Safe storage of weed: tips and tricks

The quality of your cannabis depends largely on how you store it. UV rays, for example, will dry out your weed, with significant consequences for the quality. In fact, storing cannabis is not like storing any other “herb or plant”, a little more care is needed when handling your buds. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about proper weed storage.

Why does cannabis storage even matter?

Off into the tin or bag and into the dark drawer, is that enough? When storing weed, you need a little more than just protection from UV light. Generally, there is no exact expiration date for cannabis flowers, but you shouldn’t store your weed for more than a few months. The flowers lose flavor and potency over time, and cannabis also becomes very dry over time.

However, it is also important to protect other people and pets. Remember to use a secure container when storing your weed. No one should have unauthorized access to your cannabis to avoid endangering others.

Attention humidity - when the grass is threatened by mold infestation.

The ideal environment for weed is not too dry and not too humid. High humidity will alter the aroma of your cannabinoids, making it more reminiscent of a swampy meadow. However, you also have to fear that the aroma will be affected by dryness. If your weed dries out, the smoke will feel unpleasantly scratchy.

But there is another reason why you must not store your grass too moist! If it is not dried optimally or is stored in damp plastic bags, mold will develop very quickly. An infestation will lead to the loss of the entire buds in the containers, because mold spores are harmful to health.

Tip: Heat is also unsuitable for cannabis, because it reduces the shelf life. If the trichomes dry out, you will only have a nasty scratchy feeling in your throat. The desired effect is lost. So you see, neither humidity nor heat are good for storing your weed well.

Please not too light - why you best store cannabis flowers in the dark

When storing cannabis, it’s not only the temperature that matters, but also the brightness. To keep your buds fresh for as long as possible, it’s best to store them in a cupboard. UV light causes the CBD content to reduce and the trichomes to be damaged. A reduction in cannabinoids results in a decrease in effect. By the way, this is also true for THC. UV rays cause marijuana to lose a large amount of THC, which has a significant impact on smell, effect and quality.

For optimal preservation please do not use plastic bags

Small plastic bags are very popular for storing cannabis, but they won’t keep your weed fresh for long. Instead, you should opt for glass. Jar jars allow you to see your cannabis at all times and keep it fresh.

Metal containers, for example, are unsuitable because the smell can transfer to the cannabis flowers. If you want to store your weed properly in a wooden container, opt for a humidor. Less suitable are wood types such as cedar, here some of the aroma could pass to the flowers.

Vacuum CBD flowers - this is how you keep curious noses away

If you don’t want to generate attention from unwanted people during storage, vacuum pack the packages. The smell stays inside and your cannabis stays fresh for a long time. However, a vacuumizer is only suitable if you want to store your large harvest properly for a longer period of time. Of course, you don’t have to vacuum your weed in use permanently, the amount of work is much too high. Here, an airtight container like the canning jar is absolutely sufficient for “everyday weed”.

In general, air is a risk factor when storing weed, similar to too high humidity. If the surface of your buds is permanently disturbed by air, it will dry out and the potency will be reduced. If you want to store larger quantities, vacuuming is actually good. However, it is only possible if your weed has not yet become too dry. Otherwise, there is a risk that the pressure of vacuuming will crumble the buds. Ideally, the cannabis buds should always be stored with a bag, which regulates the humidity and thus can create ideal conditions. This is known especially from the storage of cigars.

Can I just store cannabis in the refrigerator?

Where is it cool, dark and safe? In the fridge, of course! Even if the temperature is okay, your weed does not belong there. In the refrigerator there are always temperature fluctuations (you open and close the door), which in turn promotes the development of mold on the flowers. In the freezer, on the other hand, the temperature is too cold for the weed. The trichomes suffer, which reduces the effect.

When did my weed get too old?

The German Hemp Association itself says that optimal storage (away from humidity, air and sun) allows for years of shelf life. Too much air promotes the decay of cannabinoids, so you should not store larger quantities in the jar. Constant opening and closing can reduce the potency of the weed.

Basically, marijuana gets old faster than weed because the surface area is larger. Moisture can penetrate faster, and the degradation of THC, CBD or CBN progresses rapidly. This in turn provides a loss of potency, a high is no longer possible. CBD flowers lose the valuable terpenes responsible for the entourage effect over time.

The longest way to keep your weed is to provide optimal conditions. Free from oxygen, without excessive moisture, in an airtight jar and in a place protected from the sun, your weed will last the longest. Temperatures above 25 degrees increase the risk of mold growth – temperatures between 8 and 15 degrees are very suitable.

The worst consequences of not storing your cannabis well

If your cannabis is exposed to moisture and other disturbing factors, you can expect a loss of quality in the first place. THC-containing substances no longer trigger a high, and consumption loses its enjoyment. On the contrary, the weed suddenly tastes old, scratchy and unpleasant. You cough and feel uncomfortable while consuming.

This is not only true for marijuana or cannabis with psychoactive effects, but also for CBD products. The valuable terpenes and CBD content are reduced. Growers can lose their entire harvest due to poor attitude.

Our conclusion:

It is worth investing in a suitable container. This is the best way to store your cannabis flowers and protect them from high humidity and other factors.

With a little intuition, you’ll quickly find a place where your weed feels comfortable. Allday flowers that will be used every day can be stored in a screw-top jar. For longer storage, find a dry and dark place that is not exposed to temperature fluctuations. Then you can enjoy your buds even after several months and your weed will stay pleasantly fresh.