilizers of the benzodiazepine type
  • Serotonin reuptake inhibitors
  • Neuroleptics and anticonvulsants
  • Steroids

Generally, using CBD is not out of the question if you are taking the above medications. Many people combine both products, but this is only possible after consulting with a doctor. Dosage is often a deciding factor, plus you should never use CBD and medications at the same time. A break of at least two hours is helpful to reduce the risk of interactions.

When you should refrain from using CBD

There are some contraindications to the use of CBD. Basically, not only are most medications advised against during pregnancy, but CBD is as well. The possible side effects of CBD during pregnancy can also be transmitted to the unborn life. At least, there are currently no studies that completely rule out harmful effects. New mothers should also refrain from using CBD while breastfeeding.

People with liver disease should only use CBD products after consulting their doctor. There are different forms of liver disease, but many have an effect on liver enzymes.

There is no recommendation for the use of CBD in children. Whether or not to use the cannabinoid anyway is, of course, the parents’ decision. There are also studies dealing with CBD in children. Under no circumstances should CBD products be used without consulting a pediatrician. This does not only apply to CBD, but also to dietary supplements, natural medicines and other substances.

When to see a doctor

If side effects occur after using CBD, they disappear quickly in most cases. Anxious people are statistically more likely to suffer from them, especially if there is anxiety about CBD use. If it is unclear whether it is an interaction or a side effect, going to the doctor is advisable. Until that time, no further CBD use should occur.

You have used CBD and pregnancy has been detected? Then please consult your doctor and stop using CBD immediately. The doctor will be able to tell you if the previous use of CBD poses a risk.

Conclusion: Why it is important to know possible side effects of CBD oil and how to avoid them

Even though CBD products usually have few side effects, users should be aware of them. Many people react with great uncertainty when signs of an interaction or side effect suddenly appear. For this reason, it is important to gather information in advance.

Most side effects can be avoided simply by using CBD safely. The natural product is generally very well accepted by the body!