CBN Oil 5%

CBN Oil 5%

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CBD Content 5%
CBN Content 5%
THC Content <0,2%

CBN Oil 5% – Cannabinol as a new trend among cannabinoids

Everyone has heard of CBD, but what about CBN oil? Quite different, because this new trend product is just starting to emerge. A classic commercial hemp plant contains well over 100 cannabinoids, including CNB. Although there are some similarities to CBD, the mode of action is differentiated. A full-spectrum CBN oil is said to have many positive properties, plus it is perfectly legal in the EU.

What is Cannabinol? An overview

Cannabinol is another cannabinoid that is naturally present in the hemp plant. It has been less noticed in traditional hemp cultivation, but in recent years this has changed. Reports of positive effects in humans have brought CBN into focus. Even researchers are now looking into it.

To delve a little deeper into the structure of CBN, we must mention that CBN is significantly dependent on the presence of THC! The product is created by heating cannabis and decarboxylating it during this process.

There are various extraction methods for the production of CBN oil. Here at our shop, you will only receive products from CO2 extractions, as these are considered to be particularly gentle. Furthermore, not only our CBN oil, but every other product in our store is free of herbicides and pesticides.

CBN full spectrum – why is the effect here improved?

It is used to increase well-being and vitality and for many other reasons. It has been shown that especially full spectrum products show the best possible effectiveness. There are around 113 cannabinoids in natural plants. They all somehow belong together and interact with each other. For example, unlike a hemp extract, a full-spectrum CBD oil also contains components of CBN and vice versa. In addition, flavonoids and terpenes, among others, are responsible for creating the entourage effect.

This is considered an effect enhancer and is triggered by the combination of different terpenes and cannabinoids from hemp, which reinforce each other in the effect. The carrier oil, on the other hand, does not play a decisive role, only for the aroma. An organic hemp seed oil is described as bitter, while an MCT oil is rather known for its neutrality.

What is 5 CBN oil used for and what effect does it have?

The uses of the cannabis plant are becoming more widespread in medicine in general. CBD oil is now almost a mainstream product and the cannabinoid CBN is also on the rise. Various effects on the body are described. Scientific evidence on CBN oil is currently still very few, as CBN has only recently been researched at all. Instead, there are numerous people who have already reported the benefits of CBN oil and have it in regular use. Examples of uses for CBN oil include the following ailments:

● Use for sleep problems: According to numerous users, CBN oil is said to be able to significantly improve sleep quality. The description of happy users indicates that CBN drops can even replace classic sleeping pills.

● Relief of pain: Cannabinoids in general and also CBN oil are said to be able to reduce pain. Especially the combination with a full-spectrum CBD oil seems to be very helpful.

● Treatment of nausea and vomiting: Whether in the context of a gastrointestinal disease or as a side effect of drug therapy – many users report that CBN oils can alleviate their complaints to some extent or even treat them!

● Appetite stimulation in case of loss of appetite: Due to the close relationship with the appetite-stimulating cannabinoid THC, CBN also seems to have a positive effect in case of loss of appetite.

● Help with psychological complaints: Whether it’s anxiety disorders, depression, or even burnout symptoms, many users report the benefits CBN oil can have on these ailments.

● Lowering intraocular pressure: There are initial findings to the effect that CBN may have effects on intraocular pressure. This would make it a valuable product for people suffering from glaucoma.

What is the difference between CBD and CBN?

Although CBN and CBD are both present in the cannabis plant, there are some differences. CBD content can be directly influenced through selective breeding. Cannabinol, on the other hand, is only produced when THC interacts with oxygen and light. It is therefore difficult in cultivation to produce a plant with a particularly high CBN content. This makes the cannabinoid rarer than CBD and somewhat more costly to extract.

However, its effect on the body is described as similar, and its use is not particularly different either. A CBN oil is just as suitable for daily use as a classic CBD oil. Only in terms of appetite enhancement, there is a big difference between CBN oil and CBD oil. While CBN can stimulate the appetite, CBD oil usually provides a reduced feeling of hunger.

Is CBN legal in EU countries?

THC is banned in Germany and most EU countries. Now CBN comes directly from processing, so what about legality here?

Cannabinol oil is a completely legal product that is not on the BTM index. Anyway, we only offer products that you are allowed to possess and order in Germany, Austria and other EU countries without any difficulties.

What dosage to choose for 5 CBN?

How you dose a CBN oil depends on various factors. Here there are similarities between cannabinol and CBD, because here too the feel-good dose is to be determined individually.

It has advantages in terms of potential side effects if you dose a CBN oil gradually at first. This means that only a few drops of cannabinol are used at first, and over time an increase in dosage is possible. CBD oil has already shown that this gentle form of dosing helps the body to get used to the valuable substance of cannabis.

Does CBN oil have a negative effect on cognitive perception?

We know that THC gets you high and can also alter cognitive perception. But what about CBN oil, an item made from a breakdown product of THC? Similar to CBD, CBN oil doesn’t get you high because it contains a maximum of 0.2% THC. However, the strong efficacy is not affected by this, because the effect is not based on the presence of THC!

So CBN oil does not change your perception, nor do you lose the ability to drive. However, since a full spectrum CBN oil can still have a strong effect, you should be careful after the first use. See how your body reacts to the cannabinol MCT oil first. In some cases, you may feel slightly dizzy. This happens especially if you have used high doses of CBN. It makes sense to wait a few hours before

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