Cannabis sales license: What are the rules in Germany?

There is no question that cannabis is not only illegal at the street corner dealer, but often also cut or of inferior quality. Cannabis legalization is currently planned for 2024, and Health Minister Karl Lauterbach is personally advocating it. But what happens after that? What are the consequences of cannabis legalization in Germany? Who will […]

CBD oil against period pain – the gentle help with the monthly problem

CBD oil against period pain – the gentle help with the monthly problem Millions of women regularly suffer from menstrual pain. For some of them, the discomfort is so severe that they are barely able to cope with everyday life. Fortunately, there are a number of effective painkillers, but they also have disadvantages. All drugs […]

THC Rosin – Making your own cannabis concentrates at home

Cannabis concentrate is growing in popularity and so more and more questions are coming up about how to make it. Basically, heat and pressure is used to create a concentrate that is completely free of solvents. Professionals use special Rosin presses for this purpose, but T-shirt printing presses are also used. You may be wondering […]

Safe storage of weed: tips and tricks

The quality of your cannabis depends largely on how you store it. UV rays, for example, will dry out your weed, with significant consequences for the quality. In fact, storing cannabis is not like storing any other “herb or plant”, a little more care is needed when handling your buds. We’ll tell you everything you […]

Make your own hash: Here’s how!

One of the most popular forms of cannabis is hashish. This refers to pressed plates that contain a wide range of terpenes and naturally occurring cannabinoids. The process of making hashish is often overestimated, but it’s not as difficult as you might think. We’ll show you how to easily make your own hashish at home! […]

CBD and alcohol: Can you use both together? Tips & Tricks

For many CBD users, the daily dose is part of everyday life. As a rule, there are only a few side effects, as long as interactions with medications are excluded. But how do CBD and alcohol get along with each other? A beer here, a wine at the family party – do you have to […]

CBD oil for sleep: can it help with falling asleep and sleeping through the night?

Dog-tired, you fall into bed, the alarm clock rings in seven hours. But instead of slumbering blissfully, the tormenting sleep problems reassert themselves. You’re not alone in this; sleep disorders are a widespread disease and afflict millions of people every night. Body and mind can be equally responsible, but often there are no exact reasons […]

CBD Oil Side Effects – How Safe Is CBD Use?

Many people use CBD products to treat various ailments. But what is actually behind it? CBD is a natural cannabinoid that is extracted from hemp. It is free of psychoactive effects and therefore does not make you high. Early research suggests efficacy, with a very favorable side effect profile. After a 2018 WHO report judged […]