CBD Oil 25% Full spectrum

CBD Oil 25% Full spectrum

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CBD-Content 25%
THC-Content <0,2%

Tested quality  

Made in Austria

Bottle content: 10 ml

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CBD Oil 25% Full Spectrum Drops

With a concentration of 25%, this CBD oil is one of the strongest on the market. Manufactured by CBD Alive, this is a certified product made from high quality organic hemp plants. The hemp plants used for CBD Oil 25% are grown in Austria and are free of herbicides and pesticides. A safe and quality product for users of cannabinoids.

CBD oil 25 full spectrum – what does it mean?

Alive’s product is called CBD Oil 25 Full Spectrum because of its properties. It contains not only cannabinoids, but other valuable ingredients that enhance the effect of cannabidiol. We are talking mainly about terpenes, which are not filtered out of the hemp extract. In addition, it contains essential fatty acids such as omega-3, which have long been considered beneficial to health.

Hemp is a natural plant, with a high content of terpenes and flavonoids. Pure cannabinoids are marketed without flavonoids and other ingredients. When a CBD oil is called full spectrum, it contains terpenes and other valuable substances that are automatically found in commercial hemp plants.

How is the CBD oil produced?

The pure hemp plant is used for the production of the Alive CBD oil. The CBD oil 25 full spectrum is GMP certified by the manufacturer and is produced using CO2 extraction. In this process, the hemp extract is obtained. It consists of cannabidiol, but terpenes and flavonoids are not extracted from it.

As a result, Alive CBD Oil 25 Full Spectrum can trigger the entourage effect, which favors a stronger effectiveness of CBD drops. The CO2 extraction process also ensures that there are no contaminants in CBD Oil 25. It is a gentle extraction method that keeps the really important active ingredients in maximum concentrations.

The only additive is carrier oil to make the drops easy to dose. All other ingredients come directly from nature or from the organic hemp plant.

What is CBD oil 25% used against?

CBD full spectrum oil can be used by humans and animals. An exception is the cat, which cannot process terpenes or THC. If cats are to be treated with a CBD oil 25%, a monopreparation is required. The quality is not worse, but there are no other ingredients except pure cannabidiol.

In humans, CBD oil is used in various areas. So far, research is still in its infancy and there are no clear studies on its effectiveness. With many years of

experience, however, users themselves can clearly quantify the reasons for use and the effect. Most often, CBD oil 25% drops are used for the following complaints:

  • For more balance in everyday life
  • For better sleep in case of insomnia
  • Against anxiety 
  • For stomach and intestinal complaints

The evaluation of the effect is based on the application experiences of the users. CBD oil has only been available in different variants for a few years. Studies have already been conducted on the basis of THC, which at least proved the effectiveness of the hemp plant.

What dosage of CBD oil is optimal for the body?

How the CBD oil is dosed, can not be determined across the board. The decisive factor is the proportion of cannabidiol, with a high-dose CBD oil 25 full spectrum, the dosage can be lower.

It is recommended to use CBD oils in a gradual manner. This means that only one drop of the CBD full spectrum oil is applied at first. Now it is observed how the effectiveness becomes noticeable. Some users are lucky and feel the first effect after only one drop of CBD oil 25.

Sometimes, however, the first drops are completely ineffective. It is then worthwhile to add another drop of full spectrum CBD oil to the dose after a few days. It is important to use regularly in the beginning, so that the body gets used to the CBD oil.

Why was MCT oil used as a carrier oil?

There are CBD oils in different variants, mostly the hemp extract is bottled together with hemp oil. In the case of Alive’s CBD Oil 25%, MCT was chosen because it is a neutral carrier oil, which makes it easier to use. Theoretically, a pure sunflower oil could also be used, the decisive factor is the content of CBD!

Can hemp oil be used by anyone?

First of all, the use of CBD oil is up to each person. It is advisable to buy CBD oils only in high quality. For this, reputable online stores like ours are recommended. Buying ‘under the hand’ always carries the risk that the permitted THC content is exceeded or that it is hemp of inferior quality.

The use of CBD oil is not recommended for pregnant women. It is not yet known what effect CBD oils can have on the unborn child.

Those who are already taking medication should consult with their doctor. The use of CBD oil usually has no consequences and is not associated with interactions. However, in order to exclude this completely, it is advisable to consult your doctor. It is important to note that classic medications cannot be replaced by CBD oil. A reduction without medical advice is therefore clearly not advisable.

Is CBD oil 25% legal?

The CBD oil produced by Alive is a completely legal product. It is made from certified commercial hemp and thus belongs to the legal category. There are several factors that determine whether a CBD product can be sold in the EU. The extraction of the cannabidiol may only be done from commercial hemp, there are no regulations regarding the concentrations. In addition, the THC content must not exceed 0.2%. The content must be proven on a certificate. The CBD Alive product from our store offers careful testing with subsequent certification. A psychoactive effect is excluded due to the low THC content of < 0.2%.

Conclusion: Buy CBD oil 25% online safely

There are various manufacturers of CBD oils. The test winners are mainly those CBD products that are made from organic hemp. Our Alive product is free of herbicides and pesticides, nature is valued and respected during production and cultivation.

By keeping the amount of THC below 0.2%, a reputable and legal CBD product can be produced. For the safety of the user, it is important that the CBD drops have a certificate in the store. Here it must be clearly removable, how high the THC content was in the laboratory test.

Even though CBD oils are now also available in pharmacies and supermarkets, online stores are the better solution. Here there is not only more choice with a better price/performance, but also much more information about the product in question. From full spectrum oil to mono oil, everything CBD users need is available online.

The oils are free of pesticides and herbicides. The plants used for this purpose can be found in the European Union catalog of varieties and are therefore approved for legal hemp cultivation in the EU. The products are not recommended for ingestion, application instructions can be found here: HOW TO USE – CBDdiscounter

These are exclusively flavoring substances.