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CBD content <6%
THC content <0.2%

CBD flowers “Do-si-dos” are outdoor cultivated CBD hemp flowers. This CBD weed strain Do-si-dos has its origin in the strain OG Kush and Girl Scout Cookies.

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Do Si Dos the pleasure explosion

Do Si Dos belongs to the indica-dominant strains and was created by crossing Girl Scout Cookies and Face off OG. Our buds come from cultivated outdoor grows and can show very special characteristics in terms of quality. In almost all countries the genetics of this special combination is known and popular, on the market the Do Si Dos Strain is one of the most important items at all.

Maximum Quantity – high yield and perfect aroma possible?

A quick flowering time and a lush yield are only two important factors when growing a cannabis flower. Experienced users put emphasis on the aroma and this is also preserved in Do Si Dos cultivation. The clear aroma of Kush and Girl Scout Cookies clearly prevails and fuses in an interplay of earthy flavours, slight sweetness and a pungent push.

Do Si Dos has succeeded in fully teasing out the positive qualities of the plant, preserving the valuable terpenes and achieving a superior high in classic cannabis (not the one we offer). Since we have to comply with the EU guidelines regarding the THC content, we offer you distinctive flavour at a fair price, without the non-legal high effect.

Do Si Dos – the special possibilities of this variety

When you look at your Do Si Dos buds, you will realise that a true splendour has grown from the seeds. The Do Si Dos genetics have hardly changed in the CBD version, the indica hybrid is still descended from Girl Scout Cookies. You should take a closer look at the compact buds, because then you will notice the large amount of resin that provides this compactness. Soft, reddish trichomes complete the overall picture.

Buy Do Si Dos legally – is it possible?

We offer the indica-dominant and only slightly sativa-heavy strain Do Si Dos with a THC content of less than 0.2%. This means you get a CBD-heavy strain that is completely legal on the market. All our buds are of the best quality, the aroma is almost indistinguishable from the original cannabis plant.

Our customers can hardly get enough of this strain, time and time again we receive positive reviews regarding the effect, low price and quality of the strain.

You are allowed to buy your CBD Do Si Dos buds made from legal cuttings from us completely legally and receive them at home via shipping. The effect is pleasant, but does not induce a psychedelic high as you know it from classic Kush strains.

Why is Do Si Dos so cheap with us?

For 2 g of Do Si Dos CBD, you pay 3.50 €/g. This is not the gross price, VAT is already included. We are often asked why we sell at such low prices and still offer such a high premium quality. It’s because we have production for our needs in advance and can therefore bypass the supply demand. When you order from us, you will receive your desired variety fresh and aromatic, just as you would expect from a professional retailer.

We are dedicated to ensuring that you get organic quality in its purest form at true wholesale prices. If you want to save even more, it’s worth subscribing to our newsletter. Once we have a discount code on offer for you, you’ll find out about it especially quickly.

What are the effects of Do Si Dos CBD?

With classic cannabis, the effect is mainly produced by the THC it contains. This is psychedelic and can lead to a pronounced high. With us, you don’t get classic cannabis, but an indica-dominant CBD strain that has a different effect, but is no less popular. Let’s first deal with the question of how CBD works in general.

CBD is one of the cannabinoids contained in the hemp plant. Together with THC, it is the best researched, but the study results are not sufficient to capture the full effect. However, CBD is very popular on the market and its mode of action is clearly described time and again by satisfied users.

How Do Si Dos CBD works for you depends on several factors. On the one hand, it depends on how you use your Do Si Dos, on the other hand, it also depends on how your body reacts to CBD in general. You are guaranteed not to get high, because the THC content is less than 0.2%, which is why our flowers are completely legal!

This is what users of Do Si Dos CBD report about the effect:

  • CBD is said to have a relaxing effect and can reduce anxiety
  • CBD is used to stimulate a good mood
  • CBD is said to alleviate chronic pain
  • CBD is often used to treat inflammatory diseases.
  • CBD is said to have a relaxing effect on pets.

What is the correct dosage of Do Si Dos?

There is no generally valid dosage recommendation for your CBD flowers. This is because the THC content is so low that no psychedelic effect is to be expected. Nevertheless, as a beginner, you have an advantage if you start with a lower dose and then increase it. If you use the advantages of smoking, the CBD will have a very mild effect on you anyway. Ingestion in the form of aromatherapy is generally considered to be well tolerated and has few side effects.

If you want to make your own cosmetics, you can simply use your CBD flowers according to this recipe. Since you have a pure natural product here, you don’t have to worry about harmful ingredients – the benefits and purity of your flowers is always guaranteed.

Is Do Si Dos Hash?

The hybrid of Girl Scout Cookies and Kush Breath or Face Off is a well-known strain that you can order from us as a CBD variant. Kush and Hash differ in their delivery form. You could also call Kush “weed”, whereas Hash is the pressed form.

Do Si Dos is a pure Kush, the buds contain a maximum of 0.2% THC, but up to 6% CBD. A pleasant mix that is suitable for beginners as well as experienced CBD users.

Is Do Si Dos a strong strain?

As already mentioned, Do Si Dos is rather mild in terms of strength, with 6% CBD, the sativa-poor and indica-heavy strain is known for its mild characteristics and high amount of terpenes. Its unique flavours with a spicy heat note and low THC content of <0.2% make it one of our bestsellers, which you can buy in different quantities.

The photo shown here is only an example and can vary greatly from the original product. The CBD and THC content can also vary and differs depending on the batch. Our flowers are free of pesticides and herbicides. They are listed in the European Union’s catalogue of varieties and are therefore approved for legal hemp cultivation in the EU. The THC content is below 0.2%, so the goods may be shipped to other Austrian countries.
The products are not suitable for consumption, as they are exclusively aroma products. The correct use of our flowers / extracts can be found under the following link: HOW TO USE – CBDdiscounter

All products are sold exclusively as flavourings.

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