Hemp tea effect: lowering blood pressure with hemp leaves?

High blood pressure is one of the most dangerous threats to the cardiovascular system. The great pitfall is that high blood pressure often occurs without symptoms and is not detected for many years. If left untreated, there is a risk of consequences for the cardiovascular system, including a heart attack or stroke. The world-famous abbess […]

Miracle cure hemp oil – can CBD treat intestinal inflammation?

Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis are so-called “IBDs” (chronic inflammatory bowel diseases) for which there is currently no cure. Intestinal inflammations such as these not only damage the intestines, but often also have a negative impact on everyday life. Medication alleviates symptoms and is intended to prevent inflammatory messengers from getting out of hand. We […]

CBD oil against wrinkles – experience reports and studies in check

Anti-ageing is an important topic for many people, as a youthful and well-groomed appearance is a symbol of beauty. Numerous products promise optimal effects, but fail in terms of effectiveness. Natural skin ageing is a process that cannot be stopped, but it is possible to take optimum care of the skin. Many processes are involved […]

CBD oil expired – do I have to dispose of it now?

The subject of shelf life is of particular interest to those who buy in advance. Sometimes there are cool products on sale and then it’s worth buying a few more bottles. If only it weren’t for the CBD oil shelf life, because expired CBD oil is not always still edible. We’ll tell you how to […]

CBD cookies: spoil your dog with treats

Add Your Heading Text Here Snacks are a highlight for dogs. How about offering your four-legged friend not only delicious dog cookies, but also healthy CBD treats? The properties of hemp are said to have an extremely positive effect on four-legged friends. We have suitable recipes for you on how to make CBD cookies for […]

CBD coffee – a new hype from the world of cannabidiol

There’s good news for all the caffeine junkies among us! CBD coffee is a new trend that combines CBD and coffee. The combination is said to enhance each other’s effects and provide even more power and vigor. What’s behind the new hype? Is CBD coffee becoming a trend drink and how does it really work? […]

CBD dog cookies – the new trend for four-legged friends

Whether to improve quality of life, for relaxation or to reduce various ailments – CBD is also being used more and more frequently in dogs. The cannabis plant has been considered a natural healing plant for thousands of years, and in recent years the cannabinoid CBD in particular has made a name for itself. Even […]

What can CBD do? Treat allergies and hay fever naturally

Allergies make life hell for millions of people. Hay fever literally spoils the entire spring season and those affected are “fed up”. There are signs that CBD can help with allergies. Although results from studies are still pending, many allergy sufferers are already expressing positive opinions. We have summarized for you in more detail which […]

CBD oil for dogs – experiences against anxiety

If we suffer from anxiety ourselves, we can often deal with it using rational logic. It’s a different story with dogs. If dogs feel fear and anxiety, you can’t achieve anything with words. Depending on your pet’s character, there are different situations in which your four-legged friend is afraid. The experience of many dog owners […]

CBD oil for a cat with osteoarthritis – does it really help?

Cats rarely show pain and tend to suffer in silence. The joint disease osteoarthritis makes life difficult for your four-legged friend, as it restricts their mobility and often leads to chronic pain. More and more cat owners are saying that they treat symptoms with the help of CBD oil for cats. We have summarised for […]