CBD Oil 10% Broad Spectrum

CBD Oil 10% Broad Spectrum

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CBD Content 10%
THC Content <0,01%

CBD oil 10 % broad spectrum – the higher dosage for you

You’ve been a real CBD fan for a long time, but your 5% oil no longer brings the desired effect? Then you’ve come to the right place, because with a CBD oil 10% you get the higher concentration at home. Of course, nothing changes in the organic quality you are used to. You have questions about the CBD oil with 10%? Find out everything about the effectiveness of our CBD products, about the application and what else you need to know about cannabidiol.

Why broad spectrum? The difference with CBD hemp extract

Hemp oil is an increasingly popular product, and unlike cannabis, it’s also completely legal. CBD oils are almost always commercially available as broad-spectrum or full-spectrum products, but what does that mean? There are other cannabinoids and terpenes in these CBD products.

The interaction triggers the so-called entourage effect, which you perceive as a stronger effect. Thanks to additional terpenes, a CBD oil with 10% potency can have a significantly stronger effect than extracted cannabinoids alone. The entourage effect is not possible, for example, when CBD oils are produced as pure monoproducts (pure CBD, all other ingredients have been extracted).

How is the broad spectrum CBD oil produced?

Our product comes from certified EU hemp varieties. The production takes place in Austria, using CO2 extraction. This process is not only environmentally friendly, but ensures safe and satisfactory quality. In the category of CBD oils, you will find only appropriate products, where the quality has been monitored step by step. Take a look at the certificate to see how high the THC content (max. 0.2%) is.

By the way, our organic extract is dissolved in a MCT oil. This has the advantage that the drops are not, as usual, very bitter! Instead, you can look forward to a neutral CBD oil.

What does CBD oil work against?

Officially, CBD oil is not yet allowed to be offered as a dietary supplement or natural medicine. Nevertheless, numerous customers already know how diverse the application areas of a broad-spectrum CBD oil are. We tell you what our customers primarily use CBD oil 10% for:

● For pain: it has been proven several times in studies that CBD oil can be effective for chronic and acute pain. In medicine, the prescription of medicinal cannabis drops has also become more widespread. The advantage with CBD is that the product is legal and does not require a prescription.

● For mental health conditions: Studies have also been conducted on the use of CBD for anxiety, depression, and other mental ailments. Many users report that CBD drops make them feel much more balanced and also relieve stress.

● Anti-inflammatory effects: there are several indications that cannabidiol can be effective in treating inflammation. This can be for chronic inflammatory conditions, but it can also be applied to acute conditions.

● Sleep disorders: Disturbed sleep is a common area of application for CBD oils. Due to the interaction of CBD with the endocannabinoid system, it seems to have a relaxing and restorative effect. Thus, the hemp plant seems to offer natural support for falling asleep.

Is CBD legal and does it make you high?

What matters with CBD oils is that they are produced according to EU laws. Most countries have legalized CBD in principle, as long as it is produced from hemp of the EU variety catalog.

CBD doesn’t get you high or have addictive potential, which often makes it a better option compared to THC. A prerequisite for legal purchase is that the active ingredients are declared. In addition, the THC content must not exceed 0.2%.

What is the advantage of the interaction of CBD and other cannabinoids?

Terpenes and flavonoids are two valuable components of the hemp plant. In a full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD oil, these ingredients are not extracted, but are retained. This results in the entourage effect, the effect is enhanced.

Terpenes are natural substances with different effect spectra. They are not only contained in hemp, but in numerous other plant species and also in vegetables and fruits.

What is the difference to a full spectrum oil?

Full-spectrum and broad-spectrum oils hardly differ from each other. However, during extraction, the THC content is reduced even more in a broad spectrum product. In our CBD oil, for example, the THC content is less than 0.05%. Allowed in Europe is up to 0.2%. In both variants, further cannabinoids and terpenes are retained during extraction, for the entourage effect.

What dosage is right for my body?

The most important rule seems to be that the dosage is gradually phased in. So you don’t start with a maximum dose, but keep increasing the amount drop by drop. If you feel the relaxation or the desired effect, you have reached your feel-good dose.

Tip: You have already used a CBD oil with 5%? Then you can now halve the dose and save not only drops, but of course also money. If you want to increase the dosage, always proceed in small steps, even with previous experience. Your CBD oil 10% must first be able to develop its effect.

How does my CBD oil get to my home?

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