Moonrocks – the exotic way to enjoy cannabis

What are moonrocks and how do they differ from classic cannabis? A Moon Rock consists of three individual ingredients: Flowers (weed), THC or CBD oil and kief. This mixture makes the THC content much higher than classic weed, which in turn potentiates the effect. To put it in numbers, typical cannabis flowers contain between 10 […]

Hash and weed – difference, effect and facts worth knowing

In Germany, the legalization of cannabis is being talked about more and more loudly, and interested users are already finding out about its use. But what is actually meant when we talk about cannabis? Are we talking about blocks, also simplified as hashish, or flowers, which are harvested directly from the hemp plant? Below you […]

Cannabis ointment for pain – does it really work?

Most people know CBD mainly as oil, but there are far more possible applications of cannabidiol. Very appreciated is the CBD cream, which is topically applied to help with numerous pain disorders. We tell you everything you need to know about the effect of CBD gel and how you can even make it yourself! What […]

CBD & Sex: What influence does cannabidiol have on sexuality?

Regardless of age, people can suffer from difficulties in their sex life. Whether due to reasons such as stress or a physical illness – if it no longer works smoothly during sex, this has a significant effect on the psyche. Many testimonials suggest that CBD and sex can form a symbiotic relationship, resulting in an […]

Is CBD anti-inflammatory? What do we already know about it?

Inflammation is a great burden for the body and can occur in almost any area. Sometimes inflammation develops after a small wound, which the immune system fights on its own. But then there are chronic inflammations that take much more effort to fight and are sometimes incurable. There are early reports and findings that hemp […]

Cannabis in MS – how can patients benefit?

Multiple sclerosis is considered a disease with a thousand faces. There are treatment options, but no cure. For a few years now, people with multiple sclerosis have had the option of applying for medical cannabis treatment under certain conditions. How this works and why MS symptoms can benefit from treatment with cannabis, we have summarized […]

Everything you need to know about the 420 – meaning!

In the stoner scene, 420 is known as the stoner code, but why actually? What does Four-Twenty have to do with whether or not someone uses cannabis? To explain, we need to take a look at history, because it is rich in the development of cannabis culture! San Rafael High School as the origin of […]

Is cannabis use worthwhile in ADHD? What is known about it so far

According to research, around two to six percent of all children in Germany suffer from ADHD, with symptoms that vary in severity. It is much less well known that in addition to children and adolescents, adults also suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, often undiagnosed. Around three percent are said to suffer from it in […]