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CBD oil for sleep: can it help with falling asleep and sleeping through the night?

Dog-tired, you fall into bed, the alarm clock rings in seven hours. But instead of slumbering blissfully, the tormenting sleep problems reassert themselves. You’re not alone in this; sleep disorders are a widespread disease and afflict millions of people every night. Body and mind can be equally responsible, but often there are no exact reasons […]

CBD Oil Side Effects – How Safe Is CBD Use?

Many people use CBD products to treat various ailments. But what is actually behind it? CBD is a natural cannabinoid that is extracted from hemp. It is free of psychoactive effects and therefore does not make you high. Early research suggests efficacy, with a very favorable side effect profile. After a 2018 WHO report judged […]

CBD overdose: is it even possible and how can it be avoided?

CBD (cannabidiol) is a now very popular natural remedy with few side effects. Its use is associated with numerous health benefits. In 2018, the World Health Organization clarified that CBD has a good safety profile and no health risk is expected. However, from person to person, it is possible for side effects to emerge when […]

CBD oil for migraine: can it reduce the frequency and intensity of headaches?

Headaches are an immense burden, especially when they occur repeatedly. A distinction must be made between classic headaches and migraines. The latter shows itself with numerous facets and different faces. Some migraine patients are affected by the agonizing attacks several times a month, others only once a year. We enlighten you and reveal what effect […]

5 tips to distinguish real CBD from fakes

Counterfeit CBD? What sounds curious at first glance is increasingly becoming a problem. Fake flowers are not only a qualitative problem, but can also have a significant impact on legality. The requirements for CBD flowers are clearly declared in Europe. For example, they must come from a legal cannabis plant and contain a maximum of […]

CBD for osteoarthritis: can it relieve pain and improve mobility?

In the morning, the fingers are stiff and it also hurts in the knees again and again. Osteoarthritis is a protracted and chronic joint disease that is accompanied by pain and inflammation. Many osteoarthritis patients have to take painkillers as part of their daily routine, and the level of suffering is high. Hope for affected […]

Cannabis oil: the powerful remedy for a variety of problems

For centuries, the hemp plant has been one of the most important bases for the production of natural remedies. There are cannabis products in abundance, their effect unfold due to a variety of cannabinoids. The focus is on THC and CBD, whereby only the latter is legal in Germany. A distinction must be made between […]

CBD studies: new evidence on the health benefits of cannabis derivatives

CBD is attracting attention and appears to be an important discovery for medical advancement. Researchers around the world are conducting studies to further define the potential of marijuana and CBD. Hemp products are nothing new in natural medicine; in ancient India, for example, hemp has been used for centuries to treat various ailments. So is […]

CBD oil: should it be used in the morning or in the evening?

When your doctor prescribes a medication, he or she will give you instructions on the correct time to take it. But what is that actually like with CBD? Should you use CBD oil in the morning or in the evening and does this have any influence on its effectiveness? Questions like these, we would like […]