Using CBD in high doses – for whom is it worthwhile?

More and more companies are producing CBD and making it available on the market in different concentrations. Word has spread about the power of nature, hemp is one of the most popular plants when it comes to natural products. CBD, the abbreviation for cannabidiol, is in particular focus. This legal concentrate of the hemp plant is said to have numerous health benefits and is preferred by experienced CBD users in high doses. Why this is so and what advantages CBD has in high doses, we tell you below in more detail.

How is CBD produced and how does the concentration differ?

In the production of CBD, concentrates of the cannabinoids are dissolved in a carrier oil and then brought to market in various concentrations. The most popular method of production is CO2 extraction, where the cannabinoids are extracted in liquid form and further processed. Hemp seed oil is often used for the solution in the carrier oil, but this has a bitter taste. An alternative is a tasteless MCT oil.

The concentration of CBD oil is given as a percentage, but that is not the only difference that can exist in individual products. Here is a brief overview of what different properties are possible with CBD oils:

  • Flavorings and additives: In a few CBD oils, flavors are processed to mask the slightly bitter (natural) sensation. Due to the lack of purity, such products are not recommended.
  • The production: CBD oils can be produced in different ways, not all are equally recommendable. CO2 extraction achieves the highest purity, as no solvents need to be used here.
  • The carrier oil: The choice of carrier oil influences quality and taste. A premium CBD product is made with either hemp oil or a neutral MCT oil.
  • The concentration: Depending on the product and choice, the concentration of the active ingredient in CBD oil differs. You can tell the strength by the percentage on the bottle.

At what point is CBD high dose?

The most popular starting dose of CBD oil is 5%. Here, at the beginning of use, one to two drops are usually enough to achieve an effect. The human body needs time to get used to the effect of CBD oil. The cannabinoid attaches to the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the body and interacts with the endocannabinoid system.

Typical concentrations of CBD oil are 5%, 10%, 15%, 20% and depending on the manufacturer, there are even products with 30% and 40% active ingredient. What is clear is that only a tiny amount of a highly concentrated CBD oil needs to be applied to achieve the desired effect. The dosage is easy thanks to the pipette.

A CBD oil can be described as highly concentrated from a strength of 20%. However, it is also important how high the daily dosage is. Someone who uses a large unit of CBD oil with 5% daily uses more CBD than someone who uses only one drop of 20% CBD.

What is CBD used for in high concentrations?

Although CBD is not yet officially approved as a dietary supplement, the offer on the market has increased greatly. More and more customers want to benefit from the natural ingredients and report what effect CBD has on them. Especially in high doses, CBD oil is used in situations where the affected person hopes for quick help. Below are a few areas of application for which CBD oil is used by fans:

Many people use CBD to reduce anxiety, depression, and nervousness.

Cannabidiol is said by users to provide improved sleep.

For chronic and acute pain, numerous people rely on CBD.

The ingredients of CBD oil are said to be able to inhibit inflammation.

Why are full spectrum oils better?

CBD oil not only distinguishes between different concentrations, but also between the cannabinoids used. For example, a full-spectrum oil contains not only CBD, but also terpenes, CBG, and omega 3. The presence of terpenes leads to the entourage effect, which is supposed to improve the effect of CBD oil. This is one of the reasons why more and more customers would prefer a full spectrum oil. The alternative is a concentrate where all terpenes and other cannabinoids have been extracted.

The latter has the disadvantage that most users speak of a lack of potency. The proportion of terpenes and other legal cannabinoids seems to play an important role if the full spectrum of potency is to be exploited. However, monopreparations also have their raison d’être, especially when it comes to treating cats. This is because they cannot tolerate terpenes and are dependent on isolated CBD.

For all types of CBD oils, the THC content must always be below 0.2%. Only then is the use of the oil officially legal and allowed in the EU.

How do I find the right CBD oil for me?

Taking CBD has become very popular and there is a wide range of products on the market. Not only CBD oil itself, but also hemp ointments, flowers and much more can be ordered via home delivery. The choice of a CBD oil is always dependent on personal needs. As a beginner, you should not rush into anything and opt for a low concentration (5%) in the beginning. Although there are no clear dosage instructions for CBD oil, satisfied users recommend starting cautiously.

It seems that the best option is to start with one to two drops of CBD oil in the beginning and then dose up until you reach the desired effect. This method has also gained favor over CBD capsules, which are less widely used than CBD oil.

Once your CBD oil has reached its effect or you desire stronger results, you can choose to switch to a higher-dose product. With a full-spectrum oil, there is an entourage effect, so you should give preference to this one. Here’s a little guideline on which CBD oil is suitable for which user:

  • CBD oil with 5% – suitable for beginners.
  • CBD oil with 10% – suitable for experienced beginners
  • CBD oil with 20 % – only recommended for experienced users
  • CBD oil with 30 % and more – only suitable for long-term users

Where can I buy CBD oils in different potencies?

If CBD is legal in your country, you can order it directly from the website of your favorite store. You can find CBD oils in different concentrations and decide for yourself which product suits you best. You can also check objective test sites to see which CBD oil was the most recent test winner. However, it is much more important that you can rely on the quality of the products. Hemp is a product of nature and therefore the cultivation of the plant plays an important role. Before buying, find out how the products are produced and where the hemp plant grows.

Tip: For your CBD oils to be truly legal, they must be made from the seeds of the commercial hemp plant. The THC content is less than 0.2% and you won’t get high even with high-dose use!

Another tip: When you buy your CBD high dose, keep an eye out for the price. Sometimes there is an opportunity to save if you buy several bottles at once. If you store the sealed CBD vials in the dark, they will keep for a long time and you will even save money when shopping.