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Bubble Hash

Bubble Hash

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Bubble Hash – the strong concentrate

Do you know Bubble Hash? Bubble Hash is an extremely potent concentrate that you can easily make yourself with a little skill. You can also buy legal CBD Bubble Hash at your local store. It is often sold here under the name Bubble Hash, or with a high CBD value as Ice-O-Lator!

What is Bubble Hash exactly?

First, let’s take a look at hash. Behind it hides a cannabis concentrate, which consists of the trichomes of the flowers and leaves of the hemp plant. Depending on the cannabis variety, hash has a different name. Bubble hash is basically nothing more than hash, but a different method of hash production is used. Ice water is used to loosen the trichomes from the plant. In addition, you need so-called bubble bags.

The water hash is the purest form of concentrated plant material and is free of contaminants. The content of terpenes and flavonoids is preserved!

Bubble Hash gets its name from the sound it makes when ignited. It ‘bubbles’ because there is very little plant material and a lot of trichomes. Among the highly potent hash, Bubble Hash is probably the strongest variety of all.

How can you make your own Bubble Hash at home?

You want to make the fine bubbles in your Bubble Hash yourself? We recommend you to buy ready-made products, but you can also do it yourself! In terms of materials and equipment, here’s what you’ll need:

  • CBD flowers or plant material such as cuttings.
  • Several bags of ice (crushed ice is best)
  • Bubble bags
  • Electric blender
  • 2 large buckets
  • A non-stick foil for later drying

The instructions – this is how you can easily make Bubble Hash yourself

First, use a bucket and fill it up with ice cold water. Of course, you need to leave enough space to add the pieces or flowers of the cannabis plant. Then stir the plant material for fifteen minutes. The agitation will detach the trichomes from the plant. To keep the water cold, keep adding fresh ice.

The second bucket is now prepared with the bubble bags. The largest size should be a 220 micron bag, and you will hang the smaller bags in the correct order (from small to large). Take a tape and attach the outside of the bags to the edge of the bucket. They must not shift suddenly due to the weight of the water!

Now very slowly dump the water with plant material into the bags and wait until the water has completely dripped off. Now take the first bag, rinse it with clear water (ice water) and put it away. Repeat the process with each bag until you have rinsed them all again. The trichomes settle mainly at the bottom of the bag, so the only way to really get all of the material is to rinse them again.

When all bags are thoroughly drained, remove the different hash species from the fine mesh. Now place them on the non-stick foil and let them dry.

The best options to dry your Bubble Hash

There are a few valuable tips on how to dry Bubble Hash safely and effectively. It is important that all moisture is gone, because this is the only way to store this special kind of hash for a long time. If you do everything right, the cannabinoids will also be preserved.

The easiest way to do this is to let your cannabis dry in the air. Put the non-stick foil on a tray and make sure there is enough space in the freezer. Once you have your hash from the bags completely spread out on the foil, put it in the freezer for at least 12 hours.

After 12 hours, take a cardboard box and put parchment paper inside. Now you need a kitchen sieve, fine sieves for tea or powdered sugar are perfect. Hold the strainer over the cardboard and rub the frozen hash pieces back and forth on it. In the end, you should find a fine hash sand in your box. Put the box in a dry and cool room. There you let the hash dry completely. Depending on the amount, this can take up to a week.

Tip: If you don’t have the necessary equipment and don’t want to deal with the bags, just buy your bubble hash online. We extract the precious trichomes using a proven method and deliver them directly to your door. The size of your package is up to you.

Why is Bubble Hash so popular?

Making bubble hash is simple and can be done from home. Anyone in possession of a freezer, two buckets and a few bubble bags can extract trichomes from plant debris.

There is also the fact that the extract is guaranteed to be solvent free. Water cannot be considered a classic solvent because the trichomes do not dissolve in it. No chemical extracts are needed to make Bubble Hash, so the pure form of cannabis is preserved.

It is a misconception that only flowers can be used for Bubble Hash. In particular, the cannabis leaves and cuttings from the plant are popularly used to make bubble hash. They are often not used and their high content of cannabinoids and trichomes is always underestimated.

The different levels of Bubble Hash – not all varieties are the same

The name Bubble Hash is due to the gentle bubbling when lit. The louder it bubbles, the higher the quality. Bubble Hash can be classified into three quality levels. The classification brings added value in that all of the three forms can be used differently.

  • Quality level 1 to 2 stars: The proportion of trichomes in this Bubble Hash is less than 50%. The bubble hash process is done less carefully, more than half of the substance consists of remnants of cannabis flowers. The quality is acceptable.
  • Quality level 3 to 4 stars: this Bubble Hash contains only cannabis flowers and no leaf material. However, it still can’t melt completely. The quality is medium good, the potency is much higher.
  • Quality level 5 to 6 stars: This is the highest quality of all Bubble Hash concentrates. It consists almost entirely of trichome heads and lives up to its name. Since there are no other residues or plant components, this Bubble Hash is particularly suitable for all gourmets. After heating, those bubbles are formed that have given the Bubble Hash its name.

How much does Bubble Hash cost?

Making your own Bubble Hash only makes sense if you have regular plant cuttings and leaves. The much easier alternative is to simply order the Bubble Hash online. In our store you can get it in best quality for a reasonable price. The more you order, the cheaper it gets. For example, for a total of 2 grams you pay 6,00 Euro per gram. If you decide to buy 100 grams, you pay only 3 Euro per gram.

We deliver all your ordered items quickly and discreetly to your home. Of course our Bubble Hash is legal, because we follow the given rules of the authorities. CBD is legal as long as the THC content does not exceed 0.2%. Our Bubble Hash contains a maximum of 0.2% THC. The CBD content is < 30%.

The photo shown here is only an example and can vary greatly from the original product. The CBD and THC content can also vary and differs depending on the batch. Our flowers are free of pesticides and herbicides. They are listed in the European Union’s catalogue of varieties and are therefore approved for legal hemp cultivation in the EU. The THC content is below 0.2%, so the goods may be shipped to other Austrian countries.
The products are not suitable for consumption, as they are exclusively aroma products. The correct use of our flowers / extracts can be found under the following link: HOW TO USE – CBDdiscounter

All products are sold exclusively as flavourings.