CBD Oil 15% Full spectrum, 10ml

CBD Oil 15% Full spectrum, 10ml

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5 pcs at 19,00€ each
1 pc at 21,50€ each

CBD-Content 15%
THC-Content <0,2%

Tested quality 

Made in Austria

Bottle content: 10 ml

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CBD oil 15% full spectrum – the strong dose of CBD

In our store you can find different variants of CBD oil. Here we present you the full spectrum extract of CBD Alive. It is an organic CBD oil that is produced with gentle CO2 extraction in Austria. The concentration of 15% makes the offer interesting especially for experienced CBD users.

Is CBD oil 15% strong?

CBD is available in different concentrations. Alive’s CBD Oil 15% is especially suitable for you if you already have experience with CBD and want to try a stronger oil. The strength can be described as ‘medium’. Besides CBD oil 15%, there are even stronger products that contain, for example, 20% or 25% CBD. Nevertheless, a CBD oil 15% is too strong for beginners, because the body does not yet know the valuable cannabinoids.

Is the 15 CBD oil from CBD Alive legal?

We only sell legal and high-quality CBD products to our customers. Alive’s 15% CBD oil is of course legal and meets all legal requirements. It contains high-quality cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids and can thus trigger the entourage effect. The THC content is a maximum of 0.2%, so you can buy Full Spectrum CBD Oil 15% without hesitation.

What are the benefits of CBD Alive CBD Oil 15%?

For the production of CBD oil 15%, hemp plants are grown from certified commercial hemp seeds. The ingredients are natural, terpenes and flavonoids remain. A special advantage is the aroma! Often hemp oil is perceived by the user as bitter. To mitigate this bitterness somewhat, MCT was used as a carrier oil in Alive CBD Oil 15%. MCT oils have the reputation of being neutral in taste and highly soluble.

Compared to a classic CBD oil with hemp oil as a carrier, this really shows an effect. The bitter aroma is softened by the MCT oil, but the organic quality is not lost. The ideal solution if you want to use CBD oil, but are afraid of the bitter aroma of an organic hemp seed oil.

What is CBD oil 15% used for?

CBD oil 15% is used by users for various reasons. Thanks to numerous testimonials from users, we now know that CBD can have multiple benefits. Often a general improvement of vitality is mentioned, also the well-being is said to be increased. But the spectrum of application is much broader, there are plenty of reasons why people choose CBD oil 15%. Here is a small list of the indications why users use CBD oil 15%:

  • Many users choose CBD oil 15% for anxiety.
  • CBD oil is used for better sleep.
  • For ailments like restlessness and nervousness, many people rely on CBD oil.
  • CBD is also said to be able to help animals.
  • CBD oil contains a lot of omega-3, which many users use to explain its use.

Unfortunately, research is not yet at an end, so there are no validated studies on the effect of hemp on pain, inflammation and other diseases. However, the hemp plant itself has been the subject of science for years. THC and CBD are the two main cannabinoids in the studies. Numerous countries are involved, from Switzerland to the USA, CBD plays an important role.

Is CBD oil 15% too strong for me?

If you have never used CBD oil before, the drops might be too strong for you. When dosing, it’s important not to overload your body with too much CBD. While a high-quality organic hemp oil usually has no side effects, the dose is crucial.

To be on the safe side, as a newbie, don’t go straight for a 15% CBD oil, but rather go for 5% or 10%. Even with lower concentrations, there is full-spectrum CBD where you can benefit from the entourage effect. The 15 CBD oil is good for you if you don’t notice anything with a 5% oil below 10 drops and therefore want to try a stronger dosage.

Can CBD oil 15% really provide more happiness in life?

Happiness is a matter of opinion and CBD is not a miracle cure. How you feel in your day-to-day life is largely up to you. No supplier will assure you that you will be 15% happier with their CBD oil. However, many users report more balance and also indicate more satisfaction in their reviews.

However, if you are unhappy because you don’t like your job, even CBD oil 15% won’t be able to change that. No matter what hemp is used for, you should not expect miracles. However, depending on the dosage, CBD oil 15% can help you feel better in general.

Does CBD oil 15% have side effects?

The quality of CBD Alive CBD Oil 15% is high. Care is taken to ensure that the product is free of pesticides and herbicides. So, you will not ingest any harmful substances with it. In general, when buying, you should always go for an organic hemp oil to guarantee the best possible safety. However, it cannot be completely ruled out that CBD oil may cause side effects. This is because while your body is aware of cannabinoids, it usually makes them on its own.

So, regardless of the quality of your CBD oil, you may feel mild side effects when you first start using it. The most commonly reported are drowsiness, dizziness, or gastrointestinal discomfort.

You can reduce the likelihood of this by not overdosing on your CBD oil. If you take a high dose right at the beginning, your body may react with the above symptoms. On the other hand, if you start gently and use only one drop at first, side effects can often be avoided.

Buy CBD at the pharmacy or online?

Theoretically, you can even buy CBD oil in the drugstore today. However, this is not advisable. The quality is almost always high, but the supply is far too small. If you look around here in our store, you will see that we have numerous CBD products on offer. The use of CBD is an individual matter, and without a wide selection, you may find yourself reaching for an unsuitable product.

Avoid shopping outside of Europe, because you can’t check what’s on offer. You don’t know anything about the quality and you might get unhealthy drops. In addition, shipping outside Europe takes much too long. With us, the delivery time is short, within the EU you will receive your product usually after a few days! (National shipping 2 – 4 days delivery time, international shipping 2 – 5 days).

You are still unsure? Then feel free to contact our support team. We will answer your questions about price, test winner, quality and much more. There are no wrong questions, we want to meet you and your concerns at any time and therefore we are happy to be there for you.

The CBD oil 15% full spectrum of CBD Alive is GMP certified. This means the strict specifications that must be applied in the production of food. The CBD oil 15% is produced exclusively from hemp plants, which are grown under organic conditions in Austria. The CBD production takes place by means of a gentle Co2 extraction process. The exact process including photos of the laboratory can be found on our CBD oil page.

In the next step, the raw CBD extract is mixed with MCT oil, which comes from organic farming. This coconut-based carrier oil is known for its positive effects, which is why it is used in the food and pharmaceutical industries. The MCT oil is characterized in a natural way by its odor & taste neutrality. Through this mixture we obtain a first-class full spectrum cannabidiol oil. This contains the full plant spectrum of cannabinoids as well as important omega-3 & omega-6 fatty acids. This is our test winning oil when it comes to price/performance.

Our product is legal in Germany and the EU because the THC content is less than 0.2%.
Since these are 100% legal products, a psychoactive effect is excluded.


The oils are free of pesticides and herbicides. The plants used for this purpose can be found in the European Union catalog of varieties and are therefore approved for legal hemp cultivation in the EU. The products are not recommended for ingestion, application instructions can be found here: CBD APPLICATION – CBDdiscounter

These are exclusively flavoring substances.