Skywalker Kush

Skywalker Kush

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CBD content <6%
THC content <0.2%

CBD flowers “Skywalker Kush” are outdoor cultivated CBD cannabis flowers. This CBD flower is reminiscent of OG Kush, only with the matching terpene profile to Skywalker.

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Skywalker Kush CBD flowers – the better OG Kush?

Aromatic buds with a rich green coloration and intense aroma? That’s how Skywalker Kush can be described. The indica strain has numerous similarities with OG Kush, but offers a higher yield and consistent quality. When it comes to growing, the cannabis strain can convince even beginners. It remains to be seen if the clone will completely replace the popular OG Kush.

Family history: Where does Skywalker Kush come from?

Originally, the feminized seeds come from Reserva Privada. Classic Skywalker Kush is known as a THC-intensive cannabis strain, with a low CBD content. Our buds are a different story, bringing not only a high yield, but maximum CBD!

The parents of Skywalker Kush are no strangers, which explains the runaway success of the strain. Skywalker X OG Kush and out comes a new star in the sky of cannabis seeds.

Our CBD flowers offer similar genetics, intense aroma and the popular CBD effect. At the same time, the THC content is less than 0.2%, making our products completely legal.

Growing Skywalker Kush – these are the advantages for growers

Skywalker Kush was created from Skywalker X OG Kush. The aroma is reminiscent of a merger of the two parents, but it is not the main reason for the hybrid’s popularity. Instead, it’s all about the high yield that the plant brings. Our Skywalker Kush CBD flowers are grown outdoors. Here are a few important facts around growing and harvesting for growers:

  • Flowering time: Normal Flowering with a flowering time after 8 – 10 weeks.
  • Indoor cultivation: Yield is around 600 g/m²
  • Outdoor cultivation: Yield is high
  • Harvest time: Outdoor cultivation is harvested in October

Flower check: aroma, appearance and other individualities

When harvesting, there is a chance of an abundant yield. The number of flowers is significantly higher than OG Kush, one of the reasons why growers go for Skywalker Kush. The clone convinces not only in terms of harvest!

The CBD flowers themselves are medium in size and compact in structure. The surface is characterized by delicate yellow trichomes that leave a sugar-like layer on the flowers. The main color is a rich green, but a closer look reveals many colorful facets on the flower. A dark orange is the base color of the pistil. However, in combination with the trichomes, the flower appears rather shimmering gold when viewed under the light.

The aroma is quite distantly reminiscent of a hint of orange, while the finish is described in a differentiated manner. In particular, the woody aroma (sandalwood, pine) stands out. Overall, the enjoyment is described as harmonious and appealing. No wonder then that Skywalker Kush has found great popularity all over the world.

How does Skywalker Kush work – what can it help against?

Our Skywalker Kush is CBD-heavy bud that has a THC content of less than 0.2%. The ratings speak for themselves. In general, CBD has gained a firm foothold for a few years now and is popularly used to alleviate health ailments.

Skywalker Kush is preferred by many users due to its high CBD content. But what do users’ experiences tell us? Here are a few insights on what other users are using the CBD product for:

  • Skywalker Kush CBD is popularly used to relieve pain (chronic and acute). Scientifically, there is already preliminary evidence that cannabidiol can positively affect pain receptors.
  • According to reviews from numerous users, Skywalker Kush is said to be able to alleviate psychological complaints such as anxiety and depression. However, it should not be seen as a miracle cure on its own! Serious illnesses always belong in medical treatment.
  • Healthy people use Skywalker Kush to enhance their personal well-being. The delicate aromas can provide an increased sense of calm, numerous user experiences report.

The application: Enjoying Skywalker Kush as aromatherapy

Skywalker Kush is a strain that is perfect for aromatherapy due to its aromas. As you probably know, we only offer our products as aromatics in principle. If you want to know how to best use Skywalker Kush, you can find a first overview here.

Theoretically, Skywalker Kush CBD flower can be used like any other cannabis flower. Due to its light weight and compact surface structure, it crumbles easily without losing the important trichomes.

Many reviews report that Skywalker Kush is also suitable for making CBD oils or CBD cosmetics. Be sure to use a grinder to crush the buds. This way, you can use them optimally for aromatherapy or for making your own CBD products.



Tip: If you buy your Skywalker Kush in larger units, you will benefit from our bargain prices. We have anyway the claim to provide affordable products with top quality. Our Skywalker Kush convinces not only in terms of price, but especially in terms of quality.

Our Skywalker Kush CBD flowers are produced under organic conditions in Austria. Skywalker kush is our perfect blend of OG Kush and Skywalker OG. The name itself, refers to an allusion as far as distant galaxies are concerned, as this strain was thought to have come from another planet. A distinctive feature of this cannabis plant is the larger yield compared to Skywalker OG, which is noticeable in the cannabis flowers. Another secret of this species is the higher hash yield that can be produced with it.

The photo shown here is only an example and can vary greatly from the original product. The CBD and THC content can also vary and differs depending on the batch. Our flowers are free of pesticides and herbicides. They are listed in the European Union’s catalogue of varieties and are therefore approved for legal hemp cultivation in the EU. The THC content is below 0.2%, so the goods may be shipped to other Austrian countries.
The products are not suitable for consumption, as they are exclusively aroma products. The correct use of our flowers / extracts can be found under the following link: HOW TO USE – CBDdiscounter

All products are sold exclusively as flavourings.